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October 21, 2009



I think they ALL look like they should be on your wall. But, the last one IS the best.

Seriously, you have more talent in your fingernail than I have in my entire body (and I'm not a small woman!)



you have patience in the extreme... it's lovely! :)

abby jane

it looks awesome, like i said that inner critic of yours is harsh. . . though the last one does look great the first too aren't half bad either. . .


I think it looks great!!! The first one seemed to have too much contrast between the light and the dark. You could try an Andy Warhol style and pick the wrong colors on purpose and make a series. I know there are computer programs to do that. (Not a huge fan of Warhol, but it could be cool.) Thanks for sharing the tips from the art store.


I like it :). Another tip for acrylics: if you mix the paint on a damp paper towel (the less bounty-ish, the better!) with a foil-covered cardboard piece underneath to support it, it keeps the paint from drying out. I've even saved paper towels with paint in a tupperware container if I needed to use it the next day. Warning: eventually it will grow mold ;).


Ok, you're totally right about the first one. Not human. The second is so much better -- and then the third one is significantly better than the second and waaayyy better than the first. So, yes, you are headed in the right direction!

(And I did pee my pants a little when I saw the first one.)




Wonderful! I love the second and third. I've been doing pastels with the "upsidedown" method for awhile now and it works very well to get you mind off of trying to do it perfectly.
The second one would be nice with a darker breakup under the nose and under the lower lip, maybe.
I love the colors in the quilt. Did that come out better than the face...or what?


I think it looks great, amazing how you can fix the colours like that. Yay for helpful art store artists. I really think it's looking brilliant.




Dude, you did it! Zoomed in on the quilt, oh my, you are one patient soul! The third one looks beautiful.


love it!


Gorgeous! That is a beautiful painting. Job well done, Alicia!

Amy M

Wow, I'm stunned. It's beautiful. I wanna be you.


Wonderful!!! I'm inspired ... and will surely have many, many "before" images to share :-)


I LOVE it. Alicia, you are so talented!

Susannah @ Art Nest

Very nice save! It looks wonderful~ Loving the quilt as well!


Alicia are you familiar with the book "Painted Faces You can Do" by Bonnie Lyn Mccaffery? She is part of my local guild and is an award winning quilter.That particular book has great tips for painting faces on fabric

Gerry Hook

You were right, gad ! You did ruin it. BUT looks like you've rescued it from going into the dust bin.
Lighter is much better. Good job. . . . with lots of patience.


I applaud your patience Alicia. It looks great!


Beautiful! There is also an 'extender' you can use for acrylics that helps it not dry so quickly. Love the last one -- looks airy and pretty.

Account Deleted

I think it is lovely, Alicia, and that you are entirely too hard on yourself. I think the middle one looked really good, too. I can only imagine how excited and special that little girl will feel to know that her aunt did a PAINTING of HER. Wow.

Laurie Anne

It turned out great Alicia! and the first one isn't as horrifying as you made it seem :o)

you are one talented chick! x


I think you've cracked it. I once used a self-tanner that made me look like that first picture.

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