Forecast: Cold and Rainy

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All morning, the rain has been pelting the windows, making our already-dark, north-facing little house almost as dark as night. I wove around the place, turning on little lamps in several corners, justifying the extra use of electricity by deciding that if it helps keep me off the funny farm with a severe case of seasonal affective disorder, it'll still be cheaper and less of a drain on the planet's resources. I love fall, but I find the beginning of the rainy season in the Northwest really challenging some years. If the rain hits — as it seems to be doing this moring — just as the leaves on the trees are looking their most beautiful, it frequently knocks them off the trees and to the ground in one fell swoop. Within a day or two, people have raked them up and carted many of them off, lest they turn into heaping piles of slimy, slick, slug-housing sub-divisions. And then that's sort of it. Sigh. Rain is forecast for every day this week.

We did get in a glorious walk in the woods on Saturday, before the rain started. I took over a hundred photos, so I will work on those today and share them later this week. On Sunday, we had planned to get our apple tree, but I just couldn't seem to budge from the sofa, where I was starting a pair of stripey crocheted fingerless gloves like the amazing Lucy's. Thank you ever so much for all the awesome apple-tree advice — our plans are moved to next weekend, which will give me a little more time to decide. I love the taste of Gala apples, and am also leaning toward a Red Fuji, and am also now thinking, because of your comments, that maybe we'll just go for a full-size tree instead of a dwarf. I like the look of espaliered trees, but we don't really have the right kind of wall for that right now. Our walls are in use, and one of them isn't even technically ours, so that idea might have to wait.

When I returned to the sofa after lighting the lamps this morning, Missy V. had made herself quite at home on my pile of yarn. There are four or five skeins smashed underneath her, too. Probably a good thing: In the past few weeks I was too busy to get some stuff done (update book list, change banner, upload new PDFs, answer email, etc.), and then after that I was just too lazy. And then I started the painting so I was too obsessed. And now that the rain has started I am too . . . lazy again. I just want to sit in front of the fireplace and crochet, though it's hard to do that when your cat is lying on top of most of your yarn.


She looks so cozy. But I'll do something else. I'll do it for you, Violet Paulson.


You've captured the day perfectly. I think it's time to get my knitting out again as well.

I understand how you feel. Here we have had rain for days in a row now and I notice that it has it's effect on my mood when the days turn darker and more cold. Light is important indeed, as is warmth and happy thoughts. So go ahead and enjoy the little things, the cozy moments. They are completely necessary. :-)

rainy days here too...i am getting a fireplace installed asap....and i think a pot of soup would help too...

Have you always had that delicious-looking banner at the top of your blog? I am seriously craving whatever that is a picture of. Food can surely keep the Seasonal Affective Doodah away!

I'm up here in Vancouver BC and after the torrents that fell this a.m., the sun has just appeared! Hope it makes it's way down to you, too.

Kathy McDonald says: October 26, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Oh, Alicia, these pictures are precious. I had to leave my two sleeping kitties this morning to go out into the downpour and the traffic tangles to come to work. You've made me instantly homesick! Enjoy your lazy day. . .you deserve it!

Yaaaay! I have been silently, mentally begging you to show us another yarn project. I mean, I love the quilts and the embroidery and SO excited to see you painting....but now it is fall and fall is for yarn. Ever finish your granny squares? :)

What a comfy cat! My large dog would cover all that yarn and room on the sofa for me at all! Still, I completely understand. I'd go find something else to do too, just to keep from disturbing her. Rainy days are perfect for cozy spots and furry friends.

Aww, that makes me miss my kitty we had to put to sleep this time last year. I had him for 12 years..and there is nothing that will make you lonelier than an empty lap on a chilly fall day. Thanks for the pics, Alicia. Enjoy precious Violet.

Hearing that I am not the only person feeling oh so very lazy, just made my day! Thank you! My husband built a fire in the fireplace yesterday, and I needed to stay near it...It is the season for enjoying fires and the lazy days for sure!

