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June 18, 2010



When I get stressed at my job I pop over to your blog...I look at your photos and read your soothing commentary. I love your life! Your life touches my life and makes my life so much better and I don't even know you!


Okay, I saw the adorable pic of that sweater and thought, I am SUCH a slug HOW does she get so much accomplished??!! Then I saw your conversation with Andy...I think you read our minds.

You do have the most creative life. You were my first blog I started following and are still my favorite. The first I check for each day. So calm and nurturing. She will be one lucky baby ;)



You are creating a blissful life filled with contentment and I am tremendously thankful that you choose to share it with us here.


Great sweaters, stitch definition and buttons! You mentioned sewing thread for the pockets, a knit instructor advised using embroidery floss for putting together all knits. It's not as bulky, use one or 6 strands and it comes in a bazillion colors! What a difference. No more bulky seams. As far as not having a life, I can think of a lot of people who would die from happiness to have the creative life you have! You need to give yourself more pats on the back, you deserve them!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life!


Oh Andy has no idea of what having no life means... wait till that baby comes, in a few months you will be like me, struggling to remember the name of a restaurant I like(or liked, because it's been so long since I've been out for dinner that it's probably no longer there).


Yeah, you're kind of killing me with how much you're cranking out but I say to myself (mother of a 9 1/2 month old daughter) she better enjoy it while it lasts! :-) Seriously, once the baby comes you know all this will come to a complete and shocking stop right? So crank those cute little things out while you can!


I love all the darling clothes you've made, but the sweaters are the cherry on top! I don't think you have no life. I just think you must have the most wonderful life EVER!

claudia horner

One day I hope very much to see all of these little lovelies modeled by the best dressed little girl in the world!

Troy Louise

You have a very wonderful life - keeping all of us amazed with your wonderful creations! I wish I had all of your talent & didn't have to work full time so I could spend more time creating. Love the sweet sweater. Thanks for sharing - it really brightens my day.


Ha! I was just thinking something like that the other day, sitting in an office, waiting on my appointment. I pulled my crochet out of my purse and started working, because I couldn't (GASP) just sit there and not be doing SOMETHING. I couldn't help but wonder what I looked like to everyone sitting there playing on their cell phones, though. LOL My husband has given up complaining on my taking crafts with me on car trips, thankfully. He's finally accepted I just can't stand to be "still" and not do something. 'Bout time. :) Keep up all that inspiring work! And you'll be so glad you have all of that when your little angel gets there. :) While certainly doable, it takes a lot longer to get things done once babies get here. :)


Wanted to add...EVERY little girl needs a white sweater. I think my little girl has had one in EVERY size. Makes for the PERFECT accessory to her little church dresses. A perfect way to warm up a summery frock on a chilly day. Just don't let her eat ice cream in it. LOL Unless it's vanilla...


Completely adorable, like everything you make!


This is adorable and I love the buttons!


Love the sweaters you beautifully done. I started knitting and crocheting last October, you have inspired me to branch out and try something other than hats, blankets and socks! Thanks for sharing.


Aw, that's so sweet! All your inspiration is getting me a teensy bit willing to learn how to knit. One day. Because it's all so lovely!

Karin van D.

Beautiful, as always. Love the buttons. I am learning how to knit myself right now. I hope I'll be able to knit little sweaters like this in a while.. some day.. :)


Super cute I'm worrying about my life as I want to make this baby girls wardrobe for myself!


Your life is filled with bloggy friends, lovely little joys, pure love in a charming home with windows that face forward into the future...a future filled with giggles and mud pies and dewy, sleepytime eyes.Oh! Alicia! Have no life? You, my friend, have the most important kind of life there is.


Your life enriches mine, and gives me so many good ideas!


These sweaters are just so beautiful!! I don't think I will ever have to patience to sit down and learn to do anything like this. You are so talented!


This little sweater is just adorable. I won't scold you for saying you have no life - others have already done that. :) You have a very richly colored, intricately woven beautiful tapestry of a life, IMHO.


Oh you have done it again. How cozy is that sweater? Those buttons are awesome. I would love to have a bowl of them and just dig my hands in them over and over. Thanks for sharing your very special and enviable life with us.


What a cute sweater! You're quite talented.


I'll take one of these sweaters anyday...even in 90 degree weather! It looks so comfy and I L O V E the pockets. Oh and BTW I think u have a wonderfuly charming life.


You have a life!!! A life I completely envy. You two are always doing such fun things, and you make the most beautiful stuff!!

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