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(Crochet hook case made by my dear friend Megan, though she is no longer making them.)

1. Midnight blue corduroy skirt with pockets and running stitches FINISHED

2. Olive-green weird corduroy skirt with pockets and running stitches

3. Rust colored corduroy skirt with you guessed it

4. Pink and purple striped socks

5. Peach, brown, and cream Fair Isle socks

6. Blue, brown, and cream Fair Isle socks (no relation)

7. Blue Fair Isle sweater  FINISHED

8. Pink Fair Isle sweater FINISHED

9. Crocheted smocked baby dress

10. Stripey wristwarmers (smaller) FINISHED

11. Three Autumnhouse pillows (like Summerhouse Pillows but for winter) SCRAPPED

12. Christmas present for someone related to me that reads this blog FINISHED

13. Christmas present for someone else related to me that reads this blog FINISHED

14. Christmas present for someone else related to me that doesn't read this blog but who is getting the same thing as the other two so I still can't say FINISHED

15. Other family Christmas presents I haven't decided on yet SCRAPPED

16. Andy's Christmas present

17. Book

Too much. Something's gotta give. These are not all for Christmas — it's just a list of everything that I have started. But still.

The other night Andy came upstairs and said, "Violet's in your yarn bowl.

Me [pausing]: "My what?"

He [enunciating]: "Your yarn bowl. Go down and see."

So I went down there.


Oh. Violet's in my yarn bowl.


Wow, you have a lot of projects going on, great job getting a couple of them done. I'm afraid to list out everything I need to do on paper, I can remain somewhat in denial if it's in my head. What a sweet kitty, and that meat hand is ingenious and really creepy.

Wow, you're very productive!
I loved her meat hand!

That meat hand is equal parts really cool and completely disgusting!! LOL

Quite a long list of projects. It'll feel good to mark them off one by one. I should make myself a list like that. Maybe it'll help me feel like I'm making progress :)

even though it's a lot, they all sound really fabulous and I can't wait to see the finished projects. Violet is so cute, and I love her name. That meat hand however is really gross looking, I'm not sure I could convince myself to eat it, I think little boys would love it though ;>

WoW... you have been busy! Has the weather been bad??? Sometimes that's the only way I get anything done!
That meat hand was grosssss! Of course now I have to send the web addie to my daughter... LOL..

Oh my gosh, Violet has carved a spot in my heart to the left of Miss Clover Meadow. What a cutie! She knows the warm and cuddly places!
I loved Megan's meat hand & linked to it on my blog. People found it very skeeerry and I had to remind them it's just meat loaf - but then I remembered my mom's meat loaf was pretty darn skeeerry! ;)
Gah! Please stop showing kitchen gadgets - now I want an apple peeler. Mental note, add to list ... le creuset dutch oven, kitchen aid ice cream maker and apple peeler. :)
Happy almost weekend!

Oooh, I hope you wear one of the new skirts to class on Monday! :)

I was filled with cozy bliss looking at dear Violet and enjoying your ambitious list... but then, oh that meat hand! I have boys and even they would be appalled and disgusted... it is too good. Much too good. Yuck ;-)

I loved seeing Violet in the yarn bowl. :) Dogs don't curl up in bowls so this was fun....I wonder if I could teach my dog to curl up in a yarn bowl. But I'd have to go buy a bunch of yarn and I don't knit or crochet.... Thanks for showing us your bowl of yarn and cat. ;)

That's a lot of projects to get through! I hope we get to see the finished items...especially the skirts. I love skirts.

Skirts and tights sums up winter for me!

That is The Most Darling picture ever! I am extremely impressed with your list and accomplishments. Still crushin on your hubby... Love, Deb

Aw, I want to curl up and nap in a big yarn bowl...

I ♥ running stitch.

For my to-do lists, I use a big red felt marker for crossing out completed tasks. SO satisfying!

Margok of VA says: November 05, 2009 at 09:57 AM

Violet certainly can make her self comfortable...anywhere she pleases!

O.M.G. that made me laugh so hard! (the meat hand)

Your violet is so cute! I'd love a kittie but unfortunately my womanly powers are not great enough to convince my hubby. :)

Fabulous list by the way!

I am so glad to know that someone else also makes a craft to do list! Sometimes I feel like I put too much pressure on myself because my craft tp do list is a mile long. Then I revise it, and other things seem to jump on to the new list. Yikes. Your sweet Violet is just that. Sweet.

what could be cuter than a cat in a yarn bowl?

So many projects, so little time! How industrious you are. I just took a quick look at the Meat Hand - how terrifying! And yet quite attractive...(in a weird way). Have fun with all your crafty projects!

What kind of yarn do you have in the bowl? It looks so soft and nice.

Oh sweet Violet makes me miss my kitties -- even when one would get comfy on the quilt that was in the machine while I was sewing...

I must make a list: I have two new unfinished craft projects on my desk but I now must learn how to crochet after seeing your wonderful wrist warmers; DD NEEDS them. :)

Will not attempt the Parkin -- I know my limits! :)

That is one hefty list!!! Good luck on getting everything done in time. I am newly pregnant and oh so grateful that I decided to go with one gift for the whole extended family. Calenders. Not super exciting, but hand made, and oh so simple for this first trimester mama. Happy Crafting!

I haven't even made my list yet!

I really want to make handmade (painted, crochet or knit) gifts for all of my friends and family and I also love getting them. A handmade gift is the best. Violet is purrfect:)

That meat hand was creepy.

That meat hand looked completely disgusting. I don't know how they ate it!

don't you love what great teachers cats are?!!! there you are stressing about your list, and your cat is sleeping on one of your containers of supplies!!

(I stress about my list, too -- but DO accept that I have to, have to work on many things at once...)

maaaaaaaan, I wanna be on your gift list!

SO totally cute :)!! I have a tabby girl and she would never be disciplined enough, as Miss. Violet is, to keep from unraveling every skein and chewing on it.

And is that the October issue of Country Living UK??!! Our stores (Lakewood,WA) don't put it out until well after the 10th of each month (groan...).It's my favorite mag!!

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