I am so missing a fireplace... next house, definitely. I've been crocheting lately, too - no cats, but my 2y/o boys were constantly on my lap, saying "Yarn! Yarn! Yarn!" and pulling at it. Makes for a very slow process. I'm amazed it even got done at all!

so cozy! you are so lucky to be getting rain. the only weather we get in southern CA is wind. : (

We went for a glorious walk on Saturday too. Probably the most beautiful day since we moved here June 25. The leaves, the bluest of blue sky, crisp-ish is that day that I am going to remember every day this winter when it gets g-l-o-o-m-y around here.

check out Gravenstein old heirloom variety. super yummy/useful. Or some other rare variety. Maybe the Ark of Taste can give you some ideas, and help plants at risk of extinction.

Cats. My big old tuxedo cat decided my 16 skeins of freshly dyed Walnut Husk dyed wool is the perfect place to sleep. cute

I got to spend the weekend there in Portland with my cousin. Saturday was so beautiful we had the convertible down on her Beetle. My what a beautiful city. Not nearly enough time to explore. Now I'm pooped out and it's the perfect day to snuggle in.

Susie Sears Taylor says: October 26, 2009 at 12:04 PM

Too bad about the rain and your "blues". Here in southern Indiana we have sapphire blue skies covering vivid red, yellow, orange and brown leaves on the trees. Wish I could send you some sunshine. I am enjoying this to the fullest as I know what is coming. As our friends in Louisiana say, "SNEAUX". It won't be long now.

Julie, in upstate New York, U.S. says: October 26, 2009 at 12:06 PM

I know what you mean about the dark drearyness. My place has faux wood paneling and I have quite a few pine and blue spruce trees around the outside, so it gets quite dark. And it's been cold and rainy for most of the month (not normal for this area at this time of year). In the past, I've kept Christmas lights up past Christmas, all the way up to Easter. I hang them in my bedroom and the living room. I know it sounds crazy, but it helps!

Sorry you are feeling a little blue, hope the rain stops for you soon. Aren't those wrist warmers great, I finished a pair last week and blogged about it as well. Hope you get some energy soon to get everything done.

same thing here...the rain pelted against the house all morning. more like april in the midwest instead of october here. i am thinking of lighting some candles to help avoid the dreary feelings that come up when rain if forecasted for the week...

loving the colors of that yarn! those arm warmers will be beautiful (and perfect for a day like today).

She looks so sweet and happy sitting on your pile of yarn. Your arm warmers are looking great so far, I wish I could crochet.

It's cold, rainy and gloomy here in Dallas, too! We haven't even really had a fall, just went from sticky summer to this. I can't take any photos because it's so dark!

Laying on yarn must be a cat thing. My girl loves to do it too, even if she has to cram herself into my yarn basket. How do they know?

I love these pictures of your Kitty so cozily nestled in the yarny projects. My kitties love yarn things, too. This post really made me smile!

Happy Monday to you!

I also struggle with the dark and wet NW winters, but the upside for me is always being able to light lots of candles and snuggle in for the season. My family calls it 'Hygge' which means cozy. Someimes I even miss it during the long, sunny days of summer.

South of you in the Pac N.W. it is rainy and dreary and blustery too! I apparently am determined to be cranky today with the gloom. All of this rain has made me sad that our thousands of beautiful Japanese Maples will be "squashed" out of their beautiful colors.
Oh, well, the fire is lit, my little squirrel/acorn lamp is glowing, dinner is in in the crock pot, and the very last of the tomatoes are simmering on the stove. I am too old to have a tantrum, so I'll just have to have some more tea and knit a bit more. There! I feel better already.

I hope you will show us the crochet project when it is finished (assumming, of course, that Missy V. will let you have your yarn back sometime). Those colors are so pretty. It's very gloomy in the Midwest today also (Milwaukee)... but parts of the weekend were sunny and the orangy gold maple tree in my front yard glowed against the brightest, clear blue azure sky... it cast a golden light all through my living room. lovely...

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