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December 19, 2007



WOW! Spectacular gingerbread in those lovely pans with lacy patterns in powdered sugar! You are one fun girl!! Happy Holidays!


I LOVE those wraps! What a great idea - thanks for sharing!


well worth the effort I'm sure! they look wonderful! Happy Holidays Alicia!

Dale Smith

How do you make that gorgeous pattern on top? This is not the picture that you should be looking at just before lunch!!!!

Dale Smith

How do you make that gorgeous pattern on top? This is not the picture that you should be looking at just before lunch!!!!


I actually kind of leaned in to sniff, hehe. Those look delicious!

Dale Smith

How do you make that gorgeous pattern on top? This is not the picture that you should be looking at just before lunch!!!!


WOW! Those look amazing! What a wonderful job you did!!! Happy Holidays!!

mim stella

These look so delicious. I never saw these baking forms before, but they add such a great look. Thanks for sharing this!


i noticed you have the same whisk i got at anthropologie-but i just got rid of mine because it seemed to be adding some sort of strange flavor/smell to everything i made. have you experienced this?

Susanna Alonso

They look lovely! Thanks for sharing.


These look fantastic and I can smell them, too!


Oh man, I LOVE gingerbread. I think it's maybe my most favorite sweet thing in the entire whole world. The little flower patterns are amazing! Did you use powdered sugar with a stencil or something? I might have to try and talk Trina into making some gingerbread with me soon :) Have a wonderful day!


I know what you mean about light ... my apartment faces north. This year my landlord gave me a southern window in the bedroom (formerly it was covered by wood because the framing had rotted). Now I welcome the afternoon sun by sitting on the bed and crocheting most weekends. I even put a little silver tree on my dressing table to catch the rays. Oh! How it sparkles!

Beautiful gingerbread stars. Everytime I read your blog, I feel like I'm somewhere in a cozy English cottage. You are so much fun. xxoo


Just want you to know that your blog gives me such a lift in spirits. Your decorating, baking, Audrey & Clover stories and all the life things you share makes me feel like I can face another day.

Thank you!
Lacy in Oregon


those look delicious! love the powdered sugar decorations on top. yum!

Amy Garner

Mmmm!!! I took a deep breath and almost did smell the ginger. They're beautiful!


I too love light. It inspires me, makes me think and reflect and want to be in the moment for as long as possible.

suzanne b.

Oh, the gingerbread stars are just beautiful.

Your photos are always so good that no one would ever guess your house faces north and has light issues. :) It always seems light-filled and glowing and beautiful.


gorgeous!! I spent all last night making all sorts of crazy cookies, brownies and macaroons. I love your idea though of using the paper molds! i think i may order some!


Those look great. I could actually smell ginger.

jennifer w.

Really beautiful! Sounds like the perfect Christmas treat!

Bobbie Duran

Oh so Pretty!


I think I CAN smell them!! Oh - no, wait - that's the gingerbread cookies I'm making today. I've been thinking about gingerbread a lot lately ( the cake), and fondly remembering how we used to make it quite often when we were kids. We loved it with real homemade whipped cream - although these days I think I would also enjoy it with some yummy kind of lemony or spiked sauce! I just saw a recipe this morning in the paper for an apple butter cake that has molasses in it, too- thinking I may have to try that one! Any way - I love your pictures - your cakes are gorgeous, love the Texasware bowl, and the light through the kitchen window! Seriously - when can I come over?!


I wish I had a ginger star. Sniff. Pout. Batting eyelashes. No? Okay. Maybe I can find the time to make some. Maybe. There is a sweater and a scarf to finish, a house to clean, and presents a-bursting to wrap...but just maybe...

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