March 5th

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Second proofs got here Saturday morning. There will be one more round before I kiss the book goodbye, my darling, and good luck, good luck! When first proofs came, about a month ago, it was an intense experience to see them, even just to get the package, I have to say. I immediately took the big envelope up to the hospital, and opened it in the hospital cafeteria with Andy. I thought it would be best to do so while under medical supervision, in case my heart jumped out of my chest. But really, when the FedEx truck pulled up in front of the house, I just knew I couldn't look at them without him. In the pages, I saw our life. It wasn't ever what I expected to see, when I started this book earlier last year. I thought it would be a book of sewing projects and patterns. But somehow, even without me really realizing it (or, truth be told, even wanting it, some days), the thing became something more than that. I expect it always does. I just didn't know. In the hospital cafeteria, I cried when I saw, feeling overwhelmed and privileged, thankful for so much.

Today is the tenth anniversary of my accident, that day that, in its way, led me to this life, with stitching at its center, though I didn't know that would happen, either. I've been looking at this paragraph for an hour, trying to figure out what to think about it, but really, all I can see is the future.

All I can feel is the urge to change, grow, bloom.

(After going back to reread last year and the year before: The metaphor, always the same. I didn't know that either. But, yeah. It feels the same every time. The tilting forward. Up.)


Yay for you, Alicia! Can't wait for your beautiful book.

Moved me to tears, blooming in this early springtime. Best wishes, my dear.

Lovely lovely. You found just the right thing for that paragraph.

I guess the old adage "Life is What you Make it" rings true. Congratulations on your book and the fact that you so gracefully moved on from tragedy. Its very imspirational.

And grow and bloom you will. Thank you for sharing your amazing life with us . . .as we say in Oklahoma, we are blessed to know you (even via a blog site)

sigh. that was just perfect.

I cannot even imagine how wonderful it must have been for both of you , seeing your life in those pages! So happy for you and your upcoming book! I was excited to see it (without a picture yet, of course!) on Amazon. You have certainly moved on and forward since your accident- upward and so inspired and inspiring!

you bloom, girl!

You are amazing... a sort of modern day Frida Kahlo, if you will. But only in all the good ways. :)

Here is to being thankful that you found meaning out of that frightful day.

Keep Growing...

Chris Howard says: March 05, 2008 at 10:08 AM

*wipes away tears* You are an amazing and wonderful woman and it is a privilege to get to know you through this beautiful blog. I can't wait for this book, because I know it will be just as amazing as you are!

Keep growing and blooming!

i might fo crazy waiting....
enjoy your day, keep looking ahead. you are obviously on the right path.

Wonderful! and bloom you will.

might fo????? might GO...(ooopsie)

Bobbie Lynn Duran says: March 05, 2008 at 10:12 AM

Like I said before, you are an inspiration to many and so has Andy. You are both blessed to have each other.

You know, that is why we love things that are a little wonky and soft and cozy and familiar. It's a metaphor for life. Most of us are soft, warm and a little wonky in our own little way. Celebrate your anniversary. Can hardly wait for the book.

Oh,Posy(Alicia). You are such a posy on my desktop and I never would have known if you didn't tell. All that creativity needed expression and you are doing it so well. Congratulations on ten years of courage.

*also wiping away tears here*

Congratulations on the book, you sweet thing. I love your positive attitude. Many people would have walled themselves off from the world after such a terrible thing and I am so SO glad that you did not.

As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing yourself with us!

WoW! To say the least! Who knew! (besides everyone but me apparently!) I've only been reading your blog for a short time... but I enjoy every minute of it! Your talents apparently are spread in so many directions, thanks so much for sharing with us all. Good Luck and I will be watching to see when it goes to print, I would love to read it!
(I live in Utah now, but still have family in Ore. Portland and Eugene, and Veneta)

Your an inspiration for all:-).
Have a wonderful day!!

Life all perfectly perfect even with the complicated, the heavy, the flaws.
Dearest Alicia, you are so very very much. I hope this day, although possibly melancholy, holds some lovely calm knowing for you as well. Congratulations, Dear One :)

i love that you were able to wait until you were with andy to look at the proof. ain't love grand?

So exciting! You deserve these good things. So happy for your success.

Love to you on this day and all the days ahead. How wonderful to have take this leap in a book and all you have done in these past 10 years and to know that you have so much to look forward to.
Although I have always enjoyed my stitching it has become such an integral happy part of my life since leaving my professional job and having children that it is so intertwined with my everyday much like you.
There is so much beauty in the everyday and I am so glad to have connected with others like you.


I am not sure how, in all these months of reading your blog, that I haven't read the post about the accident. I knew you had been hurt, and had a long recovery where you started embroidering. That post, wow, just wow. You are so amazing, you bring such goodness to the world. I will be thinking of the accidentally delivered flowers all day.
I'm so excited for your book, and can't imagine how you and Andy feel. Your words hit me in such a marvelous, inspiring words, and when I think you couldn't possibly move me more, you do. Thank you Alicia!

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