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Every year, it feels like that last week before Christmas really sneaks up on ya. I'm in pretty good shape — mailing long-distance presents today, baking more gingerbread cakes (the alternative to Peppermint Bust-Up Brownies) tomorrow, for the first time in years trying to get the Christmas cards out before Christmas (or at all — it's been a while). Nevertheless, there are little odds and ends to take care of, and that little thing called the Husband Present. What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Jeesh. He's now flush with sweaters — I thought I was going to luck-out this year and get away with buying him all clothes, like normal people, but he needed them all stat, so, I don't know — pulling the shirts presents out of the laundry and handing them back to him on Christmas morning ("Here, honey, Merry Christmas, and — oh man, what did you get on the collar there, anyway? Mustard? Nevermind, I'll get it out. Love you!!!") doesn't seem right, somehow. . . . What to get, what to get, hmmm. . . .

Girls are SO EASY. I personally think I must be the easiest person on earth to shop for. When I met my friend Allyson's mom after knowing Allyson for years but never meeting her mom, her mom's like, "Oh, you're Alicia! We see so many things to get for you whenever we're out shopping!" Er, yep, that's me! And this from a person who's never even met me. My materialism is known far and wide. You're welcome, family and friends! Just sayin.

Anyway, on Friday I had a wonderful, quiet day crocheting a prezzie for a special someone, making this, the Poinsettia Bunting, designed by my friend Jennifer Fletcher of Fable Handmade. I absolutely love her romantic designs. I feel like I'm crocheting accessories for a fairytale Christmas. And how pretty is this! A scarflette. Perfect. This week, I need three more, by Christmas Eve. Go fingers, go! I think the girls will love all of this. I would. See what I mean? Easy.


I did wind up making a few of the bags I was talking about earlier (need to get a photo of those), but they required a lot of time standing at the table in the studio. And I was so weary of spending every waking moment in the studio after I'd finished the Lucias that all I wanted to do was put my feet up on the sofa, which is not in the studio. So, crocheted gifts from the sofa instead. A gift for us both. Crocheting gifts for you is a gift I give to myself from you, so don't even worry about me!


See how easy I am?


Oh goodness, that is so perfectly charming! I haven't yet moved beyond ripples, when it comes to crochet, but those patterns at Fable are serious motivation to work on my crochet abilities.

Husbands are hard to shop for! Mine has a birthday in December too, so it's a double-whammy. I think he gets ripped off every year. It can't be all that exciting to open the traditional Christmas pajamas and socks and underwear year after year, can it?

I, on the other hand, just like you, am so easy to shop for! Take pride in your materialism girlfriend, it is a gift to friends and family far and wide :o) ha ha!

I know what you mean about "easy!" I am also a very easy person to shop for. In fact, in our office secret santa swap people fight to get my name because I am the easiest to shop for. I think of it not as materialism, but more as a well-defined (and publicized) style. Love the bunting! Oh- and here is a gift idea for Andy: a calendar with pics of Clover. Or a mug, or really anything with a picture of your cute baby on it.

I just have to comment on your lovely hutch! And with the pretty dishes and such you have to fill it. It is so sweet!

I totally just bought that scarflette pattern. Thanks!

Chris Howard says: December 17, 2007 at 10:21 AM

I am in panic Christmas crafting mode. I embroidered one tea towel for my Grandmother (from the recipe pattern off of Turkey Feather's Pattern Bee site) and it took WAY longer than I thought. I need to make one for my Mom as well but I don't know if one week is enough time to do it. You see I can't give Nan one and not Mom, and if I don't give Nan hers she won't have a prezzie...

AHHHHH...going to embroider like mad now...!!!!

I love that bunting - and so wish I knew how to crochet. I like the fresh colors and the display in that bottom picture! So pretty.

pretty color combo

Your bunting is WONDERFUL! What a cute idea. I agree, girls are sooo easy. And little kids too--I love buying things for Noah, he likes everything! I actually have a hard time stopping! Hannah, no problem. My older boys? geewhiz. Hard.

