July 3rd

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Perfect weather for the first concert of the summer, at the farm.


We get there early and wait for our friends.


Charlotte in smocked dots.


Colors of summer supper.


Everyone happy to be outside again.


With the clouds like spun sugar.


The field soft and cool.


No dogs allowed this year. I'm so glad Audrey got to come last summer. She is always here on Sauvie Island, to me.


We wait for the hayride to the raspberry fields.


Along the barn.


The top layer: something wispy, like blue smoke.


People get off to pick. I just stay on and ride.


Past the lone house in a field of hydrangea.


Past the russet vines.

Farm21_3 Until it's time to fold up and go home.


After looking at your photos, I feel like I was there to. What perfect fun! Did you make the gorgeous quilts in the first few pictures. The barn and flag photos are divine. Thanks for sharing!!!

I'm in the middle of researching how to restore an old quilt, so I'm entranced by the colors of the ones you have on the ground in these pictures!

What a layed back perfect day...community gatherings are the best!

Looks like a perfect day!

So beautiful! I love the fabrics and flowers and sky and flags and dessert and Pokemon. :)

ps I'm really excited your book is available for preorder. :)

Oh, this is wonderful...my sister got married here under the big tree last Sept. and we all got ready in that little red house! So nice to see the farm in a different season! Thanks for sharing!

missed you during the move. I can't decide if I like posie better in the summer or winter: year round, this place (your voice) always seems such a perfect fit for right now.

Looks gorgeous! You seem to know how to enjoy the good things in life, not just let them pass you by. I guess that can be one of the bonuses of blogging - you get to focus on the beauty and joy in life.

Food from here,or eaten here is all the more sweet in a setting like this. I love eating outdoors, and bet you all worked up an appetite, and slept well that night.Beautiful photos.

Oh, that Audrey. What a lovey.

Looks like a great time! We hung out at my parents' house and I went and picked fresh raspberries and mulberries from their back yard, and then packed up a picnic for fireworks and hung out in the back of our trucks until the fireworks started.

Alicia - I just remembered some other very funny books - the Shopoholic books. Right now I can't remember the author, but go to target or anywhere and pick up the first one - they are a series. See if you like them. I'm a huge evanovich fan (and I read that you were frightened by her books) so maybe you will like these better. Have a wonderful week. I'm in MN and our weather couldn't be more perfect except that we are entering a drought after much flooding. I tell you, Minnesota weather is really something~~

wonderful photos---i wanna go! i'll bring dessert!

How lucky you are to have cool enough weather to get out on the 4th! It's too hot in TN to even go to the 10 pm fireworks, much less a picnic! We had our own picnic in an air conditioned community center. Woulderful food, but not as good as being outside. Thanks so much for letting us join you in pictures!

Ruth Ann

What a wonderful day! Your photos almost make me feel like I was there with you. I've nominated you for the You Make My Day award, for all your gorgeous posts like this one! http://www.planetjune.com/blog/award-season/

cyndyava says: July 07, 2008 at 06:08 AM

Oh, I just got such a deep feeling in the pit of my stomach. I lived in Portland for three years in the nineties. Sauvie Island is such a special, special, place...I almost forgot (gasp) how sublime it was. Thanks for these photos.

P.S. I love those quilts. Did you make them all yourself?

All those pictures are so pretty....it makes me miss the country (not like I don't miss it all the time!). But that picture of the field of hydrangas! I've never even heard of such a thing, let alone seen it! I LOVE hydrangras.....I think my new goal is to someday have a field of them!

what a beautiful photo essay! it looks like the perfect day.

What a lovely day you had. Thank for sharing the pictures with us. I especially loved the hydrengas as they are my favorites. Have you checked out my blog? You're in my favs. xxoo

Hope the music was as wonderful as the ambience. I feel like I was there with you.

Here I sit, enjoying the entire event, and at the last picture I think: Leftover cupcakes? Extras? How can that be? The I am lost in a salivating daydream... eating your cupcakes.

Wow...a field of hydrangeas. Now THAT is something I have yet to behold. What a blessing.

What a lovely holiday. Have a happy week, Alicia. CS ^..^

That looks so beautiful. What a wonderful way to spend a day. How about mosquitos?? Around here we have to worry about that.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

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