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December 04, 2008



Sigh..I just love your house--it is soo beautiful!!


i want to come to your house!!! i love your blog all year long, but christmastime especially is my favorite time of year at "posie gets cozy".


I really love your house and the decorations


This just might be the happiest Christmas hosue I've ever seen. I love every little inch of these pictures!


Such a dreamscape, pure coziness.

My Mom just arrived in town for a visit, and we put up my own little tree with all of the sparkly lights and hand-made ornaments. Each detail warms up a little apartment so nicely.


I love your holiday decor..Especially your snow village on your mantel..I love it!! happy holidays from your neighbor here in Washington..across from a little town called Indianola..You would like it was an old fishing village/weekenders its full time with a little store, post office and community center...We lived in Vancouver for about 2 years..loved shopping in portland..and loved the sites there too...:)


Beautiful! I have the same Dala horse napkin holder.


Why does your silver tree look so incredible with it's ornaments and mine looks so goofy I haven't used it in years?? Everything look so great!


Your vintage silver tree made me smile. I remember getting one when I was a kid and it was hauled out year after year. Eventually the poor thing became quite bald but still we used it by wrapping the branches with tinsel. Wonder what ever happened to that old thing. Sweet memories, thankyou.


It all looks absolutely beautiful. Those carved Father Christmas figures are really special!


Everything is so beautiful!!!

Christine have like the most sweetest Christmas home EVER! Seriously. I can stare at each picture endlessly and get so many ideas and "oooh i love that"s. I really love the Wooden Santa with the beard hanging down the cute is that? Oh, by the was your Morning Living interview? I was looking around the web for a livecast but couldn't find anything. :(


What a wonderful post. It took me about 40 minutes to read it because I kept clicking on all the links to older posts...and clicked on their links....and their links....


I passed on buying one of those trees last year and have been sorry ever since! Everything looks so beautiful!


I started clipping our Christmas cards to a garland like you have there a few years ago and I just love it! Try it out -- I think you'll like it too. Waaay better than trying to balance cards open all over the place.

Your carved Santas are *awesome*! I am soooo jealous that you've got that coming from your family. They're so sweet. Love. Them.

I made the mistake of clicking on the second cry-inducing post and it made me cry, too. You have your very own Christmas angel.

Thank you for opening your Christmas-y home to us -- I love to get these peeks into your lovely, lovely world.


Alicia we are having the same sunny day up here in the north! Lots of fresh fluffy snow...little icicles everywhere! You have inspired me...AGAIN...

Sharon M.

Thank you, Alicia! I took notes on your village-building process and I'll be kicking my tree display up a notch! Your house is so pretty--Merry Christmas! :)


You completely and totally inspired me to do a snow village last year. I found some at my local thrift/antique shop and even found some little musical angels, lights and all. I put mine on my mantle last year and we all loved it. I love your simple lovely style.


pretty penny designs

Just beautiful! I've been feeling a little humbug this year but I think you've given the necessary inspiration. I'm ready to decorate.

Lisa Clarke

Ooh, I'm so jealous of your lovely and festive home! Every year, it takes me so long to get my act together, it's Christmas Eve before we get the tree up. Every year, I want it to be done much earlier, and Every year, I'm up to my eyeballs in other things... Maybe this year will be the one to break the chain? Don't think I'll count on that ;-)


I love how you set up your village. I'm always trying to hide the cords on mine and using the fabric "snowdrifts" is perfect!


OH! You've got a Dalecarlian horse! I'm from Dalecarlia :D

And your blog is so nice.


I love your decorations! I believe the length of the holiday season is calculated as the number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- since the shopping "season" starts the day after Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas Eve. Since Thanksgiving was late this year, the season is shorter.

I hope you are able to enjoy every minute of it.


Love your house. gave me a lot inspiration for my new dwelling


Did you knit the stockings? They're darling!

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