I'm having the EXACT same problem with my husband...but I know you love Barefoot Contessa, and she gave a great idea from one of her Christmas shows: she said she and her friends like to give and get gifts that are used in one sitting, like theater tickets, concert tickets, food, or something like that. Just an idea! Good luck!

WOW, thank you for saying such lovely things about me in your post! the bunting looks just right on your hutch. thanks for making me smile this morning!

you know, i've gotten so excited about decorating for christmas, i've almost completely overlooked the whole gift thing. seriously, i have tons of wrapping paper this year but have only gotten/made a few gifts. maybe new year's presents? ack!

xoxo, j

Too cute!
And now you can also make bikinis for summer!

That bunting is too cute!! And, it looks perfect on your hutch!

Is Andy a reader? Cass introduced me to Cormac MacCarthy, maybe Andy would like CM's border trilogy. (It is DARK, by the by, and violent, but there's a certain heart-rending elegance to them) And He DOES have those cowboy pajamas, after all ;)

I've got to finish grading AND my holiday crafting by Wednesday, so I know just what you mean. Wouldn't you know it, my thread tension's gone all wonky and I'm having a devil of a time finishing this lap quilt. It's a race to the finish, go go go!

soo cute... u make it sound so easy but id struggle so bad...

i love ur cuckoo clock (is that the right spelling??)
its adorable!

How do keep from rearranging your lovely new hutch? It is sooo dang cute!
LOVE the bunting too!
LOVE your cake stands!
And LOVE each and every post Alicia!

Husbands are so hard to shop for! I've bought mine watches and tools and jewelry and DVD's and CD's and such in the past, but this year I was out of ideas. So, I bought Husband new clothes--nice clothes, not the Old Navy kind I usually buy. But you've already covered that. Well, I feel your pain, if that helps.

I spent my weekend working at my second job, helping husbands pick out gifts for their wives. An infinitely easier dilemma than my own! Especially when you work at a cute jewelry and gift shop on SE Hawthorne Blvd. But alas, I could not help a single wife find a husband gift, unless he wanted a Flying Pirates toy. (Many do, you know.)

Oh my gosh,that bunting is so adorable!
The colors that you picked are so delightful.

I can't believe Marha Stewart hasn't recruited you YET! Love your cuteness today! You need to sell those. Make more, get busy! Love it!

Re: Andy Gifts

1. Beautiful leather briefcase/backpack/laptop case to transport important paperwork.

2. Simple retro look Ebony & Sterling photo frame w/black & white pic of Clover (or Audrey if he's ready) for his office.

3. IKEA gift cert...let him choose his own gift!

4. Smooth, soft leather wallet w/gift cards included...Powells, Starbucks, Petco/Petsmart (Clover sent that suggestion via esp, lol)

Okay, that's it.


Where did you get your lovely hutch?!
always looks so fresh, beautiful, effortless....

Does Andy need a new 'briefcase' type thing for his new job??? KOI makes cool and sporty stuff- I love my KOI.

Oh how pretty. I wish I was a good enough crocheter that I could make things from patterns like that. But at my currently skill-level, I wouldn't know where to start. That scarflette - oof! So pretty. Right now, though, the border to your Tiramisu blanket is scaring the crap out of me.

I'll absorb all these skills through osmosis, right? Just by sitting and doing a little bit every day? Somehow I suspect not. But one can hope.

Hi Alicia - just wondering how you are doing with the cabled sweater you started some time ago. Any more pictures?, please!

OOOOHHHH...I love that bunting! Great colors. I'm still trying to figure out the crochet thing. I hope it clicks soon!! Oh...and if I don't get to Nordstrom soon for a Peppermint Brownie, I don't know WHAT will happen!!! After your rave review, I must try one for myself!! STAT

I have been thinking about getting my hubby a gift certificate to Carson Hot Springs, for a macho massage and wrap. Not too far up the road from Portlandia, and my hub works physically also. Just a thought.

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