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June 27, 2008



So pretty and useful, too. It all reminds me of Solvang, Ca.


Sweetie, for the love of my bank account please stop posting this stuff!

Mama Urchin

That pattern is, well wow.


So cute! I am suddenly into those cute motifs. And, yup, I hate when I hear about the great stuff someone just stumbles upon... and usually it was only 5 cents! Great! Where are these fabulous sales where everything is a nickel? Not around here, that's for sure. At least, not very often.But,I take solace in the fact that you will probably use that little pattern which makes the cute little dolls on it very happy. If I found it, alas,they would probably languish in a drawer for a few years... So, consider it kismet.


That pattern is amazing!

And hooray for Matryoshka skirt! It's wonderful.

And not only does she have a huge collection of enamel flowers, and someone nearby who plays ukulele, but she apparently lives with gnomes and mushrooms, too :)


Love this post -- that first paragraph cracked me up! "Feel better? ... Now prepare to feel worse." HAHAHA!

Thanks for the chuckle, you sweet thing!


I have seen her work before, but didn't know aout the painted clogs. That is just too adorable for words. I remember wanting a pair of red painted clogs so badly when I was in 5th grade! I fear the urge is not returning.

Lovely post!


as a fellow Dutch girl I had a laugh, as I have a whole box of wooden shoes and clogs collecting dust in our garage :) perhaps I'll ship them off to you!


I love what Hannah makes and have been resisting buying her Matryoshka skirt since she listed it. Your post is making that resistance hard....

I might need to finally buckle and get it!


I never come across those kind of sales, either, but man, are those some cute finds! Not to mention, you tempted us with the description - but no picture of - the pattern box. And now I want a new skirt too. Thanks!


Those are adorable skirts...but I'm also jealous of the box. Who doesn't love a well-made box? Maybe you could post a picture?


hannah rocks. almost makes me wish charlie was a girl. but my 3 nieces will have to do. carrie just gave me the "floral garden" clogs from cape clogs (.com etc.)


and HOW are you just now finding Hannah?! Sheesh!


Those skirts and clogs are so awesome!


This post was utterly charming and beautiful at the same time. Pretty dutch things. Yes, I like the brown the best and, my lord, those clogs are making my heart ache. Only ever found one pair that fit that high instep I have and I wore them so much they cracked down the middle. Course that was back in the 60's and 70's when men would say, "She's got legs for miles." :) xxoo


Oh, this is my kind of stuff! With a name like Heidi- you gotta know I love that Dutch doll - and those are TOTALLY Heidi clogs, and Heidi skirts!! I love it all - I even collect ceramic Dutch shoes, Heidi dolls, Heidi books - etc! That is some seriously cute stuff, Alicia!


i know, isn't hannah too much?? i own 4 of her skirts including that blue one in the bottom photo. and they fit really well too.

as a fellow clog fanatic, i got some custom ones made at this place near me - they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes!!
(man, i wish i found cheap patterns at estate sales!! ;) )


Ha, I have no grace because I'm always grumping when people post their lovely finds. I appreciate the apology 8-) because that is a wonderful pattern!

Elizabeth Mackey

I hope you make up those cute dolls, I would love to see your creativity in using them. Do a post when you get those skirts and let me know how they fit.


Too Cute!!!...Katie


i discovered hannah a while back and have been wanting that red skirt with the love birds. it is so darling! and what a great pattern find!


The "Apple Pickin'" Skirts are really really cute. What a fun shop!


Can I beg and plead and beg and plead for a copy of that pattern? Adapt if you will, please, please I must make it. :)


I have a pair of black clogs painted with lingonberries that my husband brought me from Sweden about 10 years ago. Sadly they are too short...a size 40 and I wear a US they have never been worn. I would be happy to send them to you if you think they would fit.

Kristi Van Os

I'm copying Jennifer's post ---

"Can I beg and plead and beg and plead for a copy of that pattern? Adapt if you will, please, please I must make it. :)"

What a find!

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