Food for Friends

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Foodforfriends1 My illustrious friend Alex sent me this gorgeous book for Christmas. And I mean GORGEOUS. It's called Food for Friends: Simply Delicious Menus for Easy Entertaining by Fran Warde, with photos by the amazing Debi Treloar (whose books I just keep accumulating unwittingly; I buy books impulsively, then really look through them and sometimes I just love them, and then I look at the cover and sure enough it frequently says Debi Treloar. Man, that girl is good — she gets me, stumbling around in a beauty-daze, to part with cash all the time).

Well. This book is actually a cookbook. But I've been reading it up in bed every night — like, actually reading it. And because it's always up in the bedroom, it's not in the kitchen, so I haven't cooked out of it yet. But I plan to. Though not tonight, when our friends Kurt and Amy come for dinner, because this day got all bogged down in rush deadlines (so much for my slow-called life), and I'm just going to pull out the old stand-by: the Rozale Lasagna — romantic winter fare that works every single time. And perhaps, if I can get my act together, four diminutive (4") layer cakes, one for each of us to split, one for everyone to take home? Got these pans for my birthday, too (ours were just from Fred Meyer, but they're hard to find on-line). Now, gotta get cookin' so I can get to cookin'.

Thank you, Alex. I love the book, and that you thought to give it to me. Next time you come to visit, I'll make you guys the "Warming Winter Dinner" and the "Real Custard," cause that sounds just like hygge to me. Thank you, sweetie. Come soon — it's been too long.


I'm unfamiliar with that book and author, so thanks for recommending it. I love having a book to check out.

Aren't you the ambitious hostess, planning to make several layer cakes. I can hardly wait to see this!

Best of luck with the entertaining. As per yesterday, I'm sure you'll be 'enjoying the process' :)

I love reading lovely cookery books in bed - they give me sweet dreams!

Ooh, this lasagna sounds so delicious. I love your blog and of course the dog. Who wouldn't? I like the post from a couple of days ago about going back to school. I'm a ceramic artist but am thinking of going back to school for graphic design. Thanks for all the wonderful info and pics.

I haven't heard of this book but it looks like a great find. I love the cover photo and entertaining ideas are always fun to explore.

My favorite bedtime reading is a cookbook, but I always wake up hungry!

Mentioned you on my blog today. Take care sweetie!

Oh, I hope you make those little cakes, I'd love to see how they turn out (no pressure).

I am known to read cookbooks like novels, cover to cover. A little strange I know. It's dreamy to read through recipes and watch them come together in my fantasy land of a mind, and no dirty dishes!

Hey anything with nutmeg and red wine... I'm in!
Sounds devine!
And you are the cutest thing!

I just must tell you how much I like your blog and home page. I find great inspiration in everything you do! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the cookbook recommendation . . . and lasagna recipe. I'm cooking all of the time and I like to try new things. I'd love to see pics of the cakes . . . :-) (I have a bit of a sweet tooth.)


Can't wait...this way we all get to come to your dinner party and gorge ourselves calorie-free! ;) Enjoy!

Chris Howard says: February 09, 2007 at 10:46 AM

My "slow called life"? Heh, I'm SO gonna have to remember that one! I can't read cookbooks in bed because they always make me hungry, and I don't like to eat right before I go to bed.

Have fun tonight!

I love pretty books.

Looks like a fun book - thanks for the recommendation!

Speaking of gorgeous, I just read the March issue of Romantic Homes with its very Posie-ish cover. I am so very happy for you to get all of this well-deserved recognition! In fact, this month's RH issue was located right next to Creative Home (which I had already devoured). I got a little teary eyed in the store, thinking how wonderful it is that the important people in my (cyber) life are making their way into the hearts of the masses.

I have that book too and love it! I really enjoy any books that celebrate friendships and dinner parties.

I saw this book at Anthropologie recently and I sat right down in one of their cozy chairs and perused it front to back. Love the photos.

I too love to read cookbooks in bed (or lying on the sofa) and collect way more than I need. Can I ask if you would share instructions for your gorgeous zigzag crochet blanket? I am new to crochet so actually need a pattern. Your blanket is breathtaking and I would love to make one to cover myself as I lay on the sofa reading cookbooks!

what a pretty book, will have to check it out! and that lasagne sounds delicious too...

I was finally able to get to the store and pick up a copy of the current Romantic Homes Magazine. The article and the lovely pictures of your home are just a beautiful dream. The colors you are playing with are some of my very favorite. I really enjoyed the article very much! porn!

I adore cookbooks. I also adore those really old etiquette books. But that book you have there! Oh my, I must make a purchase for sure!!

Fran Warde's books are great. She's the former food editor of Red magazine (UK). I love the book French Kitchen she did with Joanne Harris - I use it nearly every week! The photos in are are gorgeous, too.

I too love this book. Thanks for the inspiration to recover it from the bookshelf for another look. Happy Cooking.

Thanks for the tip on the book! I can't wait to look through it.
I did something that I always say NOT to do, last night. I cooked a brand new dish for our dinner party! And it was delicious. Check out my entertaining blog.
(btw, it was chicken with a onion/balsamic/dijon sauce - out of this world!)

Before reading even one single word..I actually squeeled to the chorus line of paper mache rabbits sitting here by my computer..."Ooooh soooooo Miette!!"

So my dear, you certainly succeeded in bringing a happy sugary smile to this gals face!!

Truly darling cakes!! Lucky ducks!! They look so so good!!
Such a sweet hostess!!

Lovely as always!
xoxo Jenny

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