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May 27, 2010



Oh it's so lovely, Alicia! Do you think she remembers you starting it way back when? Maybe from smell? Charlotte Mason, a well known voice in homeschooling philosophy, said that children need something to love each day. Don't you think cats do too?


Beautiful colors, beautiful blanket, and yes, Ravelry is the best of the internet in one amazing place. I wish I'd thought of it. It's got to be one of the best inventions of all time, and so beautifully executed.

jenny b harris

Years ago we had a cat with that same sort of personality. She much preferred clean laundry piles to people. Cats are so enigmatic. Don't you wish you could know what they are thinking?

tasha - the clean eating mama

Lovely! The color combination works so well together!


Nice to know someone appreciates your work!

Am a massive Ravelry fan too. It is very inspiring and wonderfully helpful. I love the project page, the little boxes for details, the precise dates of starting and finishing - too much fun!


I have very much enjoyed being your friend on ravelry and seeing your projects and inspirations. you inspire me daily through this blog and ravelry! so much better than facebook (i just wrote so much butter than facebook, and that is probably true too!)

The Unraveled Librarian

I am a huge ravelry fan, too, and didn't realize you were on there as well! The squares are lovely, and I'm going to have to try your cedar block and lavender technique.

Heather in Washington State, USA

Good kitty for not kneading her claws into it. My kitty would have that shredded in an instant!


The blanket is so lovely! :D yay!

Also, yay for Ravelry love! :) Thanks! Your notebook is so incredibly beautiful, sigh. You make such pretty things!


Oh, I think it should remain a little kitty blanket!

claudia horner

I love that cats do such cat things, like claiming a thing for their own sweet hearts. I have one that truly loves the basket on top of the wardrobe where I store blankets, but sleep in the blanket filled basket I made for her, oh no, dear me no. I have buried two sweet dears over the years in "their" blankets. I like to think they had something they loved with them for the next journey. One of my girl cats, Rosie, loves crafting anything at all that I make; her sister Lizzie has no interest in any of it.


How did Bee acquire her name? I call my lovely kitten Bee too. Her real name is Sophie. I started calling her Sophie B. Hawkins (after the singer) and over time the only part that stuck was Bee. So, now she goes by Sophie Bee or just plain Bee (said in an annoyingly cutesy tone that makes my roommate roll her eyes). I love reading your blog everyday. Thanks for sharing your life. It's a constant inspiration. Stay dry in this Portland rain!

milk tooth rain

I think I am going to create a new blanked during the world football championship, while my man will watch the match eheheh
You make me start right away! Ehehe, lovely project!


That makes me wonder what kinds of yarn you used. I don't know anything about what goes into making yarn, but our wild cat was always fascinated by any rabbit fur we had around the house.


You are burnt out on crochet - I am burnt out on knitting and itching for the hook. I love Ravelry too and this blanket. The colors really work with the yard and the cat. Thanks for such a great post.


I completely remember you doing those blocks! I've often throught about them and where the finished blanket was.

Ravelry is wonderful wonderful wonderful. I must get better about updating mine. Thanks for the inspiration!


Our Corgi, Thea often disappears in the evenings when we're all still up watching tv (one of our dogs literally perched on my shoulder). We used to wonder where she'd gone, but she's always taken herself to bed before anyone else, in her crate.


Oh Alicia, I have been patiently waiting to see that those wonderful squares again. I'm so glad that you have been inspired to finish the blanket - and I bet Bee is too!
Can't wait...(request for lots of aerial photographs of finished work of art..)


just so pretty!

Kendra @ A Sonoma Garden

I love Ravelry too! It's certainly inspired my desire to knit...there is a big box of yarn expected on my front porch tomorrow morning.

Your blog however has inspired me to learn how to crochet. I love your blankets! Most of my life I have associated crocheting with my Grandma Moilan who always smelled like cigarette smoke and cheap rose perfumed and crocheted weird things out of cheap acrylic. You are helping transform my understanding of crochet. Especially that Alice in Wonderland dress. So stinkin' cute!


There's a small camera that fits on a cat color that is programmed to take photos at timed intervals. If you got one for Bee, you could find out where she hangs out. Wouldn't that be fun?

Laura A.

It's a perfectly sized kitty blanket.
My sheltie is like Clover. A couple of times I took him to work and he crawled into the opening of my computer table. When i lived in an apartment he crawled under the toilet tank in the summer. Now he "self-crates" too. We don't have the crate anymore but I put down the blanket that used to be in there and every time I leave he goes over and lies down on it. And I agree, it's as if he's punching out. I think many herding dogs are like that.


This made me smile- my dog loves small places too (except for his daytime naps he loves making his own nests in the spare room). But when my husband and I are both home and in the office he's curled up under the desk. Lately when I sew he's been trying to hang out under the sewing table, which is really unfortunate when I'm working the foot pedal! I have to turn off the machine every time I walk away just in case.

Julie G. in Iowa

I loved the part where you talk about Clover's special pillow bed behind your bathroom door. I too, have funny little hidey-holes, pillows, and blankies for my 2 little fur-baby cats. It's funny though, I bought them each very nice actual cat beds but they don't use them. They like to snuggle up one on top of the other on an old pillow that's on a shelving unit. Even better, is the bin I put all my mis-matched socks in - occasionally I find one of the cats in there half covered in socks (clean socks, of course!).


She knows you made it for her, you did tel her after all. and that you made it with love, thinking of her, filling it with your love of her, for her. its her blankie now. thank you mummy, she is saying. its purrfect.

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