Burning the Midnight Oil

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Well, it was actually only the 8 p.m. oil. But that's how dark it is at 8 p.m. now — I can't believe it! We got a lot done this weekend, though we skipped the sheep show (shoot). Just too much going on right now. Saturday was gorgeous, so we tried to stay outside as long as possible. Andy is on felt-cutting duty. My arm is about to fall off from winding yarn (for wee neckwarmers), but it's going really well.

The sewer party is over, thank goodness, and despite my nerves that went pretty well, too, eventually. Bathroom demolition starts on Tuesday, so I have this one day of peace and quiet to myself. Very excited about that. Plan to cook (for once). Perhaps sag and paneer or cauliflower and sweet potatoes. Something Indian, at least. It's cool and damp and fall-like and I want something a little spicy. Maybe pumpkin spice cake cupcakes, too, but with the right frosting. Oh, choices, choices! A whole day to myself and I hardly know where to start!

Oh my gosh: roasted brussels sprouts with wild mushrooms and cream.


Glad you started *here*.
Enjoy the day!

I don't know what makes me a bigger dork -- the fact that I read this and said to myself excitedly, "they're making my kit! they're making my kit!" -- or the fact that I actually felt the need to tell you that.

Set a place for me, please. :-)

Enjoy your day of peace and (yummy) cooking!! :)
Vivienne x

Have a wonderful basking in the peace and quiet and making hard decisions about food. :)

8 p.m. oil does seem like midnight here now! I'm still getting used to how rapidly the days grow shorter here. Also, autumn baking sounds great, and you certainly have a lovely day for peace and quiet! Enjoy!

It's so nice have a peaceful cool autumn day it invokes baking or cooking. Everything sounds yummy1

Ok, has anyone ever told Andy that he looks like Dave from the Disney Channel show Imagination Movers? Maybe it's just me but every time my kids watch that show I think of Andy. Weird, right?

Maybe it's just the hat Dave wears...I don't know.

i so love it when you talk about food! my vote -as if i really have one - goes for the roasted cauliflower. love, emily c xo

Susie Sears Taylor says: September 27, 2010 at 11:09 AM

It is a wonderful thing to have a day! All the food sounds great except the Brussel's sprouts! I remember sitting at the kitchen table until 10 p.m. with 4 or 5 of the horrible little rounds staring at me from my plate after being told I had to sit there until I ate every one of them (thanks dad). Finally, my mom (HURRAY) threw them away and called to him, "They're all gone!" I lept from my chair and ran up the stairs to my room, silently thanking my mother and silently wishing I could punch my dad in the nose. That's my memory of Brussel's sprouts. I hope you enjoy yours.

Susie Sears Taylor says: September 27, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Re-reading my prior comments....I should have said 'HOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYY' for my mom and possibly it would be correct to have written brussel sprouts???? I do feel, however, that all of these sprouts should be left in the town of Brussels, Belgium so as to be as far from me as possible. If they are named after the city then it would be Brussel's. The sprouts smell like dirty gym socks and are second only to turnips in smell and taste with beets coming up fast in 3rd place. enough, enough.

I'm so jealous that you are having fall weather. It's still summertime here in Florida. One of the reasons I love your blog is I love reading about Portland... the other side of the world from here, basically :)

I woke up thinking about cooking butternut squash (with curry spices) and roasted brussels sprouts! Also there is a killer-sounding cake recipe in Sunset Oct. 2010 for "French four-spice Cake with Browned Butter Spice Frosting! so excited to try that now that fall is officially here...

So nice to hear about fall weather and feasting! It's 95 degrees here in LA today! Sheesh. We had the coolest summer on record, but now that it's fall . . . that's how we roll here in So. Cal.

He, he! I'm with Peg up there! :-D This is exciting!

Sag and Paneer is my very favourite Indian dish!!! So yummy! Still have to come across paneer at the shops, though ... But thank you for the recipe link!

Yum. I printed out the recipes for cauliflower and sweet potatoes and for the Brussels sprouts. And now I'll share one with you - Curried Butternut Squash Soup - made on the first cool day we had this fall and oh so tasty. http://gratzindustries.blogspot.com/2010/09/recipe-curried-butternut-squash-soup.html

Enjoy your day!

Am I a nerd for loving that Andy is cutting the felt for my kit himself? I am a nerd. I knew it.

The kits are coming! The kits are coming! Sweet! I can't wait to make them and all of the other ornaments you've designed. Thank you Andy and Alicia.

All of the food you've mentioned make my mouth water.

sounds great (except for the brussels!). So true about the nights closing in & there's a chill in the air. x

ooh brussel sprouts! We bought some this weekend too. roasted brussel sprouts with pine nuts and stuffed acorn squash (with wild rice, turkey sausage and spices).

Hey, it must be time for another 'Andy Making Kits' guest post! :) Glad to hear you made it through the 'sewer remodel'. :)

oh no! I hope your arm has remained intact! I should have told you that you could make that one less yarn wrapping thingamabob - I don't know how to knit WAH! - and save your arm a wee bit. :) I'm hoping to enlist someone to knit it for me or perhaps I'll make one of those little tube things we did as kids for my muffler. What are those called? Spool knitters?

Thanks so much for the recipe links - those sound so YUMMY! I LOVE Indian food - we ate at one of our favorites yesterday after seeing the documentary "Waiting for Superman".

I love sag paneer ... well, I love paneer any way it comes ... and I adore spinach too. And I love aloo gobi - I've never had one with sweet potatoes, that sounds like so much fun!

And ... I love brussels sprouts ... num num num.

You've solved my menu for the week. :)

Wishing you lots of good luck with your bathroom remodeling and may it be over lickety split!

I'm with the others - it's so much fun hearing about our kits being made! I'm in the brussell sprout fan club, I like the sound of those roasted Brussels.

I haven't tried any of her recipes yet but the Indian food on Ko Rasoi look delicious! http://korasoi.blogspot.com/

Love the Spice Goddess... and those two recipes looked really good, and easy! Just saw that show the other day.

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