Baby Shoes for Maureen

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Nothing is cuter in the universe of baby stuff than tiny shoes. You know? Just so sweet. My high-school friend Mo had twin girls recently, and I made the girls some weensy crocheted shoes, blue and pink and tomato-red and blue:


Aw! They were quite simple to make, as I remember (I actually made them back in June) — I think I finished both pairs in one afternoon. I don't know what the color numbers were because this yarn came out of my crazy disorganized stash, but it is Baby Cashmerino. The buttons are covered with fabric; I'm sure you know you can buy kits to do that at any fabric store. I love covering buttons. I'm not very good at it so I always get very excited when one comes out nice and smooth and perfect. Very satisfying!

We're having people for dinner tonight, which is a miracle for us lately — I can't even remember the last time we had friends over for dinner. Must have been back in June, too. The weather here has been, all week, totally autumnal. Very classic. Don't rain yet, don't rain yet. Not ready for that. But these red leaves and the sound of falling acorns — no problem. Good.

We have home-improvement fever, apparently. We are having a back patio and real stairs (off of the studio door) built next week, and both of our showers (well, one's a shower-surround thing around a bathtub, I guess) replaced because one leaks and one is nasty. This makes me seriously nervous. Excited. But nervous. Thrilled. But nervous.

Guess what? I have the samples for the new 2010 ornament kit finished, and will show you next week. I love them so much. Please tell me you know how to knit? And use waste canvas? And like snow? And have nothing else to do for the next two months (because, er, these will keep you busy)?

***Just click on the links above (the red words) to see the Ravelry and pattern information for the shoes :-)


Oh! Love the baby shoes...wonderful colors. Can't wait to see the new ornament kit! Loved last years!


Those are adorable...I love themm....and I am sure the mommy will love them to...

love those tomato red and blue. so gorgeous!

I'm hoping for a NICE long fall...hold off for a little while, rain!

Oh! Those little shoes are darling!

darling, Alicia! have a great evening with friends. xoC

So sweet! My kids are way beyond that size of shoe but I imagine they must be so much fun to make!

Thank you for you cheerful inspiring blog.

want to let you know about a lovely french blog (in English and French) - petits details which you might rather

She recommends some wonderful french embroidery monogram books which you can get on French amazon with beautiful covers........

Oh so adorable! Covered buttons were just the right touch too!

Yes, I know how to knit!!! Looking forward to the reveal.
Just love the baby shoes, gorgeous! I love covering buttons too, great fun. :)
Vivienne x

those are so completely cute!!! love 'em!

1) I *love* making my own fabric covered buttons and yes, they are so twee that I can sit there and just adore their twee-ness when they turn out right.

2) waste canvas used to scare me until I started using a tapestry needle with it. No more caught threads. But that is with a linen ground, not cotton.

3) PNW in autumn. Whee! Acorns and red leaves and some rain and some crisp sunny days. LOVELOVELOVE

Bootiful bootees! I think they are adorable.

Oh Alicia, these baby shoes are too much. I've crocheted since I was a teenager and I've tried to knit but gosh darn it my fingers don't work well with the knit. Ugh! But I do use waste canvas--first time with your last book. Love it! Much of what I try is from your books/blog and I feel so good about myself once I'm done. Can't wait for the Christmas ornaments. Oh I just finished my 3rd blanket. Whoohoo!

Beautiful wee shoes! I know how to knit but that doesn't mean my projects don't come out all kinds of wonky from time to time. Looking forward to your ornament kits, have a wonderful dinner with your friends.

Love the baby shoes! I can't wait to see the new ornaments that you've designed, Yeah!

This summer has been a home improvement summer for us too. Not the ones we had chosen - new hardwood flooring and new kitchen cabinets - no, it's been new roof, gutters, sprinkler re-do and a tankless water heater fiasco.

I hope your home improvement goes well.
Fall is my favorite time of year :)

You almost persuade me to crochet. Love the shoes!

What beautiful little shoes! When I had my twin girls last year, my friend made them felted booties and they will treasured always. What a lovely friend you are :)

Adorable shoes! What lucky babies.
Hurrah, ornament kits! Can't wait to see them, especially the knitting part.

love, love, love, the booties -- so sweet -- have a fun dinner party!

The shoes are so sweet, blue and red...seriously cute!
I know how to knit, only like snow at Christmastime and I have no idea what waste canvas is. Can't wait to see this year's ornaments!

These adorable shoes are why we crochet! They are beautiful.
Crochet is definitely a pick-me-up-quickly.

I can't stand it. Those shoes are killing me. How adorable they are. I would like a pair just to sit on a shelf.

Love the shoes - they are beyond precious! Can't wait to see the new kits - I don't know how to knit, I am just starting to crochet.

As for covering buttons - I wish I could do that all day - awhile ago I covered a bunch of button and left the backs off and glued thumb tacks to them, great for an inspiration memo board!

adorable shoes!! my new year's resolution to learn to crochet has been a bust. learning to crochet is beyond my capabilities. but i can knit and i can use waste canvas, so i am looking forward to the new ornament. and here in the colorado mountains at almost 9,000 feet we get tons of snow, so...
love, emily c xo

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