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October 10, 2008



Have fun! ~Mandy


Oh wow, I've been craving some apple pie and this one I gotta try! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

I'm so excited - I got my ornament kit in the mail yesterday and I'm ready for an icea skating afternoon. Yippee!


I've never tried this pie before. It sounds delicious. When I lived in the UK I fell in love with creme fraiche. Now I can eat cream with anything. Enjoy your break and time together.


YUM! And I got my ornament kit yesterday - double yum! I think that there may be some pie eating/ornament making going on this weekend...


Hi Alicia....that pie looks delicous! I remember I made your recipe last year for thanksgiving and everyone LOVED it. Have a great weekend!


Goodness, does that ever look yummy!

Have a wonderful break...


oh my goodness. that looks amazing!


Wow! Definitely, this will take over the #1 spot on my "Must Bake" list!

amy h

OK, I just got a load of CSA apples. I may have to make this. I just need some sour cream.

kelly henderson

Oh yum. I am going to make this this weekend.


oh heavens my stomach is growling


Oh my, that looks delicious! I have some apples that I've been meaning to use, and I think this looks like a good way to use them! Yum.

Jill Cropp

I've been waiting for weeks and weeks for your pdf pattern; thanks so much for making that an option. I don't even usually decorate a tree for Christmas but I was so taken by your designs I just knew I would have to make them. I just hang them from the mantle along with some evergreen boughs. Plus, with that pie recipe, oh my gosh. I've never had a creamy, custardy apple pie, but what a great idea! Thanks again for sharing your inspired creativity

Laura A.

It's Thanksgiving up here in Canada and I think this will be a lovely addition to the menu! So I'm thanking you for helping my giving--if I deign to share this that is!

jessi nagy

i have to make this pie.


Hi Alicia!
I received my felt ornament kit from you yesterday. I'm SO excited...guess what I'll be working on this weekend?!? Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! You rock!


Hannah Shaw

That pie sounds amazing! I am making my grocery list right now, I can't wait to try it out. OOOh thank you so much for getting the pdf up. I am on my way to get it. So much fun thanks! I hope you and Andy have fun next week. Jason and I are going to Oktoberfest in the small village of Leavenworth this weekend. Lots of lights, art booths, little shops and music. it's nice to share moments like that!


That pie sounds delicious! Have fun next week!


The pie looks fantastic!


I have made this pie several times now since first finding it on your blog, it is the best and my family loves it. I'm sitting here thinking its time to go buy some apples.


That looks delicious - thank you for the recipe!

debora bartlett

i got my ornament kit today-Yipee!!! it is so cute!
can't wait to start it!
your pie looks so yummy-definitely one to make!
have a great vacation and thanks again for all your
blogs and great inspirations!


I knew there was a reason I spent the last of our grocery money on granny smith apples!!! Now I hope we've got enough sour cream. If its close I'll go ahead with it! YUM!!


Miss Alicia, YOU... yes you.. are a lifesaver! I just came home from the grocery store with a bagful of granny smiths and a carton of sour cream without knowing what in the world to make for Canadian Thanksgiving dessert. (I am the resident dessert maker for Family Events, ya know!). I wanted to make apple crisp, but I kinda wanted a pie...what to do?
Well, we must've been on the same wavelength this morning. You posting your recipe, and me in the grocery store wondering what to make. Thank you, thank you, Thank you! I'll let you know how it all goes :)

Amy Kelly

Aren't apple pies the best? My husband and I are particularly fond of the Cinnamon Crumble Apple Pie found at We first made it together as a "Thank You" present to some of the folks who helped out with our wedding. We fell in love with it and in the nine months we've been married I've made it probably five times (and I usually make at least two pies when I do because they disappear so fast). You should really try the recipe sometime, if you can pull yourself away from your beloved favorite. I found your post particularly sweet because my husband and I also tend to make the pie together as well--he peels and slices the apples while I make the crust, filling and topping. It's a wonderful thing to do as a couple...

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