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January 28, 2009



I cant wait to see the book either! Stitched in Time was so beautiful, I've really enjoyed it. You do awesome work!


Oh boy, oh boy! I can't wait to see it! A big congratulations on being almost done, and I am so happy to hear that this has been a more pleasant experience for you. I just know that it's going to be amazing :)

Nancy Mc

I am so excited. Excited for you that you are doing something that is bringing you such happiness and excited for us that we have more of your beautiful designs to look forward to. So tell are we all supposed to wait til NEXT YEAR?!?!?



Oh boy, we have something wonderful to look forward to! As a teenager I did a lot of embroidery, pillowcases and such for my "hope chest". I still have some of those things and love using them. Your projects are so beautiful, they make me want to take up my needle again!

amy in Texas

Yippee!! A new book! And if that picture is an indication of what's to come, I'll be in heaven. Beautiful!!


Exciting! Your work is so beautiful, and I'm sure the new book will be, too.

I'm not a fabric crafter (I have convinced myself that I am incapable of sewing), but for some reason, I think I could probably do embroidery. It seems like a pleasant way to spend an evening.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Looking forward to the new book.


This is such a great article. Thank you Alicia! Also: hurray for a new book! I am a rudimentary embroiderer, but I am very excited to learn more! Now, not only can I do that, but you can be a teacher! Yay!

Julie (Knitsational)

I can't wait to see it! I don't really know how to embroider very well but am desperate to learn. Now I'll have to just so I can make your projects!


How fantastic! I am really enjoying "Stitched in Time" so I will love this next book even more!
That A is beautiful!
All the best with your work. Thank you for all that you give of yourself.

Making it Lovely

Beautiful. I'll look forward to the new book!


When can I reserve a copy?!


Isn't it wonderful, after such a terrible accident, to find some purpose to it...? I knew Andy was a great person for other reasons (geologist degree almost in hand myself). I'm excited to see the new book. It will seem like forever until it arrives on shelves.


Congratulations!! That sounds like a great idea for a book!

Liberty Post Editor

Delightful and timely. xo

Modern Crush

Oh wow. I cannot wait. Absolutely beautiful Alicia!

Katie Galbraith

Can't wait for the book, Alicia...My daughter (nine years old) and I are just learning some embroidery...There's something magical about it...A piece of fabric, a needle and some thread, and voila! An infinite number of possibilities...Take care, Katie


I've just started embroidering relatively recently and am loving it. Can't wait to get my fingers on your book...


Oh, oh, oh! I am *peeing* myself with excitement about this book!!

2010?! Soooooo far away... sigh.

Well, glad you're having a good time writing it -- I'm sure we'll have a great time using it! :)


Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see it! I must check out your other book as well!

Have a lovely day!
Margie :)


It's so true about the healing qualities of embroidery. I found out last week at 23 weeks pregnant that my baby has a heart defect and will require heart surgery as soon as he is born. After an agonizing week of shock and sadness and many sleepless nights I set about designing him a blanket to take to the children's hospital with him after he's born. I'm embroidering a heart stitched back together, because in my head - this is all I can do to help him heal. Embroidering the heart for this blanket will be my way of healing and coping with this life altering news. I'm sure embroidery has helped many other women get though difficult times just by the sheer meditative quality to it.


A is also for Amazing, which is how I would describe your needlework. I dabbled a bit as a kid and have wanted to learn for real this time, but have yet to find the right book or class to ease me into it. Having read your blog for years, I know you will give me the confidence I need to actually jump into a project. Add me to the list of those preordering as soon as we're able.


This also seems like my dream book. And my name is Amy so I must stitch a floral A.


I couldn't help but be moved by the previous entry. It never ceases to impress me how women can find such inner strength and a resourcefulness in such extremely painful times. Thank you both for sharing such personal experiences. Sal x


This is beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait for the new book!

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