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Did you know that clothespin dolls do not paint themselves? I know. It's actually kind of a time-consuming process. Fun, just time-consuming, what with all the painting, letting dry, painting again, dropping on the floor, getting covered in dog hair, the trying to chase the dog around after she finds it and starts chewing it, the throwing away and starting over, the painting, the letting dry, the painting again, the letting dry, the painting the details, the varnishing (the best part), the varnishing again, the desperate attempt to keep the paintbrush clean and unwrecked for once (for I can ruin a paintbrush faster than anyone on earth, I think). In all of it, though, there is something quietly satisfying, if you take your time and just relax into it. When the faces go on, and the girls start to express themselves, that's the best moment, meeting them.


Why, hello there, Country Girls! You're pretty! And so sweet. The Country Girls have calico dresses and bare arms and  embroidered gingham aprons and bouquets of paper flowers. I am very charmed by them.

They will be hard to part with, but I've decided to make a limited edition of the girls themselves available for sale (and thank you for asking for them!). I'll also be offering Country Girl Clothespin Doll Kits -- similar to the Santa Lucia Clothespin Doll Kits we did last November, but with new instructions and the flowers and the gingham included for you, instead of the candles and the crown. I'm thrilled about these. 

I'll put everything on sale early next week. I'm going to try and take orders for as many people as want them (the kits, that is) -- there's no time crunch on these as there was for the Santa Lucia dolls, so I think I'll leave the kits available in the web shop for a week or so and just plan to order supplies based on the number of pre-orders. I don't have the budget to over-order right now, but I will make sure that everyone who wants one next week will definitely get to have one.

I have been trying to get my on-line stuff organized, and I created some new groups on Flickr for anyone who has any dishtowels to show? Or any crochet things (and by the way, I forgot to mention that the Polly Beret pattern is now available, too)? I would love to see them! Here are the links:

Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowel Flickr Group

Alicia Paulson Crochet Flickr Group

And if you're new hanging around here and need some inspiration for clothespin doll ideas, the sweetie Lucias are here:

Santa Lucia Clothespin Doll Flickr Group

On an unrelated note, Clover will be getting her own dog house this summer. These are my inspiration. Actually, I want one of these FOR MYSELF! If you have any other leads on adorable little abodes like these, please tell me! I'm obsessed.


I love the faces of your sweet clothespins. You have the touch, girl! They look cheruby and dear.

so sweet,what a pretty bunch they'll be.

Oh, so cute! I love their faces, too. Are they like the picture in your post on March 6th? Adorable.
I will look forward to seeing Clover's dog house in the future, as well.

Oh I love sheds. We have a very run down and leaky one but a friend of mine had a studio shed at the end of the garden. I was so envious. Something about the smell? Tiny windows? Peace and quiet?

I would be so interested in one of your clothespin doll kits. I think my daughter and I could do this together but will you post to the UK?

Alicia... I have a question about labels... would you be willing to tell me where you have your labels printed.

I am in need of having some down for the childrens clothing line we have just started and want to use a good supplier.


You did look at the prices on those "cute" sheds didn't you?


Sharon M. says: March 12, 2008 at 11:36 AM

Hooray! Thank you for making your little Country Girls kits available--I'm going to take the dive and try my hand (however unsteady it may be) at them! As for Clover's house--perhaps she would like one like I used to play in down at the neighbor's house when I was little. It had glass windows and curtains, was completely furnished along with a fully-stocked kitchen and a Dutch door--I used to have so much fun! I wanted one for myself!

So excited about new doll pin kits! Yippee! And I have that problem about messing up brushes, too. That happens to me a LOT.

Those girls are so cute! I love them.

We love your clothespin dolls around here so count me in!!

Tami Horton says: March 12, 2008 at 12:28 PM

Those dolls are sooo cute! I can't wait to make we have to paint our own faces? HMMMM, hopefully mine will turn out as wonderful as yours. I can just picture them now on my sunny kitchen windowsill! What fun!

Tami Horton says: March 12, 2008 at 12:30 PM

Those little girls are sooo cute! Do we have to paint our own faces on them? HMMM, hopefully mine will turn out as wonderful as yours! I can just picture them now on my sunny kitchen windowsill! FUN!

1. Those widdle pingirls have the cutest haircuts. 2. I would pretty much live in one of those Dream Sheds, happily ever after.

Great sheds! I did see an adorable doghouse once that was covered with varnished milkbones of different sizes. Miss Clover will be mighty posh in her new residence!

I am so excited, that new babies are gong to be for sale! I just loved my Santa Lucia kit! Woohoo, I am so doing a happy dance!!! Oh, I want a doghouse like that for me to play in, haha!

Oh I am so excited! I missed out on the Lucia doll kits and was keeping my fingers crossed that you would offer something similar again. Yay!
Can't wait to make some of those calico cuties.
Thank you so much!

When I die I want to come back as your dog!

My parents are considering building a pottery studio in their backyard, and they've been looking at a couple of books--The Not So Big House is the only title I can remember. I'm urging them to look at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company,, for ideas but I'm also going to forward them your link--thanks!

The dolls are so cute. I can relate to the production line painting scene.

You seriously need the Copper Creek shed for a studio out back. Check out the one with the lavender door and window boxes! Andy can build that, right? He don't need no stinking kit. HA.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

If Miss Clover could sprout little doggy angel wings (wouldn't that be too cute?) or is clever enough to clamber up a ladder I think one of these tree dwellings would be the ultimate club house for the Paulson clan. The cats would be in heaven. I dream of having one some day...

I love them! They do have the most perfect faces!

more inspiration for clover's house. :) small and beautiful.

I'm the 3rd or 4th to suggest it, but you must go to the Tumbleweed Homes site. They are my dream. Check out the gypsy/trailer one; it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz! they are much pricier than what you were looking at, but I can still dream!

My mom wanted a chicken coop so bad last she put an ad in the local ag newspaper...don't know if they have one in your area....asking if anyone wanted o get rid of one She got so many phone calls! She got to take her pick. She and my dad fixed up the windows and walls and now it houses chickens...:)...they hauled it home on a trailer. She wants to get another one for a little sewing studio.

Have a look at Highly desirable homes for chickens, not for dogs, but inspiring design in fabulous colours. Thought you might enjoy this.

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