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May 24, 2010



re: the aphids. Sounds like a job for safer insecticidal soap to me. Gets the aphids, safe for the lady bugs.

The Unraveled Librarian

I agree with the above comment, but it really seems like everything you have right now is being infested by tiny bugs! Best of luck, and grandma's afghan is beautiful. Natural fiber eating bugs make me happy that our grandmothers stuck to Red Heart acrylics. Makes me wonder if I should make an acrylic relic every once in a while.


Once an aphid hits the ground, it's dead. Knock them off with a sharp spray of water. You'll want to control them: they like new growth and will literally suck the life out of new buds and greenery. They produce a sweet liquid that then attracts ants. Thus, I predict you may soon have an ant problem. :(


Whole Foods sells ladybug- We had those bugs too- The ladybugs took care of them quickly.
Have a great day.

suzanne b.

Hi, Alicia,
My scabiosa (pincushion flowers) were covered with aphids this year (first time ever) and I bought the little pill-shaped all-in-one fertilizer with bug control, and that did the trick. I'm not sure who makes them, but I got them at my local nursery. There is a chart that tells you how many to use according to pot diameter. (It took a few days for it to kick in, but it did work.)

suzanne b.

ps I should elaborate . . . each bag has several small "pills" in it, and a stick you use to push them into the soil. Very easy.

emily c

i agree with the suggestions for soap and water and then ladybugs. sorry about the coldy rainy in your neck of the woods. but it could be snowing. which is what it is doing here at this moment in my colorado ski town. have fun watching la femme nikita, but please don't go into it expecting sweet. it's more prickly/edgy. if you want sweet, go out to see letters to juliet. emily c xo

Pat Sieler

I have found that putting vinegar and liquid dish detergent in a spray bottle will get rid of the aphids. But only if you use spray on the plants! It works like a dream and doesn't hurt the plants.
I enjoy your blog and I know that cats can drive you crazy...I have two.


Sounds like Bozeman, the rain and snow, and hail...yep. Spring is here.


Bleck. I hate aphids. They're all over my sage right now, but I've been killing them off with an all-natural spray from the nursery. I have to re-spray about every 4 days, and really wash my herbs before I use them, but at least they're dead quickly!

Alana R.

I think better weather is on its way! (I'm in Portland too.) That navy and cream blanket is beautiful. I love working on craft projects when the weather is yucky-- I took a sewing class at Modern Domestic this weekend, while it was pouring outside, and it was so much fun!


Regarding your cats: I was watching a show on PBS about cats and dogs. The relationship between people and their pets was explained this way... Cats have staff, dogs have family...
Sounds like your bosses really kept you working this weekend!


The best control for aphids that I have found is time consuming but works...wipe them off of the leaves with a wet paper towel. The best part is that it's instantaneous. The ladybugs can get any stragglers you miss. I've always had only marginal success with insecticidal sprays, and they make everything sticky.

I love your blog, by the way - I check in every day to see all of the beautiful things you are making and doing. Thanks for the daily work pick-me-up!


Also commenting from coldy rainy (love this description) Portland; enjoying the opportunity to work on quilting, knitting and reading projects; however, witnessing the amazing growing ability of grass, plants and weeds despite the coldy rainy weather, I'm heading out today to tackle as much as I can before the rains return tomorrow. We also have dogs who enjoy the going in and out regardless of the weather. They seem to know it's spring and they should be able to spend more time out of doors.


Ohhh...Cashmarino. You must kill the moths. I love cashmarino. No acrylic! (even though the navy blue afghan is very pretty), just think how fabulous it would be in cashmarino.... Sorry Grandma!


The Beatrix Potter/revolving door bit made me chuckle. Why must cats and dogs be so indecisive, even when the weather is trying to decide for them!


grandma's blanket is beautiful. i have been staring at it, how did she get the little white dots?!? and aphids, ugh. i planted a bunch of nasturtium seeds one year and they were black with aphids as soon as the plants came up. i have heard that buying ladybugs is kind of a waste, they fly away and benefit your neighbors more than you.

let know if you figure out grandma's blanket, please!


I would love some coldy rainy. Right now it's hotty sweaty in Minnesota - 92 degrees. Ugh.

My cats are taking turns in front of the fan. My huge, white, turkish angora arranges himself so that the breeze blows his hair around a la Fabio.


If it's any consolation, our 4 cats demand the same sort of valet door and window service. I will never buy a house with a master bedroom on the ground floor again - as the cats perform this in out ritual all night too! Impossible to ignore squeaky paws on the window pane even if you try!


Your comments on your cats totally cracks me up. I have 2 cats and a dog and go through the same thing. in-out-in-out. Felix, my oldest cat, also meows really loud(almost yelling) ever since my hard-of-hearing mother-in-law stayed with him a couple of years ago. Yours was the first blog I ever read!
You inspired me to start my own blog. thanks


That is one beautiful blanket, as soon as I saw it I also started trying to figure out how she did it (like I would ever be able to do that)... I'm sure you'll make a gorgeous version.

Vicki K

Does a mud-colored towel on the floor at the door not absorb much as they streak back indoors?

Having not watched Alias, I didn't know what to recommend, but if you like Chuck you may also like Psych and Burn Notice.

All the rain is helping me sew. But My Two Doggies do not like to go out in the rain even when they Need To. Argh.


Your cats and corgi sound EXACTLY like our cats and corgi! Piper gets extremely emotional when the cats want to go in/out, when they fight with each other, when they paw at the windows. When we raise our voices at one of the cats, Piper The Corgi Cop rushes in to see who needs disciplining! And yes, the cats go in and out endlessly no matter what the weather is like -- sometimes within two minutes of being let in/out, they want to go out/in AGAIN. I am trained to respond to the annoying meow. At least we all (and you all) understand each other!

Tammy Mellish

We've had the most beautiful, nearly perfect weather in Vermont. I say nearly perfect because today it is almost too hot and tomorrow it is expect to be in the 90's! Having said that, I can MUCH appreciate reading about the antics of your kitties. I have four of them (and several children to boot!). And man alive, it rained last week. Someone had let my big long haired calico in. She is the dog we don't have. Seriously. She acts like one. And I love her. But she hopped up onto our king sized bed and dragged her wet belly across my covers.. wiping her paws on my pillows and SMELLED OF A WET DOG! I wanted to die. Oh no you don't! Off you go! LOL! And yes, in and out. ALL.DAY.LONG.

May the sun shine on you soon.


Red Heart has a newish yarn that is named Red Heart Soft, and while it is acrylic it has a beautiful sheen that makes it appear and feel like a more expensive yarn. All of my family has an allergy to wool except me and I can't count all of the sweaters I've had to repurpose because of a hole left by a moth.

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