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June 05, 2009



a book for my summer list...sounds lovely. have a beautiful weekend alicia!


I need to go dig out my copy of Little, Big now! I'll admit a twinge of jealousy, though, over your cover...


Brilliant patchwork technique! I'm trying this out for sure! Thank you!

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

Ok, you eat the most tasty food, you have a wonderful house and a beautiful garden, you´ve got a dog that I love, you are an extremely talanted artist..
Yeah, you´re living my dream.
Have a nice weekend!


help me to make sure i have this right BUT i will cut all my squares, affix them to the webbing and then fold over a row at a time to stitch them, right? this is instead of sewing square after square together one at a time? i am SO ALL OVER this!! the square go right side up onto the webbing, yes?


I really like your blog - Just wanted to tell you that!


Cook's Illustrated and the America's Test Kitchen magazines have helped my husband turn into a great cook and i am forever indebted to them.


My dad loves Cook's Illustrated and he just ordered the Cook's Country cookbook and it may be my new favorite cookbook. For the font alone.... It's full of great all American type cooking and follows the same format at the magazine.


I looooove Little, Big. It's been far too long since my last reading - thank you for the reminder - I'm going to pull it out tonight!


Genius! I'm excited to try the technique for zipping through the piecing of squares. I sense some weekend fun coming on...

And dang. Just ordered the book. Had to. Maybe I'll read from it at the first Alicia-ics Anonymous (AA) meeting this summer. :)


My local quilt shop sells interfacing that has the grid drawn in. I have used it to make bags---it does go MUCH faster.


I have just finished two Jane Market bags and now I must make pillows using this method. I really love a quick little project. It's so satisfying. Thanks for all your inspiration.


Is the red chair in your photo from Smith and Hawken? the one with the ottoman that fits under the front? Love that chair, and it shows better on your site than on the catalog website.


Great technique! I don't think I would have bothered to try a patchwork cushion otherwise - I'm so impatient! But this way sounds great - Thanks!


Thank you,thank you for this simple quick method for the patches, I have my beautiful g'sons coming today and for a sleepover tonight, and as soon as they leave tomorrow it's the sewing machine for me. Your blog gives me so much pleasure. xx


Wow, what a nifty technique! just from your description I can visualise both how to do it and how incredibly much faster it will be. I see a patchwork pillow in Acorn Cottage's future.

Thanks also for the reminder about Little Big. My copy is so old and has the earlier, more psychedelic artwork, I think that the image on your cover is just perfect.

Kelley Hart

Love that patchwork technique! Genius! The shrimp sounds divine. Too bad my Andy hates shrimp. Go figure.

Carolyn A.

I've read and re-read Little, Big ever since you first posted about it. Loved it too. Just catching up with you and Andy as I have had wireless and computer problems for a while now. Missed you all terribly. The pillows look wonderful, as everything you make always does. Give Miss Clover a belly rub for me. xxoo


Brilliant Alicia! Lovin' the magic squares tip!!! xo

Jan Stafford

I wished you would get your readers to do their favorite reading list again. I got so many great reads from it the last time. I'll definitely check out this book. I'm always looking for new books or old good ones to read.


Oh man, the grilled shrimp looks and sounds fantastic! I gotta start eating dinner before checking in here!

Cooks Illustrated publications are great. Love those how's and why's they answer with their recipes. Great product comparisons, too.

The patchwork method is magically clever!


Have you ever tried Engine Summer by Crowley? It's another good one!




I LOVE Cook's Illustrated. worth every penny - and NO ADs! totally amazing.

That is a great quilting trick. I'm so glad I know that trick now. I bet it'll motivate me to start a sewing project sooner than otherwise!

Thanks, Alicia! You are one of my favorite bloggers.


I luuurve Cook's Illustrated. I knew I had really become a true cook when I requested (and received) a subscription for xmas a year and a half ago. Previous to that I'd been photocopying recipes from the Hallmark subscription. I just love reading about how they came up with the recipes. I think working there and being one of their "testers" would be the bestest job ever.

And AUGH I want a Jane Market Bag SO BAD. Let the site stalking begin.

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