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November 03, 2006



Wow! Sounds like such a great time! I can't wait to get started on the holidays. I doubt you'll be burned out before the final round. That's when you'll get to relax and sit back eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot chocolate! No one loses steam for that! :)

Chris Howard

Oh Wow, now I REALLY wish I could go to studiocraft. And a website update? It feels like christmas already!

Vicki in Michigan

I am always burnt out by December, so I figure anything I can enjoy doing now is excellent....

We had measurable (but not very much) snow yesterday, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to work on my Christmas letter a bit.

Presents, though, oh dear, I don't even have ideas.........


I really wish I could be there for Studiocraft, but probably a good thing I am not.. I would be destitute within a matter of minutes: )

Everything is just going to be lovely. I do not think you will have anything backfire.. you will just have time to relax.


Love your shiny baubles pkg.

I've always enjoyed starting my Christmas prep early. That way I can go at a less-frenzied pace. Truth to tell, I buy Christmas and Birthday gifts all year 'round for the same reason. I like knowing that I was inspired, as opposed desperate. And I can avoid line-ups.

Your trunk show reminds me that I should probably start looking for those local Christmas Craft fairs that I love so much.

Best of Luck, Sweetie! I hope it all goes smoothly for you and that you're able to enjoy yourself :)


Oh dear, is that a lightbulb? What a beautiful idea!


Oooh, you're getting me in the Christmas mood! Those ornaments are making me think about getting out my tree, already.
By the way, I love your new banner!


Oh, how I wish I lived to Portland today! Have a wonderful time sharing your treasures with old and new friends......I miss you!


Good luck at Studiocraft, wish, like all the others, I would be there to see it. Love you love your photos love you stuff.. as per usual.


Alicia =^..^=

Your little bundles of Christmas cheer are wonderful. I do hope you manage to capture a picture of your booth at the faire, I doubt I am the only one that wishes to see your artistic display!

As for getting ready early for the holiday season ... I cannot express to you how much you will enjoy the season even more this way! I learned long ago ... You will always have plenty to do (never fear ::giggle::) and with the monster pressure off to enjoy, it makes for a Christmas of Peaceful reflections. Perfect.

Happy weekend! =^..^=zU
(I am now going looking for my old tree light bulbs -- That IS a great idea!)


I know what you mean about having things ready early. I am ahead of "schedule" and it's beginning to freak me out more than a little. You know - sort of like that fear of walking into church with your dress tucked into you pantyhose... Oh well - maybe December will find me with my tushy hangin out there for all to see, but for now - I'll just keep working!


It's definitely NOT too much! Never where you're concerned. :o) Have a wonderful and successful day tomorrow. I so wish I could attend!


Never too much. Love those bags of Christmas decorations, I have some from my Grandmother's in just those colours. She bought them in Selfridges, Oxford St, London about 40 years ago.


love the colors! never too much when it comes to christmas! i think my kiddos are old enough now to have glass balls again...yeah!

cindy k

yowser, what a haul you’ll be bringing. it sounds fantastic and i wouldn’t know where to start; scott and i would definitely have a strategy established in advance.

on a serious note, one thing this event has done for me, as an out-of-towner, is get me to make new things. i’ve had a hard time finding creative energy over the last few months, and i’ve really enjoyed reading about the treasures you’re all getting ready for studio craft. there’s so much inspiration in what you do, and everyone is so generous to share their resources with the rest of us. i can’t wait to receive the new japanese craft books i’ve ordered to teach me the correct way to make a stuffie even though i think the one i made is pretty cute (the fraying linen naturally provides a perfect place to hide those stitching imperfections).

but, don’t think i won’t be perched in front of my computer when you all upload the treasures that have escaped the clutches of the locals. i just hope i’m home at the time to be able to get my hands on one of those wool blossoms!!

have a great time!

cheers … cindy

ps what type of location is it being held in - a store?


I don't feel confliucted either, though I expected to. I have been digging out all of my vintage christmas things and loving going thorugh all of the boxes. Now if I could just find those 12 big gorgeous turquoise glass balls- they have to be here somewhere!


oh it all sounds just divine and not too early at all. just right I'd say. i wish I was organised but this year I am so not!

sarah x newgreenshoes x


Really looking forward to seeing all the stuff at the sale tomorrow! Glad to be local!


One of the things I like about looking at blog photos is trying to find the author/photographer in the picture. Figuratively or literally.

Good luck at Studio Craft! I'm hoping you have a fabulous day AND that you have plenty of left overs!

jenny holiday

Ooooh...I think the time has so come for the Posie book!! ....I mean, you are like the Willy Wonka of craft and living!!

A day does not pass without incredible offerings of eye candy!!

I know I speak for all of your fans when I say that this Holiday is bound to be filled by bits of Posie on and around all of our trees, tables, and gift bags!!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration!!

xoxo Jenny

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