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June 23, 2010


Natalie VV

Have mercy.


Flour in the frosting? Who'd have thunk to try that out the first time?

Well, it caused me a teensity bit of pain to read you don't like cream cheese frosting on the Deep Dark Chocolate Cake recipe, but I suppose it would be mature of me to allow you that. And since you, like myself, prefer the cake properly chilled, I do still feel a kinship between us. Along with the thousands of other kindred spirits who read your blog. :)

Cloudburst Frosting....Romantic a name, as there ever was! (Sigh.)


My favourite chocolate cake recipe is very similar. I bake it in a Bundt pan & serve the cake with whipped cream & a warm Burgundy-cherry sauce. It's divine but your frosting recipe looks so good that I think I'll give it a try next time!


THANK YOU for sharing. thank you.
that icing looks devine. must try.
I'm picky too -- especially about icing. Our go-to icing is typically a seven minute icing -- but I must try this one!


this looks absolutely divine, thanks for sharing!


but... but... my birthday was yesterday! I'll have to find another excuse to try this out. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Seeing the picture yesterday without the recipe was absolute TORTURE! It's just so pretty with the little baby strawberries and blooms and sounds absolutely delectable.


This looks so delicious.

I'm very happy that there's another person out there who doesn't like cream cheese frosting. Actually, I don't like cream cheese anything.

Lisa Clarke

I started making that same cake last year, and now I will never go back to a mix!

Thank you for the frosting recipe - I've been at a loss as to how to top the cake, and my attempts have been far from stellar!

Maybe a Last Day of School cake is in order tomorrow...

Karen B

Oh Yum!


That icing is my very favorite. My mom used to make it when I was little. It's not too sweet and lovely and light. And NOW I have a name for it - Cloudburst Frosting - yes, I'm going to write that onto my old, stained recipe card.

Rachel (heart of light)

That's our household's favorite icing. It's traditional southern, apparently, and it is the icing that is supposed to go on red velvet cake. All of that is hearsay, because we're not southern. But it is delicious.


Cloudburst is the perfect magical name for this frosting. It reminds me of fairies and forests after a rain-beautiful. We will try this. I am from Georgia and we used cream cheese frosting on our red velvet cake. I am sure you are gagging right now;-) Hee hee. But I think I will commit a sacrilege and try your Cloudburst. My kiddos and my husband all love chocolate cake and this looks divine. They'll be buzzing for days! Thanks for sharing this!


My goodness, if that isn't the epitome of summer wonderfulness- such a beautiful cake!

Amanda A

My son turns 4 tomorrow and he asked for a strawberry cake. Do you think he would settle for a stawberry ON the cake?? :)


YUM YUM YUM!! I have made that frosting a few times now, I ran across the recipe on Our Best Bites. The measurements are a bit different but same idea.

I will have to give yours a try next time because I never have quite enough with the other recipe, yours looks to make more.

Thanks for sharing!!!


It's just so beautiful! And that frosting looks and sounds just like its "romantic" name!


FINALLY! Finally, I meet someone else who doesn't like cream cheese icing! Everyone I know thinks I'm nuts when they hear I put a homemade butter icing on my carrot cake---until they try it. LOL It's awesome. I never buy icing over here. Homemade is just too good to bother.

Jake Gariepy

I love this frosting too! I found the recipe awhile back in the Fannie Farmer Baking Book by Marion Cunninghm. There she calls it Gravy Icing, but I think Cloudburst is much better.

My favorite go to frosting for chocolate cake is Seafoam Frosting from the 1963 McCall's Cook Book. It's 7 Minute Frosting with brown sugar. Yum!


Thank you! My son's 21st birthday is Saturday and I wanted to make him a special cake. I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

jenn nahrstadt

this is the first chocolate cake recipe i learned to make after receiving as a wedding gift a Hershey's chocolate cookbook with the recipe in it. it is so hands down better than a box mix that my husband won't eat any other chocolate cake. EVER.

i make a penuche (browned butter brown sugar) frosting to go with mine. here's the link:

one other suggestion: if you aren't a coffee person, purchase some VIA instant coffee from starbucks and add that to the boiling water the recipe calls for. then you don't have to brew a pot for a cup and you can control the strength of the coffee nuance. trust us; it does nothing but enhance the chocolate flavor!

long live Hershey's chocolate cake!


so, you answered my burning question of how to make the cake.

now, now i have to find a reason. let's see, first week of summer and not too hot to fire up the oven yet. yep. that will work.


~ can't wait to try this one~

sharon stanley at farm and fru fru

bless your heart. chocolate cake. can't wait to try this. i thank you. the farmer thanks you. the farmhand thank you. everyone but my diet thanks you.

Jennifer O.

That looks and sounds delicious, but whoa, high maintenance frosting!


Thank you for sharing this. It looks soooo delicious!

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