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Poufs4 I ever-so-slightly forgot to remember that the Pouf Boutonnieres are making a reprisal in Country Living this June. Or now, rather — orders are trickling in for them today, though I haven't seen the issue yet. If anybody has a copy of June's CL and wants to scan the page for me, would you?* I just want to see which one they've included so I know if I still have the fabric for it. They asked to see a dozen but I think they only picked one to run, and duh, I forgot to ask which one.

If you're looking to get a Pouf, they live over here at the Posie web shop. I made forty of them while watching three movies yesterday (The Holiday [B-], Come Early Morning [A], The Last Kiss [A-].) Thank goodness for On-Demand is all I can say, because my tookus was grounded and didn't leave the sofa! Cut cut stitch stitch glue glue tie tie. But now, what a miracle, I'm a little prepared. When does that happen, never. Almost never.

*Thanks for sending the scans! I appreciate that you guys!


Pretty Poufs! I'm sure their new owners will appreciate the great movie vibes that surely infuse them :)

What girly little poufs! Love them. Have to say, I really liked the Holiday, I thought Jude Law was so cute (and usually I don't like him)!

Those are so darn cute! I just admire everything you make!

I'll look from them in CL

Alica - always inspiring!!

I will look for you! Wanted to get that issue because I knew you were in there so I signed up to subscribe but I don't know if I will get it in time for that issue or not, sometimes it's hard to find at the newstand.

I LOVE the Pouf's myself very much and hope to be getting one soon! :O)

Congrats by the way!!!!!

Alicia,I emailed you a scan of the article you were asking about.

Those poufs are simply adorable! You are so diligent! Forty in one day! Phew!

Love the poufs and as always your photos rock.

I'm just lovin' the image in my head of you snuggled on the couch, coming up with each of the names for these as you make them.

So fresh and cute! Lovely. You got doigts de fée!

Maudie Jane says: May 07, 2007 at 12:36 PM

Love the Poufs, so cute. BTW you are very sweet to give "The Holiday" a B-, it was pretty bad.

Maudie Jane

These are soo cute! I have the issue of the June mag and they are cccute! Wish they would have pictured MORE of them!!!

I do a lot of stuff with movies. It helps time things and enjoy the work. Otherwise, my mind would turn to mush. The work is monotonous and repetative. Monks use prayers, I like movies. When I have a bad day, Aliens goes in. That chick was really having a bad day and I get over myself. I bet you are Pouf'ed out for a while. I am happy that you are doing well. They are adorable.

what a cute bouquet ♥

cheriwan says: May 07, 2007 at 01:15 PM

Late reading the last couple of days, and all I can think is that "Of course she loves Wilco" (my fav band. sigh) and "I'm lucky I was in Portland this weekend and saw the white and pink and blades of blue". Your town is so gracious and welcoming. Makes a girl want to move there herself.

so bright and cheery

So lovely, and just when I need a good dose of cheer.

Wow, 40!?!?! They are very cute!

I'll have to head off and get that issue ASAP. These are very, very cute.

God bless :)

I will totally have to look for you when my copy arrives in teh mail. Oh how fabulous!! i have ideas about putting one on my straw purse for summer...

So cute! I loved Holiday. Little slow moving in the beginning but a good movie with a good ending.

OOooh! Yet another reason to be waiting anxiously for my new issue of Country Living. I love that! And I love the poufs! I can't wait to see them in slick paper. Congratulations!

Adorable poufs! I had to give into temptation and buy one when I realized the cutest one was called "Emmaline" - my daughter's name!

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