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September 30, 2009



How completely gorgeous. I want to go eat at the Pink Door!


What a lovely time and place. As always, thanks for taking us along. It's great looking at things thru your eyes.


If I had seen you knitting and reading O Pioneers! at the game I wouldn't have given you a funny look, I would've high-fived you!


Ack! I'm in heaven with your pictures. I love that you love the Pink Door. That is also one of my favorites! Oh, how I miss Seattle. Thanks for sharing your adventures.


Sounds like a perfect day. The Inn at the Market and the Pink Door are our favorite Seattle escapes.


Thanks for the fantastic tour of Seattle. Your description of reading O Pioneers! made me chuckle. My mom, sis and I always had plenty to read when my dad took us to Cardinals baseball games. Those innings seemed to last forever.


Sounds like a wonderful day. That sunset is amazing! How fortunate that Andy doesn't mind you knitting and reading during the game... I think my husband might get a little testy with me!LOL! But then again, every time I try to watch college football with on the TV, I end up falling asleep by halftime...oops!

Christina @ Boyish Charm

That is a gorgeous sunset! Looks like a fantastic getaway!


If I ever get to Seattle, I'm going to the Pink Door! Trapeze artist swinging over you - how cool! Lovely pics...


You're darling...look at the beauty you share on a daily basis. Thank you, Alicia!


I am so with you on bringing knitting and/or something to read to a sports event (I love attending stitch and pitches!). I knit while I watch football, too (although that is usually in front of a TV, not at live game). I have only been to Seattle once--thanks to your lovely photos, I think I need to go back!


Ah, home sweet home. Thanks for the lovely views of Seattle. I miss it!


Ah, lasagne from the Pink Door - how I'd love to have that right now!!!! Which hotel is that?

Susan @ pinkportugueseroses & Very Pretty Things

Wonderful blog post! I dreamed of living in Oregon/Washington. It's so green and soft there. Beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing!



When we were in Seattle this summer, I dragged my husband to the Pink Door because it had sounded so good in one of your previous posts. It was delicious (especially the berry cobbler dessert I ordered--oh my god!), and the atmosphere was just perfect! So thanks for the rec!


Looks like a great trip - thanks for sharing it!

JoDell Ricker

Now I want to make that trip and do the same things it sounded like so much fun, my husband and I are Bears fans so we were happy they won, Urlacher is from my home town.The pictures were beautiful, thanks.


Thanks to your blogging about it, I went to the Pink Door when I was in Seattle - delicious!


We lived in Bremerton, WA for 4 years and I often took the ferry over to Pike Place Market and strolled around, I loved Seattle too. There was a great used bookstore at Pike that I swear you could get lost in for kind of place!


I live in Seattle and have never been to the Pink Door. What is my problem?

I am glad you had a nice visit. The Inn at the Market is gorgeous and boy oh boy, the views aren't bad either!

Happy Fall!


Me too!


Hi, Oh how can I look at the Seattle pictures when there is this scrumpdelicious photo at the top of custard???? I like nice hotels, too.


Thanks so much for sharing your trip and photos, Alicia. You gave me a brief respite in a hectic day, a few moments of calm and peace! I HAVE to go to Seattle one day. Have a happy day, Jenny


More gorgeous pictures that make me want to visit Seattle again. You do stay at some lovely places when you travel.

I used to take crafting magazines to hockey games with me when my husband and I were dating. I allowed myself to only look at them during the breaks but I was secretly longing for them throughout the games. ;)


My mom grew up in Seattle and my Dad in Portland, so I get such a kick out of seeing your photos of both. Although I was born a long way away, down here in Santa Monica and I haven't been to either city since childhood, they feel a bit like home. Like a childhood friend, whose memory is always dear.

You're too cute with your Willa Cather - I need to read O Pioneers!

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