Signs of Spring

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Here they come. The signs of spring. It's still darkish, dampish, and mostly dreary, but everywhere there are signs that things will get better. I choose to believe!

I've been embroidering daily from about 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. I am pretty much constantly embroidering, stopping only to let pets in or out, make something to eat, or clean the kitchen. It's hard to imagine how anyone could write an embroidery book and still have a life. I have tried to imagine that, but I just cannot. I like this life, though. It works for me. Once spring has sprung, I'll be aching to go outside. But for now, I'm speed-stitching. It makes Andy laugh. One time he saw me embroidering while standing and said, "No. I never want to see you doing that again." He thinks embroidering while standing because you don't have time to sit down is just wrong! Silly R.N. I try not to let him catch me doing it anymore. Hang in there, wrists!!! Poor wrists. Speed-embroidering is hard on them. It's an extreme sport for crafty types.

Thank you again for all the Friendly Bird kit orders!!! They were slow to get going but then it picked up and they are still coming in today, so I am going to leave them open for a while longer — I've ordered enough supplies for an extra 20%, so I'll keep taking orders until I reach that number. Thank you, everyone! These are really fun, and they will keep you busy for days. Good times!

My mom and I are going to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo all day tomorrow. I haven't been there in several years. Figures the only time I've left the house in the past few weeks is to go frame embroidery or go to a sewing expo! It's definitely time for another walk in the woods.


Thank you for this post. I've been dwelling on and complaining about the dark and the rain. I needed something to refocus me on the positives - it's a MUCH better use of my energy!

Yes signs of spring I already have some garden planted, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, onions and some herbs. I'm ready.

...and I'm sitting at my desk itching to get home to do some stitching. (Am making creatures in school colors to donate to the gala fundraiser.) I got the ears attached last night and it's killing me that I cannot be sitting and putting on the eyes!

We'll be here to hurrah you down the home stretch! Go wrists!

Spring! Yay! And also yay for the non-stop stitching, which I have also been engaging in to whatever degree I can. Must be something in the air -- maybe it's Spring!

Oh, I love that iris! We're still cold and wintry here, so it's nice to see a few signs of spring!

oh, i am aching for spring. it will take a little longer here in nj
i look forward to making the birds and seeing your embroidery.
my arms and fingers are aching from all the knitting i've been doing lately
so tonight i may take in some sewing.
have fun tomorrow

My "sign of spring" this morning was -30c temp. Lovely!

Instead of looking out the window in the mornings, I'm going to come to your blog and look at your beautiful spring pictures.

Gr, it's that difficult time of year where the bloggers who live in warmer climes begin to post gorgeous photos of spring... and here I am, stuck in upstate NY, with two more months to go. Sigh. Lovely photos!

glad to hear you're keeping busy - yay for spring!

What glorious photos. Hope is a great tonic, isn't it? I'm hoping my bulbs sprout, and that my left wrist quits being cranky.

This is such a site for sore eyes! None of that here yet. No snow, no blossoms. :(

I have sympathy for you. I was speed knitting this weekend ! If it makes it at all worthwhile I'm really looking forward to your book !

Ahhh... I love the photos. I feel bad for your wrists also, but I'm so excited about your next book, I just can't contain it. Your pain is my gain, and I mean that in the best way possible! :)

This just reminded me that spring comes much earlier to your part of the country than to mine. No fair.

Great Pictures!

Thank you for sharing!

Beautiful pictures as always. Have fun at Expo, it is a strenuous day, but always inspiring... I couldn't help but giggle at the image of Andy shaking his head while you stood there stitching...

Your photos are just full of promise, aren't they? Lovely photos, lovely writing!

and here am I looking for signs of autumn.... !

Can't wait to see the results of your embroidery marathon!!

That rainbow!!!!

ugh, now I remember my least favorite part of February... how it already means Spring for you Portlanders. I'm too jealous. I'm going to need to stop reading your blog til May-ish. sorry :)

Oh how I wish that we were seeing signs of Spring around here. We're waiting to get more snow this weekend.
Your photo's are beautiful.

We had our first daffodil this week. I have also been watching the leaves burst out of the dormant pomegranate branches. They look so fresh and new, so fragile, but strong enough to withstand winter...

aww pictures of irises in bloom make me a little sad knowing it'll be weeks before the crocus even can see the sun here, but we had the warm kind of windy day yesterday that just smells like spring, the kind of weather that usually accompanies the sound of the dreary brown snowbanks making a hasty retreat down towards the lake via gutters and little'll be two months before we're about guaranteed snow-free (mother's day has happened before...) but maybe that's not all that far off anyhow...

Can you recommend a beginners' embroidery book? I used to do a lot of cross stitch, but I'd like to do more embroidery and would like a beginners' book to get started.

Thank you.

Oh! The temptation for your new book! I can't wait! And what are you making in your new banner?

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