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December 12, 2006



Adorable! Any chance we could beg/plead/bribe you to make kits we can buy for next Christmas? Your cleverness and creativity knows no bounds. Happy Santa Lucia Day to you, thanks for sharing the love and light. xo


These are too darling --on parade! The sweetest faces. You are right, definitely a GOODIE! One should go live at Jenny B's pink dollhouse at allsorts. Made for each other...thanks for sharing the lovely details. Glad Andy is better today.

Alicia P.

Kits -- I was thinking the same thing, if there is interest. . . .

Alicia G.

So charming. You must have a steady hand to paint such delicate faces.


Those are simply amazing! I've never been informed of Santa Lucia Day so I must do some research. I am also sitting in front of a steaming bowl of Irish oats with half & half and brown sugar. I saw your method and had to try it. So divine and I will never eat rolled oats again!


Very cute.


They are simply adorable! Love-love-love the little faces. I forsee a trip to the craft store today. I must get some handsewing done today and painting could be done too, while loafing in front of the TV. That's my plan you see... Loafing and crafting. Thanks for sharing your lovlies!!


So darling.


these are the cutest things- EVER


These are the sweetest dolls. I am so in-love wiht them. Thank you for sharing how to make them.
Happy Saint Lucia Day Clarice


oh jeez, those are the cutest little faces in the world!
i love them!
happy st lucia day everyone!


the dolls are lovely. and the last few photos are just wonderful.


OMG!!! These are sheer perfection! Thanks for the tutorial!

laura r.

you are so generous.
i want to post money to your PayPal account.


Those are so sweet..... I may just have to try my hand at making these, um, next Christmas.. I have no time right now.. but they are sure adorable...hmmm, how about a Wee Wonderful "Olive" with blonde hair, in a white dress with a crown...hmmmm.... darn it! I do not need anything else to do .. oh well....

I am glad Uncle Andy is feeling better. It stinks he has to cross salmon off his list, but I know how that goes. My hard rock cafe Rasberry Chicken salad is what gave me food poisioning oh so many years ago, and I have never even been able to tolerate the thought of eating it again (and this was 15 years ago).


Oh, so adorable! Thanks so much for the tutorial - my Swedish, err, stepnieces would love those!

(Is there such a thing a stepniece, I wonder. I have a Swedish Stepfather with grandchildren..)


divine - completely and utterly divine. And yes kits do sound like a very good idea.


These are so cute...I'm dying over here. I want to look like the black hair/blue eyes/pink bow doll. =) Maybe I'll try to make a little Shim family...

amy k.

kits!? yes please! and thank you thank you for these-the photos are making smile so big.

and again-regarding barf-we can't stop talking about it. and laughing. poor andy and funny you.


SO lovely! I loved Santa Lucia as a little girl...the best friends of my family were a Swedish family who only ended up living in the states for about 5 years. It's a good thing they showed me so many lovely things while they were here :)

big time xo,


Cute dollies!

Poor Andy. That's the same way I swore off tequila. :-)


Those are adorable. I can remember in elementary school they always picked the prettiest blond girl to be Santa Lucia and at six I knew, tragically, that I would never, ever be picked (dark hair). Now at least I can make my own. :o) Thank you.


Incredible. You are the just the most gifted girl ever. Please think more about the kits.


So sweet.

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