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"If I'm walking through the rain

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    I will break into a run
    without a pause . . . "
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May 26, 2010



Have to laugh about not complaining about the weather. I live in coastal central CA and my daughter born and raised here now lives in Seattle (after 8 yrs in Chicago and 6 in Ann Arbor). I never hear her even mention the weather! Those of us who live in paradise think we're entitled to complain! LOL


I never, never complain about a little rain, thunder, snow, hail etc. Just wait until Summer ! Then the wailing and complaining comes... Patchwork helps though...


I'm so excited you're doing kits for these! I waited to order a kit for the summerhouse pillows and by the time I got my crap together, they were sold out, so I didn't wait this time :-) I can't wait!!

Alana R.

That is such a cute seat cushion! I'm still learning how to sew, so I may have to wait a while. As for the Portland weather, after having lived in New York for the last 6 years (and I grew up in CA) and had to deal with all the snow, me and rain are a-ok!

Jeanette Mc. from Everton Terrace

You've unlocked the secret for me! I need to fill my house with these adorable seat cushions so no one will notice I haven't cleaned in about a month. Great news.


this is awesome! would you consider a discount if ordering multiple kits?

Susie Sears Taylor

I wonder if I read the price right?? Only $5.00? Wow. that is great.

Vicki K

But it always is exciting at PGC! (Read italics on the 'is'.)

I just put my second batch of coffee on for the day. The wetness is starting to get me down! I even missed yesterday's thunder! Crossing fingers for a sunny Sunday.

ellen kelley

Mother Nature in western Oregon is nothing, if not, conflicted. I begin to feel the moss growing behind my ears this time of year. But, Oh, wait a minute and the sun may come out. Oh, wait a minute, here comes the rain and gray. Sadly, my three Newfoundland dogs do not care about the pouring rain. Rain? What is that? We had awful winds last week, tho. no thunder. I know in my heart that summer will come with all of her glory. Of all the places I have lived, this is the best place to be for summer.
Your cushions are so pretty and just the right thing to brighten up the day when we long for sunshine and MAY, almost JUNE, for heaven's sake.


I just love this! I love all the different patterns. I am in the midst of working on a "Summer Quilt" that is just like that although I mixed in some embroideries I had done when my hands needed filling and still had no home.

Kelley Hart

Thank you for making me smile. . . every day. Now I have to get back to the couch and my kitties.


Adorable seat cushions--I wish I knew how to sew! But even if I can't follow all your patterns, I come visit for the excitement. :) It seems perfectly normal to me to get excited over a great clap of thunder.


this will be PERFECT for the family hand-me-down rocker...PERFECT!!! and the perfect excuse to relearn my sewing's been awhile...i hope she remembers me...haha



I'm with Cameron I come here for the excitement ;-)



Thank you and Thank you. I can't wait to make the chair pad... This is what I look forward to and new ornaments. Is that hoping for too much?


I love the image of the three of you nearly falling off the couch from the thunder. My cat and I both get regularly startled (at a level approaching terror) by the doorbell. It's always so SUDDEN, and feels like an invasion. Sadly, she's the only one who can hide under the bed. Sometimes I think I'd join her if I could.


What a lovely blog - I'm smitten with your garden! Looking forward to many more visits xx


Oh I'm so excited! I ordered the kit the second I saw the photo. Its perfect timing because I just got my dream sewing machine yesterday -- a present from my husband for our 25th anniversary and I'm thrilled. Thank you Alicia xoxo


There's no such thing as complaining about the weather. When it's coldy rainy (like yours) or hotty sweaty (like ours here in Minnesota), what else can you do? It's out of our control. Therefore, we complain, discuss and talk about the weather.

And we make cute seat cushions.


Such a cute chair seat. And kits?!? Fan-tastic!

I can hear that thunder now. And it IS scary!

Linda Bylsma

I just found you via a 2007 issue of Adorn magazine!!! What a great blog and website. I will be back often.


I love those cushions! My sister-in-law took a quilting class years ago, but never got into it. Recently she gave me a huge bag full of perfectly washed, pressed and cut squares and said "I'm never going to do anything with these- here you go..."

So this is absolutely perfect timing. Thank you!

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