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March 01, 2010


Julie G. in Iowa

So. Not. Fair! You can't do this to me while I'm at work. Now I just want to go home, put my feet up, cozy up with my kitties and watch movies while eating yummy blueberry muffins. Enjoy! Julie G.

gloria g.

I love those movies. I read all the books years ago when the set came out. They are wonderful. I could keep up with the movies from them. I think everyone should read them/watch the movies. They make you happy and we all need some happy!


Gosh that looks good. I love Andy's honesty. I doubt the hubster is bummed about my lack of prairie dresses. :)


Holy cow, those muffins look AMAZING. I'm seriously drooling.


Those movies sound like something I would love, right down to the costumes. Pinafores and calico - right up my alley, and straight out of my teenage past, as well.


You're killing us...we have to have more baby news. XO Lisa


Your muffins look so delicious!

I just added the movies to my Netfix queue. I was a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan growing up, and these movies look reminiscent of that series.

Laurie Anne

Salivating... *giggle*
Love that series too :)


Men just don't get the prairie dress thing!

Natalie VV

I am smiling.
(Sometimes I have nothing to say, but just want you to know I am around, happy to visit.)


delicious. I love that series - both the books and movies!


Why is it that men don't find the comfy things we wear as dazzling as we do? Hmmmm. I'm sure he liked the muffins though.... :)


If you loved the movies, you would LOVE the book series. Soooo good. borrowed the whole series from a friend, and they are just sooo sweet, and sooo wholesome!


I agree with you at every level!

Abbey Rice

How funny. I had never heard of the Love Comes Softly series until this weekend when my sister-in-law lent me the first book. I'm liking it so far. Sounds like I have to see the movies next.


Mmmm...Mmmm...those look so good! I love blueberry muffins! :)

I love the Love Comes Softy series too. My husband bought me some of the dvd's for gifts, he even likes to watch them with me...:) But, I don't think he is bummed about me not having prarie dresses.


I bought the first book when i was 12 years old at Pixie Kitchen down at the beach. I heart the books. They bring back so many memories. I am sorry that the films aren't as true to the stories as they could be. You will love the books. She has a lot of other good series.


I love those movies, they are so sweet! In England every once in awhile they will do a run of them as the afternoon movie and I have been mighty tempted to call in sick once or twice just to be home to see them! I can't think of a better Saturday watching Hallmark movies and eating blueberry muffins!

linda b

Guys have no appreciation for prairie-attire;)


Hey! Speaking of knitting, did you ever finish that cabled sweater from Lion Brand that you were going to do a few - I don't know, what - years - ago? I'd bought all the yarn, but never even finished my gauge swatch. Still love it though, and was just wondering how far you'd gotten...


The Love Comes Softly series is so special! My grandmother read the series over and over. When she was in the hospital with cancer my grandpa bought her a nice hardcover set and reading them brought her comfort. She passed away soon after coming home from the hospital. Now I have her books and my 11 year old is reading and loving the series. It's so nice to have that connection to her wonderful great-grandma that she never got to meet. x


Frankly, I'm surprised at Andy ;-) haha! Seriously, I'm very excited about all your wonderful news and want you to know I think I can smell those marvelous muffins all the way here across the country.


num num nummers those muffins look good!

Oh! I've never heard of that series of movies - looking forward to checking them out!

ACK, I'm so old! I remember when Prairie dresses made a (re)appearance in the sixties/early seventies. I loved them, calicoes are so charming. I miss sweet tiny prints.


I heart Love Comes Softly!!!! (I own them!) So glad you had a restful weekend. I'm still thinking about that precious baby girl you'll soon hold in your arms...keeps me smiling!

Hopeful Homemaker

Someone gave me the first Love Comes Softly book when I was a girl, and I've loved them ever since. Now my daughter is reading them. The movies are wonderful, but I love the books even more. If you're going to adopt a little girl, remember to buy this series for her someday! And I wish your muffins were in my kitchen right now! Yum!

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