London Afternoon

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London Afternoon

That Amy Karol (who has a book signing at Bolt on Thursday for her cool new book, by the way). The girl knows about all the cool stuff! Like Polyvore, which is sort of like that old game Fashion Plates? But way cooler. Drag and drop stuff you like onto your palette and create a "look." How adorable is hers??? I started making one immediately(that's mine above). She mentioned that one might be slightly inclined to spend hours doing this. She wasn't wrong. Around 11 a.m., Andy came in the room and said, "Will you look up what time the movie is supposed to start? Let's go to a show around one o'clock." Me: "I would, but I'm trying to pick out my tights." Him: "Uh . . . okay." By noon I still hadn't looked up the movie. He went into my studio and got on the iMac. "It's at two thirty-five!" he shouted from the other room. "PHEW!" shouted I. "'Cause I haven't even gotten to my gloves, bag, and underpants yet!!!" Eventually I was happy with my outfit. I showed Andy the page (i.e.: what I'd been doing on the computer for the past two hours). Andy told me to send him the link (since all of these items are available to buy and he never knows what to get me for Christmas). He opened the link and saw that the coat cost $919 and made a noise I don't think I can describe phoenetically. It was sort of like "Pa-HAH !" Tone: Incredulous. Andy's approach to clothes is sort of like my dad's approach to shampoo: My dad had beautiful hair, washed it with a bar of ivory soap every other day, and was bewildered as to why everyone else did not act thus. Andy Paulson buys almost all of his clothes at Goodwill, spends about $100 annually, and looks like a million bucks. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO LUCKY.

Anyway, my outfit is called London Afternoon: Camden Market, chicken curry, British Museum. And like four hundred other things I would do if I got to spend another afternoon in London. You gotta try it. It's totally fun.


Julie G. in Iowa says: November 03, 2009 at 02:43 PM

Yay I'm at the head of the comments line!
But really, Alicia, shame on you for coming up with yet another fabulous thing for me to get addicted to! How do you happen upon these things?!

I don't dare...
or do I?

Ooooooh. This is fun! Another thing to do when I should actually be working! And my husband suffers from the same affliction. But his approach is to still wear the same shirts from 1982.

Having just gotten back from London on Saturday night, if I was wearing that coat I would have died, they had really warm weather last week..we did not need coats, or umbrellas or the sweaters we brought. My 13 year old LOVED the Camden markets, she loved the people and all the goth clothes and punky stuff..too much fun shopping there!

polyvore is SOOO addictive! i wish i had more time to use it. your outfit selection is really cute too :)

Looks like fun, cute outfit!

Yes! Hee hee! I have been reading both your blogs for years now and I am delighted that you are over at polyvore as well. (I've been there for 2 years now). And I do love the knickers you've chosen!

My profile is here if you ever wish to say hello! (or pip pip cheerio! judging from your outfit!)

You know, I ran away from Amy's site when I read about that polyvore thing... her collage was so cute I had to avert my eyes quickly. So I came here.


That didn't work. =p Thanks.

First I see Amy's blog, now yours. I'm doomed. I'm trying to resist, a chair cover sewing project is calling me, but those outfits are SO cute. I used to make little collages like this when I was a teenager by cutting up the Sears catalog. Where was the internet then?

Funny, my dad washes his hair with Ivory soap too. He swears that shampoo makes your hair fall out (?), but now that I think of it, he's the only one of his brothers that hasn't gone bald....

Dave was in London a couple weeks ago and he said everyone was wearing black wooley tights. He then muttered that it's like he's gone back to the 80's. I guess he doesn't understand that we often enjoy going back and reliving our fashion past. Although I never want to wear acid washed jeans again. I must visit Polyvore tomorrow as soon as the children disappear to school. I'll make sure I have a couple hours free.

Definitely addictive... I just spent an hour making two outfits, but honestly it was a lot of fun. I'm just hoping I won't remember my Polyvore password tomorrow, or it could be dangerous!!!

Those boots are FABULOUS!

Oh, I love Polyvore! Your outfit is smashing. ;)

Ah, Polyvore. It has been my favorite time-suck for about a year. I'm happy you found it, and I've added you to my contacts. Enjoy!! you know about the "clip to polyvore" application you can add to your tool bar that lets you grab images from the web?

As if you needed more enabling!

Oh no, you got me addicted already!

Too much fun!!!
All the shopping without the need for funds. Well... unless you decide to buy the $5,500.00 coat. What did Andy say? "Pa-HAH!"

That's so funny, but I'm afraid to look at the website. There are already far too many time warps on the internets. I really don't need to fall into any more.

I saved my pocket money to buy Fashion Plates many, many years ago. Loved it. Better go look now.

I live right between the Camden markets and the British museum! If I have time today I'm going to go and see the Anglo-Saxon hoard.

Oh no , I dare not! I can tell I'll be addicted in no time!

Hello! I think your outfit would be perfect now as we've had a weather change in the UK at the weekend - in some parts we even had a mini tornado!! In fact a lovely scarf would go down a treat too. As for Selana's comments about the 80's - yesterday they announced that shoulder pads are back!!! Joan Collins has a lot to answer for!
Anyway how about a trip to Regent's park too? - that's a perfect outfit for kicking those autumn leaves - meet you for a hot chocolate afterwards?

That was funny! I am reading your post on the train on the way down to London so it's very apt! (Yay I'm on a train with fast WIFI for a change - I must be sat on top of the router!!) Just remember not to dress too warmly for London - I get on the train in the North all bundled up against the cold and damp, only to find glorious and warm sunshine by the time we hit the Capital! I never learn ;)

Come and spend the afternoon in London today. It's a BEAUTIFUl sunny autumn day, perfect for strolling in the park.

I had to write and tell you that my dad washed his hair with soap and had a beautiful head of dark wavy hair even in his sixties!
I love your selections.

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