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April 10, 2007



Lovely Alicia. :)


Thank you! What a perfect gift for someone you love!


Thanks for sharing the pattern, Alicia! I was looking for my next project.


I have been long awaiting this pattern. I remember you promising it a couple months back and I keep checking back on a daily basis for it.(yes, I know, I am too cheap to PURCHASE the pattern!) I prefer to call it frugal. anyway, thanks for this. I can't wait to get started!!


Thank you! Looks like a nice one. Last night I finished a knitted shawl (Homespun yarn & pattern). The cast off was done with a crochet hook and formed big picots. Very cool.


thanks for sharing the pattern alicia! it's gorgeous!


Thank you for sharing. This is definitely a good reason to learn how to crochet!


Thank you so much for the pattern, Alicia. I am definitely going to make this! Your cardigan is beautiful, too. Maybe one day I'll get braver and try it also.

I commiserate with your sore muscles after the weeks of gardening I've been doing.



Tiramisu - what a perfect name for it. =)


Tiramisu - what a perfect name for it. =)

frecklegirl jess

So pretty! That little bow just makes me happy.

Michelle Fox

Alicia, You just inspire me everyday and can't wait to log on and read your blog. I just don't know how you fit it all in.... your personal story is amazing as well as your professional journey. Keep doing what you are doing... You make so many people happy. Michelle at


Very pretty! Thanks for your generosity!


That blanket is so cute! It really does remind me of tiramisu! Yum!

I think I just might need to make one for my brand new niece and nephew!

Thanks! :)


That is a sweet baby blanket. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us!! I have a new nephew on the way in a few months and that is perfect!!

Kathryn Estelle

Thank you! I have been anxiously awaiting this pattern since your request for pattern testers. It is a beautiful blanket!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! LOVE THE PATTERN and your BLOG!!


Ooooh! Like I need another project, but I might have to make this one.

Amy G.

Oh, beautiful--thank you so much!


Hi Alicia,
I remember seeing this on your blog or site; I have never crocheted before but I m going to ask an Aunt to help me. (Hopefully its not too hard) This is beautiful and so is that round yolk sweater (love the ribbons especially). You are so clever. Thank you.


=^..^= Alicia
How sweet of you ... and how adorable is this precious little blanket!

As always, with perfect timing ... I have a friend expecting. Okay, I will admit Kate is expecting a Corgi puppy. That's the same, isn't it? Don't you think this beautiful Tiramisu blankie will be fantastic for a tiny puppers?!

I'll try to remember to post pictures when the pup arrives ... Cuddled with her new blanket!

Thank you for sharing your pattern!
=^..^= love, zU

Alicia G.

Marvelous. Can't wait to make this for my sister, who has a baby on the way. Now if only I could crochet. Details, details. Oh, and I love the AP Crochet logo. Adorable.

Erin D.

Oh thank you so much! :O)

It's so lovely <3


oh, thank you! Now I can make this for my daughter so she can quit dragging around the too long crocheted blanket I made for her as a baby.

Carrie Sommer

Love. This. Blanket. What am I going to do with all these blankets, that I am, supposedly, going to make?

Thank you sweetie! XO

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