Black-Currant Sun Tea

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I was totally giggling at the comments yesterday! Here I am, all filtered this, organic that, nectar the other thing. Trying to impress you with my epicurean and pedantic approach to the brew (and my big vocabulary — is it working? Didn't think so). But y'all are just like Lipton! Sugar! [from the southern belles] and What's iced tea? [from the Brits] and What's this pitcher of weird brownish stuff doing where my chocolate milk's supposed to go? [from Andy Paulson, looking, quizzically, into the fridge].

So okay, I'll try 'em! I'm your girl! Thank you for all of the recipes — now I am going to go through a bunch of them and have a taste-test every day. They look so good.

This one is sun tea, made from Twinings black-currant black tea, eight bags in two quarts water, sitting in the sun for about four hours, sweetened with agave, with a little bit of the black-currant nectar poured in. It tasted quite different from the tea yesterday — more bitter? Did I let it go too long or not long enough? Or maybe that's just how it is, and the taste-diff between black and white tea? Next I'm going to try one of the peach ones that were suggested.

But probably not today because I am going to a CORGI PICNIC. I can't wait. Clover Meadow has a new collar and everything. Right now she is flopped over, with her head on my foot, having just come home from the park. She is totally oblivious to what the day holds.


and there WILL be pictures of the Corgi Picnic, right?

my english family always used to request iced tea mix from us, it was so cute! i usually forget that american iced tea isnt sweetened, so it always shocks me when i take a sip (unlike here in canada where its super sweet). although it does feel much healthier to have it unsweetened! im going to have to try this tea, im a big fan of black currant.

corgi picnic sounds too good to be true, hopefully you'll take lots of pics ;D

Sounds like too long. Black tea is bitter when steeped too long. It doesn't phase a lot of people but I don't like that bitter, astringent flavor. But sun tea is cheerful and so summery so I know why you want to make it this way.

For a cool summer drink, I think weak black tea is nicer anyway.

I did do a little research and found some nummy looking recipes!

Hello, I posted this yesterday, however Im not sure where it went !! So here it is again. A glass half full of cranapple juice with one teaspoon ice tea mix. Or the same is obtained with Celestial Seasonings cranapple tea and black tea mixed, add ice. It tastes like red candy apple.Cheers New Jersey USA

Oh...there must be pictures of the Corgi picnic. My heart leaps at the very thought of it. Please, please, LOTS of pictures.
Thanks for your wonderful blog and for letting me share a little bit of your creative life.


A Corgi picnic? Oh, I bet that will be a blast!

Yes, another Lipton sun-tea Southern girl here. But I do enjoy me a nice glass of fancy flavored tea, every now and then.

If it tasted bitter, it was out there too long. I love sun tea so much,especially if you use real unusual tea. It has such an amazing flavor.Good luck on the taste test. Have you ever had the French tea called Mariage Freres? So, so good!! You could only find it in specialty shops here in the States.

Sweet tea! Lipton's 3 large bags+1 cup of sugar+Water= Yummmmm! Yes. I live in the South. However, I am trying new teas. Yesterday we started with the regular black tea and realized I did not have enough sugar. So we made tangerine orange herb. It has a nice taste and is a lovely shade of pink. On my satellite I DVR - Crafters Coast to Coast and one of them had you on there making your lovely bags and yes I was enjoying my tea at the time. :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

Ahhh see if I had just got off my lazy arse and googled then I would have found it myself! I think I may give it a go! There has to be something in it for all you lovely american ladies to wax lyrical about it!

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Here in Tennessee iced tea comes in two forms: sweet and sweeter. I usually put a cup of sugar in a gallon of tea (Luzianne, please!), but I know folks who put twice that much. Man, is it sweet! But...there's nothing like a glass of sweettea (all one word here)on these hot, humid days.

By the way, we do make some audacious fruit teas, too, for fancier occasions. :-)

And I was like, wow, check out those nifty ice cubes! (for reals)

PG Tips, milk and 2 sugars here please.

Can we have a Long Island Iced Tea recipe next please? I feel the need to get wasted! ;o)

Oh- Sun tea! Is there anything more summery? I almost think not. Except, possibly it's black sheep cousin the Mojito. Now if only you had a recipe for Mojito sun tea :]

All of the Corgis here (without tails) wishing all of the Corgis at your picnic (with tails) a wonderful day. Oooh...I just remembered! One of my favorite iced teas is made by simply brewing a black and orange pekoe type (like Lipton) and adding a can of frozen lemonade, loads of ice and fresh mint. Soooo good.
-C ^..^

hmmmm sweet tea. i'm a yankee living in georgia and i am addicted to sweet tea. so yummy.

Bigelow Constant Comment (it's all in the name!) Boil 8 cups of water, steep 8 bags in this for 5 minutes, stir in scant 1/2 cup of sugar, cool, pour over ice with a lemon wedge squeezed in. OR, Twinnings orange pekoe, 7 bags to 8 cups of boiled water, steep 3 minutes, stir in scant 1/2 cup sugar and then, while still really hot put in tons of fresh mint leaves. In about 5 minutes take out the mint leaves. Chill and serve over ice, garnished with a sprig of mint. These are the ONLY two versions of iced tea I have made for 35 years, classics by now.

Stash Lemon Ginger tea is awesome hot, and I've discovered, quite tasty cold, too. I have a 3 quart rubbermaid container and I throw in about 5 teabags, pour boiling water over them, let it cool and then refrigerate. I don't even take the teabags out and it doesn't get too strong; Trader Joe's in my area usually has it in stock (

A new one I've been making: Celestial Seasonings Peach Ice "Cool Brew Ice Tea" brews in cold water in just 5 minutes. I usually use many fewer tea bags then called for and then let it steep for longer, and then for this kind I actually remove the bags afterwards. This stuff is really yummy and naturally sweet -- it really tastes like peaches and isn't bitter at all (

Your sun tea looks delicious. When I make sun tea, I usually fill the sun tea container(you know the one with the spout at the bottom) fill it with water and add 5 tea bags of hibiscus leaves that a friend brought back from Russia for me. Then I just leave the container outside for 5 hours. I am not a fan of sweet tea so I don't add sweetner or sugar. I just tried making basil lemonade. You substitute the sugar with simple sugar that has been infused with chopped basil leaves. Add it to the juice of 15 lemons and add water to your liking. It is good sometimes to add the lemon mixture to a glass of fizzy water.

I just realized I meant to say simple syrup, not simple sugar. Sorry!

Oh a corgi picnic! I have a Havanese pup, and there are Havanese playdates in SF, but alas, not here that I know of. Hope the corgi picnic was all you hoped it to be!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for pictures of a Corgi picnic. I cannot imagine anything sweeter this side of heaven.

Hyacinth Wigglebottom Bailey from southern California barks her wistful Corgi greetings. :)

I just posted my limeade recipe on my blog. It has no tea in it, but if you're desperate for a tea fix, I'd probably add some green tea.

For my iced tea, I usually do very strong darjeeling with just enough brown sugar to take out any bitterness.

I'm more of an iced coffee person than iced tea, but I was wondering about the agave syrup. We were in the grocery tonight and debated if we should try some or not. What do you like about it as compared to simple syrup?

ps Don't tell anyone about my non-iced tea love. I live in Nashville and I'm fairly certain that not loving sweet tea is a crime in these parts :)

A corgi picnic?! Sounds delightful!

When we lived in England, my mom got someone to try some of her sun tea, and you know what? They spit it out!

I know my friends there would NOT approve, but I think Yorkshire Tea makes wonderful iced tea!

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