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I have some scrap bags ready for tomorrow. I was going to do just fabric (and these really are "scraps," some as small as just a few inches, some even just strips), but then I started to go a little bonkers.


Yep. I figured if I was going to take the time to prepare the bags, I'd include some of the vintage passementerie stuff that's building up around here again. So these scrap bags have fabric as well as a vintage pattern and a few other notions/flowers/buttons/ribbon. A few extra little things, kind of like the Passementerie Packs I did last winter, but with a little of everything in one bag. I only made twenty of these. But they'll be in my shop tomorrow at noon, too, with the bookbags.

I don't really know what to think about the Gilmore Girls finale last night, do you? I miss them already. I actually thought it was an oddly appropriate episode, sort of saturated with the collective feeling of being kind of . . . ripped off. It all ended so fast. I was glad Luke and Lorelei kissed (though, honestly, those two kiss like they're at a junior-high dance or something). All I can say is that I hope Lauren Graham can take a little time off now, and find time to date then marry Matthew Perry, thereby fulfilling all my hopes and dreams for both of them.


Sigh. It is sad Gilmore Girls is over.

Oh, I know I was sad about Gilmore Girls ending too. . . I feel like some friends of mine have just parted ways with me. . . (but, there's always reruns!)
Lovely bags of notions, by the way

colleen says: May 16, 2007 at 08:00 AM

Yes, my GG's felt a little rushed last night. But, really, I know in my heart it had to end but I can't believe how very attached I became to them. Everytime I saw Suki last night, I kept moaning "Oh My Suki Oh My Suki." I'm so glad my husband wasn't home and that my daughter is adept at ignoring me! Sigh oh my.

Oh my, those are the most lovely scraps and notions I have ever seen! <3 I am drooling here!

I'm chime in with the GG sadness. Even though this season wasn't the best, the end just came on so suddenly! I really needed more time to prepare for this!

colleen, I love your comment: "Oh My Suki Oh My Suki." I was doing the same thing... but with everyone. Awww.

Elizabeth says: May 16, 2007 at 08:24 AM

I'm such a dork: I cried through the whole episode. I'm going to miss Stars Hallow so much! (I still miss Sunnydale, and that was over years ago.) I really liked the way the show ended with life going on. So many shows end and you feel like the characters died. I guess that's what made me so sad. Lorelei is having dinner with Richard and Emily on Friday. Sookie and Michele will still be at the inn. I just know Lorelei and Luke will marry some day. All of my favorite people will be doing what they do, and I won't get to watch! Yes, I have to get over it, but for now I'm going to be sad about it.

I was crocheting in front of the TV last night, to take the edge off of my upset about the end of the show. If GG had to end, I suppose this was as appropriate an ending as any other. I wonder if I'll keep everyone going in my head for a while, imagining Rory on the campaign trail, wincing at Lorelei's pain over her daughter's absence, seeing Lorelei and Luke together...

My sweet kind husband put our daughter to bed so that I can watch the final episode without any interruptions. I'm going to miss my GG.

hmmm, i was kind of interested in it being me dating and then marrying matthew perry.

I'm going to miss that show, or I might just buy the DVD's sometime.. There really are so few show that someone actually takes the time to write well, or if they initially write it well... they stop.

Ohh those notions/fabric bags look interesting. Of course I'm convinced you could make anything look interesting!

Laura C. says: May 16, 2007 at 09:20 AM

I loved the gestures they made towards the earlier seasons -- that moment of the "la la" theme music, as TV Without Pity used to call it, and the very final shot, looking through the window at Lorelai and Rory at the diner. I dripped tears throughout, but I thought it was time for an ending, especially since they lost the original writers. (Those writers apparently had the very last words of the series in mind for years. I want to know what they would have been!) And I know that Lauren Graham has said she'd like to have time for a baby and a personal life, so maybe Matthew Perry will be just the ticket.

Adrienne says: May 16, 2007 at 09:33 AM

I too will miss the Gilmore Girls. I recently added the first season to my queue to was interesting to watch them grow.

we were all so drippy sad last night after gg was over. i had to get up and grab my knitting to have something on which to concentrate. this was my very favorite show OF ALL TIME and now it's over. must start over now with season one on dvd and watch them on tuesday nights...that seems like the only way i can go on.

dramatic, no?

Is she dating Matthew Perry? Man, I'm out of the celebrity loop. I *heart* Matthew Perry and I'm so sad that Studio 60 is cancelled. : (


My son Patrick was fortunate to have been on the set while they filmed the last episode.
He said everyone was happy and ready for a break.
Sally Struthers yelled to Patrick,"it's are last episode with excitement".

Patrick showed no excitement what so ever, where as I on the other hand, would have been taking in every single Gilmore Girl moment.

Jill 00

Rennagayle says: May 16, 2007 at 09:39 AM

Ah, I had to read a blog to find out the GG's is ending. I had to read that the GG's is ending to get me to comment on said blog. As crazy as I am about the GG's, I've just not had night time tv time this year, so I've only been occasionally catching old season reruns on the Family Channel (daytime), thinking I'd watch this season's repeats this summer. Such a sad day.

On a brighter note, your "sunny" colorful pictures are something I look forward to each time I read your blog!

Oh how I flung myself onto my bed and cried last night when it was over! Although I thought it was entirely fitting... the episode... the finale itself was all too abrupt. Too shocking. I drank an extra cup of coffee this morning to aid with any waves of nostalgic withdrawal I might face today. :D

Lovely bags. I've always been late to the circus with your pre-announced sales. But not tomorrow. I'm determined to land one of those lovely, scrapy bags if it kills me!

Sharing in your GG confusion/sadness,

Oh...those scrap bags look like so much fun!

Oh, I was watching GG until a friend called and I didn't realize it was the last episode! I feel like I've missed out on that sad final moment. It can't be the same in a rerun. oh well.

Your scrap piles remind me very much of the frequent state of mine own apartment. very messy.

Glad I wasn't the only one crying! I thought I forgot to take my zoloft or something. Then I realized it was the last episode and that made it worse. :(
They have been there for me through working crappy hours, home alone while my husband was driving over the road and I would have crab and french bread while watching them. Then my daughter would usually be in bed by GG time. Sad...And yes I felt left hanging almost. I wanted more.

The Gilmore Girls, at the beginning, were eerily similar to my daughter and I; the same age difference, the same quirky conversations. It was fun! When The O.C. premiered and started chronicling our lives, it made me wish there was a real Stars Hollow to move to!

largo vive el amor de lauren y matthew! (even though I wanted him for a week or so).

I didn't see it yet, my friends and I are watching it Tivo'd tonight. We are having a GG funeral. Its funny how no matter how many times I have seen an episode GG always cracks me up.

I absolutely loved that show.It was pretty shocking that they decided to let everyone know it was The End at the very last minute.It wasn't seeming to make a lot of sense in the last couple of weeks.Especially with Logan and Rory after their talk in the hay maze and he was so understanding saying they would factor in her job decisions.Then he just walks away two weeks later.It did not make sense I tell you.Oh well.It was obvious the original writers were far more creative.

I felt the same way when Felicity ended...Is it wrong that I want to sit in the middle of those fabrics scraps and toss them into the air?

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