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October 19, 2009



Your level of excitement is cracking me up. I can hear you breathlessly telling us all of this so you get back to it as soon as possible. And that is what is so beautiful about the crafty internet thing. Thanks!


This is so NOT FAIR!! You already got me addicted to hexagons... I did nothing all day yesterday (until midnight on a "school night") except stitching, stitching, stitching... Now I see I will probably be addicted to "glitterizing" too... But I see some great Christmas gifts coming from it... that's how I will rationalize the purchase of an entirely different set of crafting supplies... Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! kisses to Clover, Violet, and Bridget


oh yes. saw the post on blair's blog. this is soooo great. i can't wait to try myself, tho it will be a while. hey, i'm living in germany now--wrote you an email, but i think it was during the time you were having trouble--anyway, i want to send you a couple of german christmas ornaments. you mentioned something about them a while back here, and i thought, "i want to send her some straight from the source!" :) email me. hanner's says hello, or i should say, guten tag!


i wish i could put "life" on hold for a while...i wish. i love to paint.


Amazing! I can't wait to try this!!!! Thanks for always being so inspiring. xoxo


Such an amazing effect! I can't paint and I'm jealous of anyone who can! Can't wait to see the finished picture :)


what a neat idea, can't wait to see the finished product.


Very cool! Love the paint by number look to it, very "vintage" :) Have fun!

elizabeth ~ so wabi sabi

what a great image to work with!


I read all about this in Martha Stewart Living. I wasn't too excited about a ton of glitter in my home. However seeing your version with, makes me think it wouldn't be too bad. Perhaps I could add just a bit of glitter just for fun.

emily ruth

oh alicia! this is just too awesome! i love to paint, but rarely do...this might just get me going...deciding on a picture will be fun too (yours is so sweet & the colors are yummm :)

Kristin L

If you've got Photoshop, check out the "Posterize" effect or filter (can't remember which). It allows you to adjust the number of colors you break the image down to.


That is so cool I want to do that too

Sharon Stanley

this is big...really big. For years I have wanted to paint and have absolutely no talent for it...none...classes, workshops, patient painting friends...nothing. I have searched for good paint by number kits...still nothing I wanted to paint. Now have already uploaded 3 pictures and may I say, they are out of this world cute...and I have not done the painting yet...just the pictures in this media is fantastic. Stop what you are doing people and do this craft. My mind is spinning with the possibilities. Thanks Alicia for yet another fun thing to try...and another meal my family will most likely miss thanks to my trying it.

Jessie Lathroum

Whats kind of funny about this, I went to Blair's blog today for the first time AND I was searching your blog's quilt posts, so I was also looking at these pictures of the magenta quilt,.... just today. Of all days.....

mlle paradis

Wayyyyyy Fun! Knock yourself out Kiddo!

oh holland


Must do with one of my images, next chance I get!

abby jane

i love it! thanks for sharing!!


This is beautiful, would love to try it. I must thank you for my lovely ornament kits. You do such a professional job on putting together your kits, yet they are personal as well. It felt like Christmas morning when I got home on a dreary Monday and found your package. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jenny


I'm not sure I really "get" the glitter part of it (are you supposed to put glitter on it when you're done???) I really like it just the way it started. I would print it and never touch paint to it!


Love your enthusiasm, but this project is definitely out of my league! I sent this project on to my artistic daughter.I know my limits.


What a great project! I love this idea! And I have been wanting to paint, also, I have wanted to personalize some favorite prints so they can fit into my self imposed rule of only hanging "original" art..... oh I wish it were pay day....


Love this!!!


complete genius! I love that it looks so paint by numbers, and what a great image of Miss Arden.

I'm looking longingly at your ornament set, over in the corner there. I can't wait to start them!


Very best wishes with the face. I'm a cloth doll maker and if you don't get the face right, you've waisted your time doing the whole thing. I have quite a few dolls whose first face is now the back of their head hidden by hair...oops.

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