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August 17, 2009



I admire your commitment to the hexes. Worth it too, as that skirt is just lovely.

The Curious Cat

Very funky! That must have taken a while! xxx


You've almost convinced me to try those hexes... they look addictive, so I'm not sure if I should go there ;)


No. You cannot disparage your exciting life, because I am here reading about your activities and so far it a highlight in my week! Carry on, please, because Thrillsville is a truly charming place.


It all looks so pretty! Lovely colours. I wouldn't worry about not having an "interesting" life-I always find your posts interesting and inspiring, people just have different definitions of interesting and not everyone wants to be going out all the time.


Hi there, what camera do you use to photograph your work, as they are all simply stunning!?
and I LOVE your cats and dogs!!!


you're making those hexes look so tempting.

it actually is thrillsville when you can make yourself a cute wrap skirt & it fits perfectly & you can enjoy wearing it. once upon a time, before the evil curse of middle-age flab snuck up on me, i made myself cute clothes and loved wearing them... sadly, not so much anymore.

so enjoy being out & about in your own pretty creations!


Really like the colour of your hexes, looking forward to seeing it when it's finished. You'll have loads of hard calluses then.

The pin cushion is adorable!


I totally fell in love with the all over hex quilt at the link you left us in your last post. Sigh.

Love it

Carla (from Alabama)

Your skirt is lovely. Your hexes are lovely. Your photos are lovely.

It is amazing how we sometimes can't see the overall beauty of something we are working so closely with (worse when we are sick). Because we have spent so much time focused right in on the project. We know every mistake that we made. We know every location of a stitch that didn't turn out just right. But someone who was not there every step of the way only sees the beauty. And sometimes it is hard to even show an onlooker where the mistakes are because they are so focused on the overall picture.

Alicia, you have a great ability to express yourself through art (sewing, knitting, photos) and writing. Your blog is my favorite out the few that I read. Your photos and writing is what keeps me coming back.

I was just thinking after reading your post that I know exactly how you feel. I have felt that way myself. And it occurred to me that maybe "we" (bloggers, knitters, blog readers, crocheters, singers, painters, sewers ...) should sometimes step back and take a good look at "our" work. Look at it through the window that others are looking through. In other words, look at our projects as if they were a project someone was sharing with us. Wouldn't it then be possible to see the beauty ourselfs, at least sometimes? And share the excitment that others experience when they see our work. Maybe it would work...sometimes...maybe we could learn not to be so hard on ourselves. Maybe? Just a thought.


ps your photos are fantastic - So ! what's new pussycat ??


Thank skirt is lovely! And chicken salad sandwiches are delicious! I'd say you're rocking your weekends.


But you're getting to do what you like! That's wonderful, and really, the epitome of excitement (at least according to me, who puts in many hours at a dull job).

I love your pin cushion. Where did you get it?


I have a very bad habit, that today's post reminded me of...

I always point out the mistakes or problems that I have had in something I've created. Really bad habit. My friends see the good things and the "art".

I need to stop!

Mmmm...chicken salad sandwich!


so much work! These are so pretty, I love them!


The hexes are definitely lovely, but I'm completely enamored with your beautiful skirt!


If I had been in that bagel shop and saw you wearing that beautiful skirt and got a chance to meet you...that would have been the biggest thrill of my life time!!!


oh my alicia, your skills are so top-notch. your hexes are the perfect addition to an already perfect skirt. had you posted about that skirt? i'd love to know the pattern... of if it is your own please let thes be a request to see it in the pattern shop! i love the button closure, i have many tie closure wraps and it can leave you feeling a little bulky around the middle...

beautiful! beautiful!


Perhaps you should applique a solo hex onto a square of fabric (making quilt blocks)and design a quilt that have the look, but way less work! With your sense of style, it would no doubt be adorable!


I'm in love with that skirt! You did a great job, it's so adorable!

Happy Monday!


Amand Farmer

That skirt is really cute. My mom made an entire quilt out of those. Sewed them together by hand and then hand quilted it. She used pretty pastels. I think the quilt design for this is called Grandmothers Flower Garden. Every time I see your blog, it makes me want to go sew something. :)

Christa Jeanne

How darling, Alicia! I love it!


Kuddos to you for celebrating your accomplishment by eating out! I hope you got lots of compliments...because it is way cool! (as are you...)



its lovely! I was having a difficult time envisioning it from your description of the idea before, but this turned out just right, I think.


If i didnt have my hands full with brides i would be hexing all day does look addictive!
I hope youre feeling better soon.

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