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February 15, 2010



Your beautiful granny square 'sunshine' day quilt has really pushed me to want to learn. I've been seeing granny squares like crazy since your post!

We'll see if I can do it!
Oh.. and be sure to stop by today.
I'm giving away some yummy chocolates, cutes nests and colorful eggs!


As always, wonderful post! I, too, tried to learn to knit and was frustrated beyond belief. I crochet and I find that knitting is so different and not something I can wrap my head around. But perhaps, I should give it another chance. Thank you for the inspiration.

Ginger & Pickle

*hugs* love this post!


What a lovely post. It is so interesting to read how people "find" their crafts.
Thoroughly enjoyed Your Life in Knitting x


As well as sharing your knitting story, which was full of warmth and things of interest; thank you for the beautifully crafted way you told it. It was an absolute pleasure to read.


I so enjoy your reliving your tell wonderful stories. I wish you could tell more of them. That is my favorite part of your blog. I've gone back to reread any "life" story you've told and I'm glued to my computer. Maybe you should write a book of some kind (not a craft one). You certainly have a way of "hooking" me (and I'm sure others) in.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that not only are you talented in the craft/cooking department, but I truly believe writing stories is your best gift!!!!!!


I love your story posts. So very much.

The first thing I also thought when you said Heather was 70 was "no way! Heathers are always in their thirties."


What a great story!! I so enjoyed reading it. :)
Vivienne x


Lovely! I have tried to learn how to know 4 different times in my life. You actually want me to try a 5th time. After the last debacle, I didn't think that was possible.


I love that you learned from a woman in her 70s. I learned by watching my Grandmother...I remember her knitting as I sat on her lap. She said she knit to pass the time in the evenings when my Grandfather would work late. My favorite memory was when I asked her to knit me a sweather from the 1972 issue of Seventeen so I could wear it during my freshman year of college. She knit that sweater in less than a month! Although I have knit for years, I never have had the nerve to take the stitches off the needles, rip back and fix the mistake...until this past Sept. I knit a blanket for my nephew and his wife for their wedding and I messed up the lace pattern. I had little time, so I ripped and it went back on the needles without a problem. Enjoy your knitting!


I love this story! You are a very gifted storyteller; I read several blogs and always truly enjoy reading yours. After several years of procrastination (on my part) my oldest daughter taught me to knit last January. Knitting always looked so relaxing when done by her and my friends. However, when I took up the needles, my hands, arms and even feet and legs would get all tense; I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing! Over this past year, it has become more relaxing for me, and I've even managed to figure how to fix some of my mistakes. I, too, love the knitting process--you take sticks and string and make something beautiful! If you make a mistake, simply pull it apart and you can start anew. In no other "craft" can that be accomplished--quilting, sewing, woodworking, etc. Thanks again for the wonderful tale to start the week.


Yeah, I don't quite get knitting either. My scarves are always lovely, wavy rivers of color (but not on purpose). My grandmother knit and crochet (and smocked)equally well--it drove her nuts that I couldn't see what to count. But I can crochet real things. Maybe someday I will love knitting the way you do, but for now, I'm crocheting a long vest. Thanks for the lovely post. We love your dog--ours is a chubby, corgi mix with something, and oh so sweet.


What a great story! I love to knit, too, just for me or to give away, not to sell. Your Baby Surprise Jacket is going to be lovely with those colors!


Your posts about old friends and family from way back when are my absolute favorite, Alicia. I needed a sweet little pick-me-up this morning, and your post fit the bill perfectly!

Thank you,


I LOVE this post! I tried to take up knitting several years ago b/c everyone told me it would help to relieve stress. Riiight. My teacher would yell and several times grabbed my hands and told be to quit shaking and being nervous. No matter how many times I told her that my hands shake anyway (thanks dad's genes!), she would still be frustrated with me. I never went back to my second class, but my mom would help me a little when we saw each other. The last time I picked up the needles was when I was unemployed and the World Cup was on all day. That was 4 years ago and I never finished the project, but I've been getting the itch to start again AND since the World Cup is coming up again this summer... :)


Great post - I, too, am totally mystified by the mechanics of knitting (so glad I was not asked to 'invent' this craft form - we'd all be wearing dead animal skins). It is the most fulfilling art.


I agree with should write a book. I have always enjoyed your stories! I learned to knit when I was 14, the class was at a Sears. We learned to make houseshoe/slipper kinda things. That's pretty much all I made, until I was 20 and expecting my first child. I decided to knit a baby bunting with a bonnet. The sleeves are twice as long as they should be, so I rolled them up! Each of my 3 children wore it home from the hospital! Still have it. But have never been brave enough to try anything that complicated again!

Thanks for the story!

sharon stanley

lovely to find that someone else does not particularly find knitting dear sister-in-law can knit with her eyes closed and do so beautifully. i always describe myself knitting as sitting so tensely with the needles held up close to my face....when (if) i finish, i have a very sore neck to prove it! thanks...sharon at

Teresa Sheeley

I love your stories, so much. It's like devouring a great novel of some sorts. I hope someday you write a book, oh please. :) I came from a crochet family, and I tried many times to teach myself knitting. I can make a pretty good dishcloth, but that's it!



What a lovely story, and you've inspired me yet again... I learned to knit when I was a little girl, taught by my mum and grandma, I love it and the process all seems natural to me now, quite the opposite to your experience... but I've never been able to crochet despite many tries! Your blanket pattern has inspired me to have one more go at it so I took the pattern with me to my mums at the weekend and off we went! Its very frustrating to not be able to do it, to feel like I need an extra hand to keep the tension right and I keep wrapping the wool the wrong way... but I'll stick at it :)

Thank you for sharing your story

Regina Englnig

You post today really touched me; and, I so understand what you mean about knitting. I'm left-handed / dyslexic which made learning to knit a hard-fought battle for me. My first attemp was in college, second was in my 30's -- the third time, in a knitting class at my church. At that knitting class everything finally 'clicked' and I like to believe the combination of a very patient teacher and a Supreme Being were the reason. Knitting is something I do for me - it feeds my spirit like no other craft. And, even though I make many things for family & friends -- the reason I knit is really for me and the calm & order it brings to my day. Thank you so much for sharing your 'knitting story' with your readers.
P.S. Love you blog

Andrea Cottrell

What a great post. It's been quite the journey! I'm so glad you've overcome the challenges to the point that you have found such profound enjoyment. This is a wonderful thing. Thanks so much for sharing.



I remember asking over and over again, as a child, for my mom to teach me how to knit. She taught me so many other crafts, but for some reason, this one never happened. I tried a few times after moving away, but just couldn't get it. I could only make a misshapen mess. Finally, as a grad student, I met some friends who invited me to a knitting group. The timing and everything must have been right, because now, eight years later, I make a living as a knitting designer. Crazy old life, eh?


Great story! I came by any "crafty" pursuits on my own also. Thank goodness for YouTube videos and my knitting group!

We have a saying in our knitting group, "if you can't see the mistake from the back of a galloping horse, don't worry about it!"


Did Amanda's Baby Surprise Jacket inspire you as it did me?? Love your beautiful colors. One day I might be brave enough to try that pattern too.

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