Strawberry Tart for Mlle. Miller

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I got a new deep-dish tart pan, and made a tart for my friend on Saturday.







Ruby gems on a cloud of cream.

*Here is a recipe, though I just pre-baked a Pillsbury ready-made pie crust, then spread it with a bit of melted red-current jelly. Plop in some pastry cream and then top with fresh strawberries (slice off the tops) and glaze with a bit more jelly. Easy! Yummy!


Yum! I want a slice!!!

Holly C. says: June 26, 2007 at 07:44 AM


Oh my goodness. This is making me crave tarts at 7:47 AM.

Very pretty. I must try a deep dish pan like that.

May I be your friend? May I?

my son just saw this on the screen and sweetly asked, "can i have some of that?"

"it's just a picture sweety - we don't have it here."

"but where is it?"

"far away honey"

"but we can drive there..."

guess i'll be making one now too!

That looks delicious - Simply Summer!

so pretty - and I love the tablecloth!

lovely as usual.

Oh man, I wish I wasn't looking at this just before lunch...

oooooh! I love these photos, so yummy!

that looks *delicious* and i bet it tasted even better.

couldn't help but noticing the Hero jam you used to make this heavenly looking tart .... this used to be THE preserves company in switzerland and part of most people's childhood memories around here. buying hero at one time signified swiss-ness and good citizenship ;) but as children we only cared because it truly was yummy. and now, could i have a slice of that tart, pretty please? x

Always with the making me hungry... geez.

oh goodness...this is beautiful!

oh, I'm so glad I checked if you were around today! Are those red currant Hero preserves I spy?

I've come to expect only the loveliest things here, but still: that perfectly puffy cream, the ruby-jewel glaze on the berries, that perfectly curved stem in the center. Alicia, you've really got class! It looks *delicious* - and what a lovely tablecloth, too. Is the whole thing cross stitched in goldenrod?

yum, yum, drool, drool, drool!

Courtney says: June 26, 2007 at 08:46 AM

Can you post the recipe? Looks scrumptious!

Chris Howard says: June 26, 2007 at 08:49 AM

Mmmmmm...I have two little green baskets full of strawberries in the fridge. I'm way too lazy to tart them up though, I just eat them with a little bit of sugar.

I LOVE Strawberry tarts! Lovely!

Wowee! Gorgeous photos and beautiful tart!

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