Hearts and Flowers

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Happy Valentine's Day, sweethearts! Blowing you little kisses from here. Andy made me a present that I really love. I have to figure out where to put it and then I'll take a picture to show you. I know I'm starting to get a long list of things I've said I will show you! I finished my smocking bag yesterday and I want to show you that, too. The days go so fast. I said this morning, "It's so weird that it's Wednesday 'cause it really feels like Thursday," and Andy said, "Except that it is Thursday." "Oooooohhhhhhh . . . yeah." What is my problem.


I don't know if I've ever told you about my fireplace roses, but I think I have. I made these little plaster roses many years ago, using plaster of Paris and some candy molds. They just pop right out. I hot-glued them to the bricks (er, probly not sposed to do that, no . . . ) and then piped vines connecting all the flowers and leaves. Then I just painted the whole thing this khaki color. It was really easy. I saw it on the Christopher Lowell show a long time ago (whatever happened to that guy?) — this lady did it to cover a whole bunch of cracks in her wall that she just couldn't get rid of. Hers was really pretty because she did it over an archway.

Big huge kiss and a thank you to everyone who has written with kind words about March's Country Living, which has a little story about Posie. I'm so honored to be featured among the inspiring and creative women they are focusing on this month in their entrepreneurial issue. Country Living has been so good to me. I heart them bigtime. Many people have asked me if I've repainted the studio pink, because the photos of it in the mag are very . . . pink (and you probably know it as insanely blue), but no — all of the photos they used in this issue were ones they had on file from another story we did back in 2005. This March 2008 issue is packed with so many interesting stories, good advice, and truly fascinating people. If owning your own business is your dream, I think you'll love what they've collected here. It's a great issue. I'm very flattered to be included.


Happy Valentine's Day, Alicia! Love the fireplace roses!

Wow, I've never been the first comment before! I haven't seen the Country Living yet, but I did happen across your article in the Hallmark magazine. What a beautifully written piece and inspirational story.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Alicia!

Happy Valentine's Day. I love your heart garland. Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday and fun to decorate for. In a minute here I plan too iron my Valentine napkins and get out my heart shaped dessert plates. Making a cozy dinner at home for the family.:)
Hope yours is a sweet one :)

I just received my Vintage Vavoom(ordered it because you are my favorite girl). Looking forward to consuming it from front to back sometime soon. You are cinnamon red hot Alicia, enjoy it! Have fun...
Happy Heart Day!
With Love

I've always wondered about those roses. What a great idea!

Hi. Today is the day I'm going to tell you what I think everytime I visit, but am too shy. I love you. I really do. With the utmost affection. I just don't want to sound creepy. I love what you do, and how you do it, and how you are. Your writing is so beautiful and that you share and give so much to your readers is tremendous. I've been reading since the beginning but never commented because I was afraid I'd sound all goofy, and now I've just proven it. Happy Valentines Day. -One of your many secret admirers

Happy Valentines! The roses are just lovely and so clever.

I love reading your blog. Your creativity is really inspiring.

I love your fireplace and the banner looks so sweet against it. I can't wait to see your present from Andy.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Great job on the roses.

Happy Valentine's Day! I saw the article in Country Living and also noted that you were mentioned in the Q & A portion of another entreprenuer in the same issue - how very exciting! Congratulations!

I love your creations and the photos of Clover :)

Happy Valentine's day Alicia!

I just wanted to say that I bought the Hallmark magazine with an article of you in it....

I read the article from the glow of a streetlight, as it shined through water drops on my car window. It was really the perfect way to read it. Sad, quiet, cold yet at the same time warm and beautiful.

Great article. Thank you.

You did tell us about your fireplace roses before, but I think this is the best photo you've taken of them. Nice clear relief. Those were some fabulous candy molds! Good job :)

I'm on my way to go buy something for hubby for Valentine's. I suspect that what would mean the most are heart-shaped peanut-butter cookies, but I'm not sure I have the patience for that today. Might get him store-bought something or other, and while I'm there I'll look for the magazine for me!

Happy Valentine's Day to the Paulsons!

those striped candles are fantastic! i did a search and found Ana Candles - the original striped taped candles - is that what you have? everything about your house, crafts, and life are so darling, i find it all so sweet and inspiring, which is very fitting that i should tell you today of all days. thank you for sharing!

Your roses are wonderful! I find myself looking around my own house...now where could I do that??....

*** joyeuse st valentin Alicia & Andy ! ***
this fireplace rocks - I love the idea of the plaster roses !
ps : even here in France I saw you in Country Living ! what a heavenly studio you have, congrats !

Happy valentine's day Alicia, Andy and Miss Clover! I
hope you guys have a V-day. I am going to have to go get that issue of Country Living-a must!

I just read about you in Hallmark magazine. Amazing beautiful story - I am so glad I know about you and your blog now!

I didn't even notice the pink walls in the studio because I was all beguiled by the hanging parasols.

In my very first apartment I hung one in the corner of a little bathroom to hide an ugly light fixture. The light that came through was so pretty and diffused.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bobbie Lynn Duran says: February 14, 2008 at 11:16 AM

Love the heart garland, never thought of that. You did a great job on the fireplace, very custom job. Happy Valentine's Day to you & Andy and give Miss Cover a kiss for me.

I've been meaning to say that I enjoyed the article in CL. It's always a kick to come across something about you in a magazine when I'm not expecting it. I feel like, "Hey, it's my buddy Alicia! What's she doing in a magazine?" And then I remember that I don't actually know you. ;) That's the kind of friendly intimacy you create by sharing so much of yourself in your blog, I guess!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. :)

Congrats on being in Country Living- I will have to pick up a copy- sounds like a great issue.
I love your fireplace and wondered how you had done that- thanks for sharing.
Also wanted to tell you how much I love your blog- like being wrapped in a cozy blanket. Thank you!

Got my copy in the mail today. What a wonderful treat to hear your in it!

Happy V-Day!!

That plaster tip is so nifty!!! Your fireplace is amazing. Thanks for sharing. I have this urge now to run out for some plaster of Paris... and some molds...

Happy V-day!

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