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April 03, 2009



I love your choices it is really pretty


I would do a greenish solid, maybe gray-green?, as the alternating color. More spring-like, IMHO.


All of this is very cool. I wish I knew how to do cool web stuff too. My banner is so ghetto.

The Antidote

Oh my, have been looking for my new quilt inspiration, may just have found it.


What I immediately focused on was the entire bulletin board graphic. Love the entire piece! That could be the start of a project all itself - a wallhanging of sorts. I love the texture the cork would present and your choices of fabrics are so darling! Love it.

If you're interested in a new hobby, look into digital scrapbooking. Making something like the graphic above can be done using online resources. Quite addictive though- beware! :)


If it were to look similar to your lemoncello quilt...well that would be alright....since it is gorgeous!!


I'm seeing quaint little churn dashes, or monkey wrenches out of these fabrics. The dots and birds... awesome.

Hungarican Steph

It was full-on snowing in Welches this morning. I had an inch of snow on my car at about 6:30 AM. Gotta love this state.

Love the palette. I am wondering though, where the 'clover-meadow white and black' is? I don't see a corgyn square.


When I looked at those squares, I immediately thought of your Tanglewood Bag...What a lovely variation they would make


What a great combo you've made! I love it.


I love the fabrics you chose!




Oh my gosh! It's like the squares are a continuation of your walk yesterday!

For a background, I would go with something richer than gray. How about a nice brown or green?


beautiful selections! i can just see spring in those fabrics. and i love the bulletin board arrangement, too!


what a lovely selection! check out amy butler's solids. there are some lovely greens and blues and yellows that would be very gorgeous with your selection (and pinks and yellows, too, of course).


I love your picks! I have a yard of that Alexander Henry with the pink flowers sitting on my desk as we speak...


YAY for Oregon in April :)!!!

Kristin L

Beautiful collection! Have you considered half square triangles for a quilt?


Paulson, you are KILLING me!

I don't need more fabric! No,no,no,no!!

But you know I'm totally going to buy this bundle...damn you and your fabulous taste. :o)


Those squares look like a piece of art work...beautiful.

Carrie K

running to buy this...

and i dont even sew! you and your tempting ways...

:) happy friday :)


Your choices really are fantastic. I totally get the feeling of rainy days with peek-a-boo flowers, birds chirping, and gentle sunshine. Excellent job.


Lovely picks. Keep you fingers crossed for me!


just popped in to say I adore your little blog nook, my husband gifted me with an old issue of 'The Artful Blogger' and my favourite article was by far yours. Im a aussie knitter, crocheter and spinner. I also dye yarn as a business...anyway...I just came in to tell you, your blog inspires me
Tea and Yarn


Congrats! Very nice selection!

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