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November 11, 2008



Wow... what a doll you are!!!

Laura A.

Brava! I'm off to order the book right now. And then I'm going to go look for it on the shelf and turn it face out at eye level so that more people will see it. What an accomplishment.


i'm so excited for you (and for me!), this book is going to be wonderful. you have such an ability to write as well as craft... i so look forward to receiving my own copy.

congratulations alicia!


My life changed in February of this year when I discovered you in Hallmark's Valentine issue. Your words to paper and hand to cloth showed me a way out of a very dark place. I have been on a creative journey since that moment. Your heart is a good one. The people who will buy your book will know this. Your book will become beloved. Elizabeth

Becca B

Congratulations and best wishes! :)


Yaaaay! I ordered it today from Amazon. I thought my two lame-o bookstores would have it today but they are lame, so they don't. I can't wait till it arrives!


Missy K

Alicia, it will be very special to hold your writing in my two hands, because your blog revealed to me a whole way of doing life, the love of making little delightful things, and weaving that with sense and memory in such beauty and poignancy and humor too. I have been touched over and over by your words here, but I am a girl who loves the creak of a spine and the smoothness of real pages. Thanks in advance for the words and the colors and the spirit of this accomplishment.

Thanks for giving us all your voice.


I've ordered multiple copies already and can't wait for it to come in the mail! Thank you for the inspiration that you are to all of us!


Oh, Alicia, congratulations!!

I'm so excited and happy for you -- whatta big day!


yay!!!!!! <3


Congrats on your book! I love reading your blog and listening on as you went through the whole process. Congrats again!


Check out that Amazon ranking WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!


Congratulations- what a fantastic achievement!


Congratulations, Alicia. No one deserves it more than you!


Oh Alicia, I am so excited for you (and me, can't wait to get my paws on it!)! What an amazing accomplishment. Not only are you full of wonderful talent, but you are also a sweet, sweet soul. Congratulations !!!!


Well done to you and congratulations on the launch of the book. It will most definitely be on my Christmas wish list and if Santa doesn't bring it I will be buying it on December 26th! Can't wait to see it.


Congratulations! That must be an amazing feeling.
I've been so enjoying winding down after work embroidering my felt Christmas decorations. I can't wait to be inspired by some more of your great projects. xx


Congrats Alicia! We all know how much love and labor you put into this. What an accomplishment!


Oh Alicia, there is no way, not in a million gazillion bobillion years, that you could EVER make an ass of yourself!
As I type this, a copy of your much anticipated & long-awaited labour of love is winging its way to me in South Africa...
One of the things I love most is that both dear, sweet Audrey & the adorable horse-eating-placemat-destroying Miss Clover Meadow will be part of the very soul of this book - the doggy biscuit amongst all your sewing paraphernalia brought a tear to my eye.
I can hardly wait to be holding a collection of your beautiful words & gorgeous creations in my hot little hands.
I know I will not be disappointed, of that I am most certain :o)

Wandering Chopsticks

Yay! I've had it pre-ordered from Amazon. I can't wait until it gets here. :)

stephanie s



Alicia, I haven't commented for ages but I have been reading all along. I remember when you first told us about your book and how excited you were. I can't believe that it is finally here and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Audrey would be so proud of her Mummy. Hugs and congratulations sweetie. xxx


Cool! I completely forgot about this book - I preordered it from Amazon a couple of months ago. hmmm, I wonder when I'll be getting it in the mail??? This gives me something to look forward to!


You're living the dream....


My copy has been on pre-order from Amazon for some time now. I can't wait to hold it in my hands.

Alicia, I'm having such a good time working on the felt ornaments. They are so sweet.


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