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February 07, 2008



These are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for offering them!!


They're lovely - your grandma would've been very proud, I am sure. Thanks for posting them. You could set up aFlickr group as I there'll be loads of them out there soon!x


O, Alicia, they are just as darling as sweet, but not too much. Nicely done! xo

Dana Silva

Oh my! I love the monochrome aspect of these and the simplicity of the lettering. Just so GREAT! Thank you.


Those are adorable! Thank you Alicia! You have a fan of your blog even in Rome, Italy! :)


Thank you, they are beautiful, can't wait to try it.

Laura A.

Oh, so lovely, Alicia. And I can understand the conflict you feel about using them.


Oh, my! These are so pretty. Thanks for sharing! What a sweet tribute to your grandma.


Pretty ! i like wednesday best.
i just finished my 'millie' cardigan. come and take a look if you have a minute - she's super cute.


So cute!!!!! I love them, Alicia ! Makes me want new dishtowels for sure :) Mine are just BLAH.......have a great weekend!!!!!

Diane from Baltimore


oh! how darling!! :D


Alicia, those are really wonderful. What a loving tribute to honor your Grandma. Your talents never cease to amaze me.

Cynthia Granmo Riebe

LOVELOVELOVE these! I've said it before and I'll say it again: Alicia, you are a wonder! Thank you so much for this gift...I'm off to buy some floursack towels so I can get embroidering! (I was wondering what I was going to do this weekend!)


Your designs are quite lovely in their simplicity. And you are really very generous to offer them for free. Good for you! Bx


I love your dishtowels. I'd say that they are truly worthy of having a spot in a newly remodeled kitchen. Thanks for sharing your patterns. A toast to grandma's everywhere. *raises glass*


Very cute! I like how the designs are something you wouldn't see anywhere else. Good job on those!

Missy K

Oh, Alicia!!! Thanks for your generous gift to us! (Despite my earlier whining about transferring designs, I will be happily tracing these lovelies!)

Alisa Noble

This is SO wonderful! One of my goals for the year is to learn to embroider. I bought a couple of how to books and my mother supplied me with all of my grandmother's floss. I've started playing around a bit, but this is going to be an excellent project for me to really begin with. Thanks so much!


Thank you so much. You are generous. I look forward to more I can purchase from you.

miss chris

Alicia, they are wonderful, even if they're not transfers! :) So nice of you to offer them up at no charge... And I do like the binding very much.

Thank you! XO

Kaitie Tee

Ha, ha! I'm so impressed that Andy asked before trying to use the towel. Truly a smart husband.

Your designs are fantastic - thanks for sharing!


I was just wondering how I was going to justify going over my craft budget to get these patterns, and here you're offering them for free. I think that is the sweetest, most generous thing today.

I thank you very, very much.


These are absolutely fantastic! THANK YOU!!! :)


Alicia, they are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I will download them and enjoy looking at them and will remind myself that I need to finish a few works-in-progress before starting anything new :-)
BTW...I got the new "Country Living" yesterday. Someone had given me a heads up that you were in there so I tore through and found you on page 50. Love the article and the pictures. But tell me, do you still use that pink iMac?


These are so wonderful - thanks for sharing with us! Maybe we could set up a flickr page to post our creations?
Our family has some weekday dishtowels from a grandmother - except it's centered around which household chore you do each day (laundry, baking, etc.)!

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