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When we got beautiful new wool carpet on the second floor about a year and a half ago, I really thought it would be our dog (and her friends) who would wreck it.


I didn't think she would stain it because she is very well house-trained, and though there have been one or two barfing incidents those were really very easily cleaned up, and no evidence of them remains. But I did think she might wreck it a bit when she ran her fourteen or fifteen laps in a complete frenzy back and forth between the guest room and the master bedroom (about once a day, usually around the time that Andy gets home, so excited is she that she cannot contain herself — I would do the same except at that time I'm usually in my nightgown in bed eating a bowl of ice cream with honey-roasted peanuts so I typically just wave my spoon at him and go "Hey!" which sounds more like "Haj!" with my mouth full but in my mind I'm deliriously sprinting between two rooms yodeling: Andy's home! Andy's hooooome! ). Yes, I did think she might wreck it by pulling up the little loops of wool with her nails as she ran along that well-trod path.




But it turns out it wasn't her nails that needed worrying about.




It was someone else's nails.





Deterred from one spot, she moves on to another. No scratching post, no corrugated cardboard box thing leaking catnip (everywhere), no alternative provided thus far satisfies her feline instincts like our beautiful new carpet. (Actually, now that I think about it, the old dust ruffle on our bed used to be the preferred alternative, but I got rid of the dust ruffle around the time the new carpet came because they had shredded it, not realizing that once it was gone they'd move on to new carpet. STUPID ME. They don't touch the new dust ruffle, naturally. But oh what I wouldn't give for dust-ruffle chiffonade now!)

After she gets her little fix, she happily and exhaustedly goes back to lying in a little patch of sunlight, stretching her little legs.

I so got the wrong carpet. She's turned it into carpet pom-pons in four places.

Hellity hell, cat!!!


i know this might not be a good suggestion AT ALL but we've been cutting our cat's nails with regular fingernail clippers since he was a kitten(which is why it may not work for you), and now, even though he doesn't like it, he tolerates it. we have kids and therefore nails are not an option. that way when he scratches at them to tell them to quit bugging him it does no harm...

It was so kind of you get her the giant scratch pad. Have the same problem here. The carpeted stairs are a particular favorite. As soon as we can afford it, all the remaining carpet gets swapped for hardwood.

Yikes! Home decor feline style. Maybe the pom-pom carpet look will come into vogue.

How awful! The only thing I can offer is that the fake oriental carpets (sub $75, 4x6 or 5x7) they sell at IKEA have been used daily as a scratching post by my cat without looking much the worse for wear.

I do have a co-worker who swears by Feliway for rooms where cats "act up."

My cats are clawing up our new area rug and it is paining me. Any suggestions of curing them of this is welcomed. Maybe your readers have some? Maybe I will clip their nails like Susanne suggests...

I feel your pain!

Alicia, That is EXACTLY where my Samantha wants to scratch - right in the doorway. She did about the same amount of damage before I realized it. No amount of scratching posts seem to make a difference..

I feel for you! My kitties, as of late, have started exercising their claws on my bed skirt, and corner of my mattress. Thankfully, not as expensive of a replacement as a carpet. But they make up for it in love, right? Right?? ;-)

I don't think think there's any such thing as cat-friendly carpet, our stair carpet is wrecked, a particular favourite of the furry beasts, and is taped up in numerous places!

Toby's favourite place to scratch is the carpet on the stairs. Like your cat, n other substitute quite matches up with his high feline standards. Aargh!

Oh, no, not good. Poor kitty behavior. I can totally relate. It's a good thing I love my Dizzy Kitty so much because, well, let's just say that we have furniture that USED to look nice.
And I'm afraid to even pay the money to get pieces reupholstered - I figure he will just do it again! ARRRGGGHHHHH.
I suppose these kitty lovers in this house are destined to live with ratty looking chairs and sofas.
And it really bums me out.

Oh dear. I am taking notes, since I am trying to make a decision about pet-friendly flooring for my home. Karmen

Well, that does show why we love you. You take your pain and turn it into laughter. I'd recommend hardwood but two accidents by my dog have turned my hardwood into not so nice hardwood.

I do not have a solution to offer as I only have to worry about sharpie, finger print, weilding tweens and one spitting up grandbaby...but hardwood floors have helped greatly. This is just to let you now I read and I am thinking of you. ~Le;;u

Oh, poor you!
Here the sofa is the "scratching post" of choice... =(

hugs from Brazil!

D'oh... your carpet looks sort of nubbly. I found out after I bought my new sofa that cats really like to scratch on nubbly fabric/upholstery/whatever; the texture feels good on their paws.
Clipping the nails helps quite a bit.

Beth in Maryland says: September 29, 2010 at 09:49 AM

In MY mind I am laughing out loud at your dry wit, while appearing to be working here in my office.

You must never stop blogging.

Julie G. in Iowa says: September 29, 2010 at 09:56 AM

Ooooo BAD KITTY!!!!!

Cats and berber don't mix. I found out the hard way also.

I've had several cats and several types of carpets/rugs. Plush, Berber, oriental rugs, the couch... they just love to scratch it all. I had one cat that scratched the outer layer of wood off the table and chairs legs in our dining room. Clipping the nails really doesn't keep them from scratching, in fact mine seem to want to scratch more. Most of our current stuff is hand me downs so I don't mind so much but I considered those nail covers (Soft Claws) since my cats don't mind having their paws handled.

Cats and wool, there's no stopping them. The only thing you can do is drown your sorrows in icecream and honey roasted peanuts.Sorry.

I have no cats, but do have some experience with dogs and carpet. I arrived home one day to find my 22 month old golden retriever puppy had pulled up a big section of the carpet I hated in my living room. I bought an area rug at TJ Maxx to cover the damage. The same week he destroyed the couch I had inherited that I also hated. Fortunately a friend was getting married, combining two households and unloading her sofa. The puppy grew up and things were fine after that. My Greyhound was a great carpet digger but her claws were dull and she didn't damage the carpet despite her best efforts. I'm glad you are using your well-developed sense of humor on this.

Have you ever tried Soft Paws? (http://www.softpaws.com) I had GREAT luck with my cat using them.

Oh dear! Pets I love mine so much but there are times I scratch my head and think; "why do we have animals in our house again?" Alicia I wanted to tell you that I made your "go to birthday cake and frosting" for my sons fourth bday yesterday and it was a big hit! I had no idea making a chocolate cake could be so easy left me wondering why we use the box mixes. Thank you!!

Oo...I wish you hadn't shown me this picture! We just put some berber in the office because we know it will hold up better under all our traffic and messes than the old nasty plush we had...but so far the cats haven't scratched it much. (I think they prefer my old couch in here instead, and since the couch is already rather ratty I guess I'd rather have them shred it than the carpet!)

My little darling has taken to using my vintage lemon-yellow couch (it's seriously awesome) as a scratching post. Whenever I see new damage I always hear my mother's voice inside my head, "I can NEVER have anything nice!!" lol

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