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October 31, 2008



Alicia, you had me trying to smother my laughter because there are other people sleeping in this room.

Hilarious! I want to grow a giant pumpkin in my bathtub!


Happy Halloween, Alicia! Just wanted to pop in and say how tickled I was to see "you" in the new Hallmark magazine I was reading earlier this morning. I love the Memory Game. I still have mine from when I was little, and I've never seen one with images Ilike as much as the ones on my old one. Except maybe for YOUR idea - with kitties and favorite things printed onto fabric! I'm happy that your book release date is getting closer and closer!

Hungarican Steph

Pumpkin Pasta; sounds most interesting. Heck, anything accompanied by crusty French bread is interesting.

I might just give it a whirl.

Happy Halloween.


Love your great pumpkin dream... your story is cracking me up!

The pasta sounds fantastic. Mmm!


Oh yes, we were watching too. I was actually inspired last year by the same show to buy some giant pumpkin seeds for my husband's Christmas stocking. We have an big field just to the North of our house, and he does love dearly to experiment with plant life. But did we even get a teensy, tiny little wee pumpkin? Nope. Apparently, the Great Pumpkin doesn't like living in the NW.

Susan Marie

Aren't pumpkins just the best thing about Halloween?


Ooh, that sounds tasty. And much easier than pumpkin-stuffed ravioli. I may need to put that on the weekend menu.

Knitsational (Julie)

This sounds so good. Your post made me laugh. How funny!


Mmm! That pumpkin pasta sounds delicious! I shall be trying that next week!

Happy Halloween x


I love this photo! The colors are really popping and it looks so fresh - super lovely :o) happy halloween!



hello fellow portlander. if giant pumpkins tickle your fancy, perhaps next year's giant pumpkin regatta would interest you. here's the flyer i found online:

i had visions of it being like ascot or the kentucky derby with lovely people milling around in over-the-top hats, and it is not that...but it still looks fun!


I laughed and laughed at your pumpkin dream. Looks like the giant pumpkin is not in your future.
The pumpkin pasta recipe sounds marvelous. I may have to try it with one of my sweet pie pumpkins.


Disturbingness, indeed. Love the idea of a pumpkin in the bathtub.

And the pasta sounds awesome. If I didn't have other dinner pans, I'd make it tonight. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow, and tell the kids that the Great Pumpkin has been captured and put in my pasta. Wait - now THAT might be disturbingness.


Uh... dinner PLANS. Though I do have lots of dinner pans, too...

pretty penny designs

Yummy! I make a similar recipe with butternut squash.


I watched that too - amazing!!! Happy Halloween, Ms Alicia, Andy and Clover Meadow!


While checking my blogs, I just happened to be looking for a pumpkin pasta recipe for dinner tonight. Lo and behold you post one that looks delicious. Fate I tell you. Thank you!


Bonjour chère Alicia,
I've been reading you for almost 2 years and I love your blog. I received this tutorial by newsletter this morning and thought about sharing it with you and your friends.
It's cute and I'm thinking about making it for a friend for Christmas. Au revoir!


that recipe sounds delicious!


The pasta sounds great. I'll give it a try tonight!


Sounds good, but actually you're not suppose to broil in Pyrex. The glass pan will break in your oven.


I made pumpkin pasta last night too! mine was very earthy (and vegan) with whole wheat penne pasta and a crusty topping made from 7 grain bread.

I used to live in Portland, so I love seeing the pictures you post of the city and surrounding areas, I haven't lived there since '92 but I still get all misty over Portland :)

Hannah Shaw

Pumpkin Pasta! Sounds wonderful. I will have to give it a try. I am totally with Sherry on this one, I want to grow a giant pumpkin in my bathtub too!
Have a wonderful day!

Megan K.

Alicia, this recipe sounds amazing. I just baked my first pumpkin last night and have tupperwares full that are just waiting for recipes like this one! We'll try it out this weekend.


Your pumpkin dream had me giggling with delight as I envisioned a huge pumpkin vine growing out of your bathtub!
The pasta sounds wonderful - perfect for a rainy Friday night.


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