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September 15, 2006



wow beautiful! im so excited for you!

jennifer cook

I think now is the time for a holiday! All I have to do is convince my husband it really is worth travelling all the way from England just to go and have a look at a very pretty (I was going to say beautiful, but I think pretty describes it better!!) minature shop run by my favourite blogger in America.

Lindsey (Yankee Girl Designs)

I wish I lived closer, your booth looks amazing. Actually I'd probably buy everything so maybe thats not a good idea *giggle* Can't wait to see Calico Balloon!!!


you're booth is gorgeous. i, too, wish i lived closer so i could browse...congratulations!

Diane Duda

Sounds like Portland may have a population explosion as word spreads about your lovely little booth. It looks so fresh and inviting. Good Luck!

jennifer w.

I wish the antique stores around here were stocked with such loveliness {sigh} Looks like Portland is the place to be...


That is the cutest booth I have ever seen!


Oh, my goodness! It's so lovely. You have such a lovely vision. I love the 3 tables on top of one another like a tea party! Just so sweet.


sooo beautiful! i wish i was close by so i could stop by the antique market to see your booth! it looks fantabulous! have a great weekend! :o)


I love it.. and the booth and the small flowered background-ed web site..
this place has been the kind of shop from where you can't walk out without buying something.. even on your worst shopping day..
and it doesn't need to be a shopping day really.. even passers by.. might collect a piece.. I mean I would if I were near..
I wish you prosperity..
and I really liked the expression.. hunting better then having.. that is exactly how I feel.. for the last years..


the booth looks amazing!


The booth looks amazing!

And I'm really like this new site, too! :)


Looks faaaabulous, daaaahling! How sad that I live on the other side of the country and will not be able to have a look-see for myself. Thanks for the photo-peek. Those brown gingham mugs..I seem to remember that they were give-aways for gas fill-me-ups back in the day. I remember those days..because I am oooooooold! Well, older than you, anyway.
All the best for your success in this new endeavor..and with the new website as well.
Yes, you can!!!!


yippee! i have been looking so forward to seeing your fabulousness put in action at your new always, perfectly alicia! do you have a new name for your new shop space? CAN'T wait for calico balloon!!




You really have an eye for decorating and setting up your shop. I hope that one day, when I have a shop of my own, I can make it look half as good! I'll probably write you for some tips! :)


I am going to keep coming back to these delicious photos.I want to taste every little crumb and commit to memory.One day I too will have a little antique booth -yes?


Thanks for sharing the photos. I love the booth, its so inviting. I'm also very excited about Calico Balloon.


congratulation alicia. both the new shop and the new site look wonderful.


Your booth looks amazing! Good
luck with your new ventures:)
Can't wait to see your new site.


Alicia - your booth is so lovely, I too wish I was nearby to see it. I wish you the best in your latest endeavors. You deserve it as you have inspired me in so many ways, I could never share them all.


Wishing you much luck with everything! It must be exciting and a little scary starting new things, but I just know everything will be great. The booth is so beautiful and just reading the front page of Calico Balloon made me feel dreamy.
Thanks for sharing your new adventure with us!

cindy k

oh man, that booth is sweetly rockin'. and yes, i can appreciate the effort it took - 2 days, wow. just unpacking all of the merchandise alone could take 2 days let alone styling it. i do envy the locals who get the first run on your pretty merchandise.

looking forward to the new site and love the sentiments in your writing. get ready for massive orders from all of us here in posie gets cozy land. the post office will be seeing a lot of you that's for sure.

good luck alicia!


Everything looks wonderful! The grey/pale yellow color scheme is a perfect backdrop for all your sweet things, both in the booth and on the website.

Mama Urchin

I think maybe you should look into setting up a little booth in antique malls across the country. And calico balloon, I'm looking forward to that.

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