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February 28, 2009



oh dear...she's hooked!


I kinda felt the same way when I started needle felting this month. I cant seem to concentrate on any other projects right now. Your piece is coming along wonderfully!

Joanne @ The Simple Wife

Oh Alicia, this is so wonderfully beautiful! I can see why you don't have time to cook tonight. :)


Your work is sooo lovely and sweet! Fantastic job.


Totally delish ~ much better than food any day! :)


VERY pretty!


I am jealous! That is beautiful. My family often suffers when I am hooked on a new project.

Julie (Knitsational)

It's coming along beautifully!


so sweet! you're lucky to have a husband that resorts to cooking in such craft-craze-induced times.
Mine would just play video games! but i love him anyway!:)


oh MY - i like it even BETTER than the original :) keep on hookin' and punchin' girl!

pip of meetmeatmikes

Not that you are the obsessive type or anything? No. Definitely not. You're just, um, committed. Yes. That's a MUCH better word!

I think it's looking great and you have a lovely man who knows when to back out of the room slowly and make bolognese! Sounds like a lovely day to me!

Linzee Mccray

This is something I've long wanted to try. However, I well know the feeling of being unable to stop that goes along with that crazed look in your eye. Now I think I'm afraid to try it! It looks so wonderful--a fabulous pattern.


good work Alicia! looks fab! Is the pattern traced onto the fabric? How do you know where to stitch?

And good work Andy, too. Hope your dinner was nice.

Good work Miss Clover Meadow (don't want her to feel left out, and I'm sure she's helping!)


O this is lovely. I will have check out the how too's. Thanks for sharing..:)


And this is one of the reasons you resonate with me so well. You still have projects to finish for your book with that deadline fast approaching. And yet, you have to start and finish another thing completely not related to anything that's been making you crazy the last little while!

It's why I have a whole bunch of different projects in various states of completion.

julie christie leary

I love this...I never knew what it was called before, but have always admired it. I just might have to try this one.


You're so awesome. ahhhh, the sweet hours of obsession!

Laura GF

Holy mackerel -- is there some kind of invisible tracing or are you doing this freehand? You are amazing. And very focused :)


This is so funny. Our hubby's know how we are when we get something on our minds....we can't stop until it's finished.


These little obsessions are dangerous sometimes, aren't they? But yours always turn out so pretty!


This work is gorgeous!! If you are interested in rug hooking, check out Deanne Fitzpatrick's site at - She is a true artist who used wool yarn, fabric, and other assorted textiles to create rugs that reflect women in her community (Nova Scotia)- Also, check out - Judy uses only wool yarn in her rugs and both sell supplies!


eating is for suckers! that's lovely.


This is why I have to monitor my sewing habit, or else the children starve...


I totally get it. Last Christmas my siste-in-law gave me a punch-needle kit. I stared at it for weeks feeling so intimidated. Finally I dove in and I ended up working on it until in the morning :P

Vicki K.

This is beautiful! Are you using the embroidery hoop sorta inside-out?? It's more of an innie than an outie?? Is it just for this project?

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