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October 29, 2008



That sounds delicious! I love a good curry (am actually making a different kind of curry tonight!). I do recommend using the light coconut milk instead of the regular. The saturated fat in coconut milk is what makes it taste so decadent, but it is also crrrrazy chock full of it. When I've used the light stuff, it still tastes just as good, and I feel better about it too! Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe!

jodie viall

i am always peeking into your blog for inspiration & i always find it! your photos are great & i think your curry looks delicioso! thx

Nancy Kay

We made a stew called captain chicken...or something, it looked pretty gross but it was sooo yummy! So a totally trust you that is was good ;)


I'm on a similar search for a chicken korma but haven't even yet to begin to find recipes. I should because my tab at the curry house is not even funny any more. I think a curry looks good no matter what it is served on or how good/bad the light it. Now I'm hungry. Make that starving.


Oh Boy! Don't worry about the photo it's fine. Besides, it is hard to make chicken curry look as good as it tastes. That recipe sure sounds good. Thanks for the tast tests, I will definetly try this one.

laura dodson

i wish i could say i liked curry. it sounds so metropolitan or something. i can say cute bowl. and yummy rice. 2 outta 1 ain't bad, huh?

laura dodson

geepers. 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

jenny holiday

Sooooo up our alley!!!!! Def gonna try this!!!!!

xoxo Jenny

Steph VW

oooooh... you're making my tummy growl. I love green curry.

Jennifer Klages

Oh, those ingredients sound amazing. I'm going to try it. Regardless of your photo. Heh!

Carolyn A.

I love curry and this one looks like it would satisfy any taste.

One thing made me laugh though. It looks like the curry is sticking its tongue out at us. :) xxoo


Yeah I think the coconut milk you are using will do fine.....they all vary as you say and sometimes the cream is not much thicker than a good coconut milk.
Best wishes with the voting coming up this weekend....I think the US will miss a huge opportunity for change if Obama isn't voted in. The world watches with great interest. x

Su Bo

no no no, don't use coconut cream, Chris accidentally used that when he made this dish, and it was so sweet and syrupy we couldn't eat more than a couple of bites. i immediately went out and bought coconut milk, but we haven't remade it yet... Hope all is well with you Alicia, su bochenski.


i just bought a creamer and sugar set very much like the pattern (if not the exact same) on your plate for a friend. i wanted it for me!
doesn't it just make you happy?


i looked again, and it is the same! oh, to have the whole set!


YUM!!! looks amazing!!


After your last post on green curry I bought coconut cream at the Asian Market at 31st and SE Hawthorne...along with some sweet rice. It made all the difference. So, I do think Asian markets are the best source and that coconut cream results in a superior curry. The store is not as lovely as Uwajamiya or Fubonn. Minimal inventory. But it's in my neighborhood and had all the ingredients I required. Thanks for all the curry conversation!


Reading your blog makes me hungry!!! The pictures are great.

melissa s.

my thai food-loving husband's birthday is friday (yes, halloween) so i can't wait to try this out for his bday dinner. there's an asian market a few blocks from us, i'll check for coconut cream there and report back on my findings (we live in NE). thanks for the recipe!


Oh, I love the British Country Living! It always makes me want to decamp to some English countryside house with a thatched roof and raise sheep for wool and have a cute shop to serve tea, scones and knitting yarn - or some other crazy fantasy. The recipe looks great - thanks so much for translating the amts. I will be making it soon!


Mmmm. I was actually salivating at the picture. Good sign!


Kristin Maclean

LOVE that plate..or bowl. I have some beautiful vintage sets from my grandma in the turquoise that you (and I) love so much!


I'm a new reader, but printed off your green shrimp curry yesterday and have made it twice. Great results! First time I've used green curry paste, and like it very much. Thanks for turning me on to it!
I know what you mean about the colour. It's a fine line between green and grey.


If one, say, had children who clamped shut their mouths at the prospect of anything remotely spicy, might one omit the chiles or would one destroy the recipe entirely?


What's wrong with the photo? I think everything looks perfect. I think the curry looks delicious & I have never ate curry in my life. The rice underneath it looks so yummy. Now, all I'm thinking about eating is rice in a vintage bowl. Trying some yummy curry.

I love, love, love the vintage bowl. It can come live with me. :)

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