Good Morning, Girls!

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Brrrrr! We are having an *ARCTIC BLAST* here in the Pacific Northwest! That's what they call it on the news. Meaning it's 22 degrees F. I've lived in a lot of snowy, freezing-cold locations in both the Midwest and the Rocky Mountains in my life; it has been much, much colder, and much, much snowier. But for some reason, when it gets to be in the twenties with an inch of snow on the ground in Portland, Oregon, we might as well be at the North Pole. North of the North Pole. The entire city freaks out, including me. Oh, the drama! Oh, the beauty! I love it. Of course, this is my luxury, another one of those work-at-home perks I love on mornings like this (as long as the power stays on, and I have pets to pile on top of me). Poor Andy had to trudge out through the ice and snow to get to work early early, while it was still pitch-black out. We have the worst front stairs going down to the sidewalk — no railings, and a lightpost at the top of the stairs which doesn't actually light the stairs, but does blind you as you approach it so that you cannot see the stairs as you're walking down them. Awesome.

So let's just stay inside, do click-'n'-ship, and have the postman bring us some sweet dolls!


Here's Mabel Abigaille, who will benefit World Vision. She's writing her dissertation on peasant culture as depicted during the Northern Renaissance. She wishes she could have met Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


This is Maisie Elspeth, who will also benefit World Vision. Dr. Maisie Elspeth is a veterinarian, specializing in the crossbreeding of Swiss Toggenburg goats with breeds (like the Galla and Boran) indigenous to the pastoral areas of Kenya. (I meant to have her benefit The Salvation Army but I forgot to change the charity before I listed her, and I can't seem to change it. That's okay, because I wanted to try to buy a goat.)


Ingrid Marigold will benefit Toys for Tots. She is the premier importer of wooden toys and Christmas pyramids from the Erzgebirge region of Germany.


Kendall Margaret will benefit the Red Cross. She is a trained emergency medical technician, and enjoys antiquing in Cape Cod on her days off as a way to decompress.


Here's Dorie Violette. She will benefit UNICEF. She is a trained perfumier and owns a flower-extract factory in an undisclosed location "south of Grasse" on the French Riviera (where she met Angelina Jolie at Cannes in May). I am trying to convince her to bring back a reissue of (the sadly discontinued) Laura Ashley No. 1, my favorite perfume which I don't have.


Fiona Flannery will benefit Free Geek. She is an Irish dancer (and also plays the bodhran semi-professionally), frequently attending ceilis around county Antrim. She's single, but fine with that.


Miss Devon Everleigh trains Cardigan Welsh corgis, the most awesome dog breed ever. Her sale will benefit the ASPCA. She lives with fourteen blue merle Cardigans on a small farm near Mist, Oregon.

Yes, I am a lunatic. I guess I have cabin fever.

But anyway, so these auctions are up! This is my first time selling anything on eBay, and I am excited to see how it works. The auctions will last three days, and then I will ship dolls immediately after payments are received. Because of this crazy weather, I will only be able to ship to locations in the United States this time, since shipping overseas requires me to go across town to my post office to do the customs forms and all that, and I don't think I'm going to be going anywhere this week. (And if you did send me a bookplate request late last week, unfortunately that's probably stranded at the post office box, too!)

As they say on eBay, "Thanks for looking!" xo


Mallory Kender says: December 15, 2008 at 10:16 AM

What beautiful creatures!
Would you mind sharing where you acquired the fabric and skirt trims be-decking Ms. Maisie Elspeth? Where do you find such beautiful materials?!

They are lovely. Good luck with your first auction!

The dolls look just beautiful, kind of like the PNW in the snow. If you ever want a tutorial on shipping from home let me know. I do all my shipping, including international from home which can easily be dropped off at a postbox or post office. I just don't do PO lines very well.

love your work and creativity
the doll stoies are fantastic
i am chuckling and rereading
thanks for the good cheer

Just placed a bid! The ladies are lovely!

You are amazing! Oh, and it was 18 degrees when I drove to the school bus stop this morning. Crazy, crazy!

They are all so very lovely, wonderful and amazing! Truly!!!
To add to Apron Thrift Girl, yup you can do the custom form at home via click-n-ship. Just hand everything to the postman when they come to pick up the other packages. It'll be just fine.

the dolls are wonderful. how sweet of you to auction them out for charity.

Cute, as I was reading, I kept thinking, "this one is my favorite..." but at each new doll, each one became a favorite! Good luck on the sales, if I weren't a penny-less stay at home mommy, I'd be bidding for one!

Yes, but the international click'n'ship from home is insanely expensive, compared to taking it to the P.O. -- at least when I've done it in the past. Maybe that's changed. . . .

Your dolls and their bios made me laugh! You are crazy but in a good way. Here in Southern California we freak out if it even rains!

I LOVE the stories for these sweet girls! Esp the antiquing EMT, too funny!

I, too, am 'snowed in' here in Portland. An upstate NY native, this really cracks me up! But, I'm staying inside to avoid the insane drivers who don't know how to deal with snow/ice & think 4 wheel drive is a cure-all. The Arctic Blast schpeel is also hilarious. My husband said, "Isn't Arctic Blast a Gatorade flavor?" tee hee hee!

I'm in love with these dolls!!

Chrys in KS says: December 15, 2008 at 10:52 AM

I only had time to look at one blog this morning before I started working. (Work at home mom, here, where it is 7 degrees) Naturally, I chose yours and you did not fail to make me smile and ooh and aah and be happy before I get down to business. Thanks for your particularly nice brand of lunacy.

This is a WONDERFUL gesture!! I just placed a bid on one of these lovelies. The bios are hysterical...I think you do have a case of cabin fever, LOL, but it certainly is sparking your imagination even more!

Ha, ha! Call me evil. I just bid on every doll! I was out bid, but that's fine by me. More for the charities!

This is a WONDERFUL gesture!! I just placed a bid on one of these lovelies. The bios are hysterical...I think you do have a case of cabin fever, LOL, but it certainly is sparking your imagination even more!

the dolls stories were so fun to read
the one about the goats and the one who antiques in cape cod to decompress had me chuckling
hope the bidding goes up and up
what a wonderful gift to donate to the world

Yeah! I'm so excited to bid! I just love the little stories that go along with each gal. They are beautiful!

I love reading your blog. It makes me feel all nice and cozy on days like this, and wish I was at home with my own sewing machine to create things. I am a native midwesterner myself, used to real snow and real cold, and frustrated by how immobilizing this weather down in Corvallis OR is. And it's demoralizing too! Wish I had a corgi or a kitty on my lap....

I'm so excited you've chosen World Vision. My kids just bought a goat for Christmas;-) (I used to work for them before kids and their work just rocks!!) Bummer I'm in New Zealand or I'd be in. Go well!!

What adorable dolls! I love the stories that go with them! Would LOVE to bid on the ASPCA one, but, alas, I have no money. Hubby and I spent less than $20 on gifts for each other this year! tee hee! We have each other and that's all that matters!

I will keep my fingers crossed that the dolls go for high amounts as they all go to wonderful causes! What a lovely idea!

Have a great day!
Margie :)

loved your sweet sweet stories of the, I mean dolls. Sounds like you had fun with this! Good luck with the auctions!

During college, I studied abroad at the Cannes Film Festival. It was such a lovely time. I didn't meet Angelina Jolie, but Nicole Kidman did walk right by me in the lobby of the Majestic Barriere. I'm positive she was wearing Coco Mademoiselle--not No. 5, but Chanel nonetheless.

I think Dorie's my favorite.

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