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A thrifted crewelwork Christmas tablecloth for a Sunday-morning Swedish pancake breakfast. I'll have a recipe for you tomorrow. It's frosty here this morning! Winter has arrived.


Yes, winter is here, too. It means more time to be inside creating good things! I have to say you are amazing. Great crafts, great pictures, great blog. Does your husband know just how amazing you are? :)

How very cosy x

Oh Alicia,

I cannot tell you how much I love seeing all your pretty pictures of your cozy breakfasts, your sweet thrifted treasures, your cute furry friends and your beautiful embroidery! It's because of you that I've taught myself to cross-stitch. I love this new hobby! I'm mostly drawn to simple French patterns, using one or two colors. They have such a sweet and simple quality to them. I you may not realize just how special you are!
Just wanted to say Thank you so much for all that you give to your readers. I'm very grateful to have found this cozy and inspiring blog!
It's the first snow fall, here in my New England town! Magical!
Keep warm,
PS..Still keep thinking about your embroidery book. Can't wait until it's out in print!

Susie Sears Taylor says: December 07, 2009 at 08:37 AM

Love the colors in the table/dishes/candle sticks/napkins and the beautiful golden cakes!

oooh, yum, and what a beautifuly welcoming table!

LURV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fantastic!

Hi, just popped in to say you and my mom have such similar tastes in the love of Scandanavian design and all that and I just love your Christmas village.

I made some houses of my own this year for Christmas and as I'm still recuperation from major surgery I just can't do all I'd like, but there's always next year, right? Anyway, if you'd like to visit 58 Cherries Lane I've got a peek of my houses I mean to post on Etsy very soon with even better pics of the insides, etc.

Just an invitation. And yes, opening the boxes of ornaments and garlands I'd swear I just packed them away a few days ago except some very favored ornaments got lost, probably in a 'safe place' where we always lose stuff, right?

Happy Holidays!!

Looking at your post, I feel as I could step right in, sit down and help myself.

The tablecloth is amazing. Aren't thrifted treasures the most wonderful?

I'll wait (not so) patiently for the pancake recipe. They look melt-in-your-mouth divine.

I'm glad to see someone has a tabletop on which to eat -- I'm crafting late into the season this year, and every table holds a project right now! Your cozy, cheerful photos always just make my day nicer :) Thanks!

Beautiful photos. On Monday morning, after a freezing weekend sitting outside, I relax at my computer and read my daughters' wonderful blogs and stare at their amazing pictures. My heart swells.

Looks yummy! Just watching the snow fall here. Absolutely beautiful! Love the tablecloth. So beautiful!

Have a great day!

Pretty!....and delicious-looking!

Beautiful photo and the tablecloth! It looks like LINEN too.

Look at that tablecloth. What a find! I am a thrift shop junkie, so fun!

It's cold outside but I am so blessed to be inside where it's so warm. It's the best time in the year to be creative. No lawn to mow or weeds to pull. All my focus is concentrated inside.

Love your thrift store find.

Gorgeous tablecloth, you lucky thing!

Those pancakes look delicious!! Can't wait for the recipe!

Is this REALLY your morning? I mean, really? And if so, can we please trade places for just one day?!?!? : D

I love that you enjoyed breakfast by candlelight :)

You lucky dawg! What a wonderful tablecloth! My mom's dad was Swedish and I so want to start collecting Swedish holiday stuff.

Thank you for always being such a warm and comforting spot to fall into!

I am always utterly amazed at others' thrifty finds. Sure, I've found a great little thing every now and then, but nothing like I see on your blog and a handful of others I follow. It boggles my mind how people could toss these things to the proverbial curb, and how much luck you have in finding them. Then again, maybe you just have some magic light in your house and once those blessed objects leave your home they looks like craggy, broken, chipped and stained ceramic cups and ragtag smelly old mouth-eaten cloths.

Yeah, it _definitely_ must be your magic light.

Oh how pretty! And hmmmn, I never thought of having candlelight at breakfast. What a great idea.

Your table and your breakfast look fabulous! Growing up, we called those pancakes "thinnies". Well, still do. I love them with butter and sprinkled sugar!

That looks so inviting!

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