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December 08, 2009



That sounds like a plan for dinner - yum, pancakes! Also, I have to say that Andy's pizza looked like it could have been transformed into something else - put some in a bowl, and voila! Pizzagna! what's not to like about crust, cheese, and tomato, no matter what form it's in?


Oh, mmmm... I am totally inspired to make them for breakfast! Thank you!


They look so yummy! I have to ask, where did you get your batter bowl? It's awesome!

shabby girl

Yeah, he'd better be tough, huh?
And what's up with the first pancake??? That makes me CRAZY! I've tried all ways to make it edible! Sometimes I can get it to be worth the trouble, but not always!
Oh, I love those blue eggs!!!


One of my favorites!!!


It's nice to know I'm not the only one who cooks with "bloop" as a standard of measurement :)

In an attempt to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, we had pancakes topped with cranberry sauce, yum yum!


Ohhhh!...Really? She labels them to tell you which hen laid which eggs? I loved that!

Your Swedish pancakes look scrump-tiumpsious!


I lived in Sweden for a few months and for a quick dinner my in-laws would eat pancakes with lingonberries and vanilla ice cream wrapped inside. Add some whipped cream on top and it's to die for! It's been a long time, thanks for the memories!

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

So you actually know the name of the chickens that laid each of your eggs? That is wonderful!

Thank you for the recipe. It's never occured to me to roll a pancake and put anything inside. I'm currently smitten with gala apples and knudsen's organic apple butter. I wonder...


OMGGGGGGGGGG i am a pancake WHORE lately!!!! but i dont even make them from scratch because--because i dont. but still--I love pancakes!


Thanks for sharing. I have to try the Swedish Pancakes this weekend. Do you also sprinkle powder sugar? We always have fun making/drawing pancakes at home.


I am loving your blog!! I just purchased your Walk in the Woods and Ice-Skating Afternoon felt patterns. They are the cutest things ever :)


And I bought your book! :)

Tayla B

I've made Swedish pancakes before but have never tried using raspberries with butter and sugar! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)


this will be my breakfast in the a.m. Thank you for posting the recipe! Too simple.

Shelley (Pink House)

O my gosh! My mom used to make these at home but I've forgotten about them and never tried to make them myself. These look DELISH! I think she used lemon juice and powdered sugar? Plus fresh raspberries?


I have had these every Christmas morning my whole life! We do lemon and powdered sugar with some baked apples on the side.

Hanna Axelsson

Haha, that's so funny! My fiance loves pancakes and insist to make them for lunch and dinner. I always hade trouble with the first pancake, but he says that the first pancake-syndrome doesn't excist. He's such a snob :P

I think most swedes eat their pancakes with just sugar on top, or whipped creme and strawberry jam. (I however like syrup)

/Hanna from Sweden (pardon my bad english)


They look soooooo yummy...


They seem quite similar to pancakes in England. We have two kinds really - what we call Scotch pancakes or drop scones (which I think are meant to be a bit different but don't seem to be!) are made with baking powder (soda) and cooked in a pan and are really like your American pancakes. We tend not to put much on them (or even anything) though - your pancakes get maple syrup or jam (jelly) or other yummy stuff to go with; sometimes we do but mostly not - maple syrup is sooo expensive! We are a bit boring with them I'm afraid. That is probably changing now though with more people having a go at making them. The other kind we have which is more usual (or used to be) for people to make is more like your yummy sounding Swedish ones. From what I see from the recipe there are a lot more eggs so they are a lot richer. But they are made and cooked in the same way and it is most usual and traditional to have them rolled up with lemon and sugar - a very fine sugar we call castor sugar but not as fine as powdered sugar which we call icing sugar. I think your blue eggs are wonderful and I love that you know who made them! Oh and no one eats pancakes as much as they should - really the English ones (I shouldn't call them that as all British people eat them; they are just known as 'pancakes') are mostly only eaten on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)- which is about 6 weeks before Easter. Sometimes they have savory fillings though and may be eaten for a main meal. I love how we all eat similar but different things - I still haven't properly worked out the difference between scones and American biscuits ( I regularly make both!)


Please tell Andy not to sweat it. Everytime I make cookies from scratch I get a very similar 'pizza ball' result. And now, as I eat my metamucil cracker and sip decaf, I'm really feeling sorry for myself and my lack of pancakes. Or at the very least, age appropriate food.

Sherry C

Love your blog, it has it all! Its very challenging and I want to do everything you do! I bought your book and started making the stuffed horse...almost done. Yes I want to know where you bought your batter bowl, and how you made the table cloth. I also completed the pillow case Queen Anne emboirdery. I'm ready for the next one...bring it on! Oh yes, I will be making these pancakes. I'm from Texas and I never had these but my groc list is made and off I go into another AP adventure! PS...I never liked to cook, but now I look forward to your recipes. (Do I sound gaga enough? I'll try to tone it down next time. :)


YES!!!!Blue eggs.....Pancakes.
Sooo good!!!
Thanks for the recipe.


Pancakes are a favorite. We add a shot of brandy, cognac, rum or whatever liqueur is in the house to the batter. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of melted butter to the batter and/or pure vanilla extract.
For a crowd, I roll up the pancakes spread with various jams, line them up in a 9"X13" pan, sprinkle them with icing sugar and put them under the broiler until the icing sugar caramelizes and voila! you have hot pancakes for a crowd that disappear in no time at all. For added decadence serve with fresh fruit and whipped cream.


Cooking tragedies are ALWAYS funnier the day after! Like when my huge cat Harry jumped onto the counter and licked a trench in my beautiful cheesecake an hour before a party. I forgot all my screaming and yelling and tears when I was telling the story of why there was no cheesecake!

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