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July 23, 2009



I just love this post! You are such an inspiration and that sewing room of yours is what hooked me on your blog! I'll never forget the first time I saw it (in Romantic Homes I believe)...I cut it out and put it with my "favorite things."
Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

Carla (from Alabama)

Wonderful story. As always you have given me much inspiration; I truly enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Myrick

In spite of the fact that I am a generation older than you, your sewing story is incredibly like mine. Sewed all the time as a teenager making things I would see in the stores, sewed a lot for volume of clothing and loved having 18 skirts, etc. My mother however didn't sew a stitch and found all the mess appalling. I have spent my entire adult life with many, many projects on the go. I would feel incomplete without my stash of cotton prints to finger through and dream about. Love your blog, book and Andy Paulson stories. Happy rest of the summer.


Having a space to sew, without having to put everything away, makes a HUGE difference. I've suffered without for a long, until just 2 months ago ...


Wow, what a great post!!! GREAT space, and beautiful flowers.


wow, do i ever adore you...


Thank you.
This is your story about sewing, and it's so much more. May I call you my friend? Just reading this post, listening to your story, has pulled me out out of my space and given me a breather from "me." I feel like I've been sitting on the porch with a friend and I feel better for it.


What a lovely and beautiful read - thank you for sharing! :)

elizabeth moon

I love your post and your story and your pictures and your sewing room. Very inspiring and happy. Thanks.


How lovely; just lovely!

(Drop waist dresses; I remember them well!)

What a lovely break to have from editing . . . oh, wait, whoops. Better get back to it.

You'll have the ms. back TODAY!


I love this story. I think what many people don't understand is that when you sew, or you're generally kind of crafty, it's often not just something that you get in one fell swoop. It's an evolution...the conditions in your life lead you to this place.


Thank you for bringing us along on your journey of 'where you came from'. The pictures are fabulous, and even the words alone weave the story clearly, they are so descriptive. I would buy your book on growing up sewing should you ever write it, just for the storytelling. Heartfelt and warm and making me feel cozy, thank you! Look forward to hearing more.


That table raised on bricks to make it bar or counter height is brilliant. Like seriously "oohhh wish I'd thought of that" brilliant!


oh my goodness: the attic fan. we had one too, in a house on the plains of kansas with all the bedrooms upstairs, along with all the hot air in the summer. and we'd sit there completely unable to finish a sentence because it was too hot inside and even hotter outside until someone would have the grand idea of switching on the attic fan, when we were to pretend that it actually felt cooler and by no means was it sucking in all the dust from the dirt road out front. the attic fan claimed the lives of birds and rodents and an entire nest of wasps over the years and eventually needed to be repaired. the repair man went into the attic, stepped toward the fan and promptly fell through the ceiling into the hall.
within a month, we had central air, and it was the most glorious summer ever.

(and also, your entire post is beautiful - not just the attic fan.)


Great post. I love your writing style. It makes me feel like I'm listening to my best friend talk.


This is a lovely post, and touches on something I've been thinking about a lot. My grandmother's sewing area was carved out of a den -- my grandfather built in shelves and a table for her. In my own house growing up, my mother had a dedicated sewing room -- a funny little half-thought-through addition with terrible heating but great light and tons of storage.

I do my sewing at my desk (when the grad school papers are shunted aside) or at the kitchen table. Somehow it feels like I'm not giving the craft the proper respect, to be crowded and cramped. But that's okay. I just know to look for a craft room in the next house.


Yes, it is about the journey and the space! This was a delightful post. And Shimelle - I laughed out loud.


What a lovely post. You must get this down into a book x


Interesting post it brings back memories of my youth in northern Indiana sharing 1 room with my two sisters and no air conditioning. No one had that back in those days. I agree its all about space. I've had my own "office" now for 10 years and love it. I will have one in my next house also. I always tell people that if you have a place to keep the sewing machine out with all of your sewing accessories you will sew more.


Wow! What a great story!

And eep! I don't think I've ever seen a photo of your's gorgeous!


You are so right on the space thing...I have just got a craft room after wanting one for years, and although it is still cramped and disorganised (filled with nearly 10 years worth of hoarded fabric, trimmings etc) it has already made such a difference. My level of happiness has shot up thanks to having a special space in which to do my work. It's pretty too which helps. That photo of you in the drop waisted dress is stunning.

Amy M

Thanks so much for your personal story. The "I grew up sewing" statement is part of my autobiography as well. And when I moved to our current house and the laundry room was big enough to double as a sewing room, I was overjoyed! I love this photo of your sewing room. I've seen pictures of it before, and what I like is not only that it's beautiful, but it's realistic as well, evidenced by cement blocks raising the table to the right height! In the end, you gotta love practical!


This was so beautifully written.
I'm moving out of my first apartment next week and while moving back in with my mother is kind of depressing, the *giant* dining room table that will become my sewing space is so exciting. I've been sewing on a tv tray for the past 5 years, between living in a dorm and living in this tiny apartment. So I understand why space is so important. Everything will be so much easier with a large designated space that the quality is bound to improve.
Thanks for sharing!


This was probably one of my favorite stories of yours. I admire the aspect of sewing and crafting things with your own hands so very much. I only have a tiny speck of it myself and I inherited it from my Grandma and from my mother. In fact, my Grandma still (going strong at 91 years of age) sews on her foot-cranked Singer! The same machine I learned to sew on. And she hand sews, knits, crochets, embroiders. She says life would be meaningless if she hadn't got sewing. Something to do.
Thank you for sharing this story about where you're coming from.

mary ann

when you publish your memoir, entitled SEW, i will buy it. i will promote it. i will read it. over and over. even if it turns into a treatise on fly fishing or duck hunting or coon skin caps. even if it's about square dancing culture in the dakotas. i. will. not. care.
go write it. go write it now.
i'll be right here waiting.
someone loves you in los angeles. i think it's me.

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