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TonisYesterday was magical. Toni invited a few of us out to visit with her and her family at her parents' house in Washington and Blair, Vicki and her daughter Grace, and I went. The setting itself was amazingly, amazingly beautiful. I only got this one photo and what you don't see is the gorgeous house, the horses, those white horse-property-type fences that stretch out in wobbly squares, the fairyland-like garden. It was one of the prettiest places I've ever been.

I've met many blogging friends over the past year, especially when I had the store. I always love that initial moment where everything you already "know" about someone from their blog collides with the reality of their real-life presence, that brief explosion of impressions and the living, breathing person herself. And then the living, breathing person replaces the impressions, and there's your friend.

It was so nice to sit and talk and relax, children and bees buzzing about us. Hours and hours went by. Presents came out — chocolates and stationery and fabric and sweet bits and bobs — and then Vicki and Grace came in with the BIG BAGS. People, it was like Christmas. Inside the BIG BAGS were several vintage patterns. A little pumpkin-person ornament. A whole package of Vicki's embroidery patterns. Several copies of The Workbasket. A pair of stamped pillowcases. A pair of fingertip towels embroidered by Vicki. A Japanese craft book. A PATCHWORKED, EMBROIDERED HANDMADE-BY-VICKI HANDBAG. Blair and I sat beside each other sheepishly pulling present after present out of the big bags. We didn't deserve this. I, chagrined by the piddly little piles of felt I'd brought for everyone, said, "I'm trying to think if I have anything else in my car." I told that to Andy, later that night, and he said, "You could've given them your ice scraper." The dry cleaning I haven't dropped off. A sand-covered dog bone left over from the beach trip. Grace smiled her shy, delicate smile. Thank you, sweet Vicki and Grace. And of course thank you, dear Blair, and Toni, and Hannah. I'm always overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness that goes into blogger packages. I'm not surprised, but I am overwhelmed.

All afternoon, Toni's family was a quietly excited presence in the background of our day. I can't even tell you how much sweetness and . . . charisma . . . is in this one clan, or how much I liked them (so much) — I'd like to hop on the back-seat of a tandem bicycle with Hannah, Toni's 12-year-old daughter, and ride around the neighborhood all day together. Actually, what I wanted to do was pull out a tape recorder, pen, and paper, sit Toni down across from me and say, "How did you do this? Tell me everything." I would take copious notes. I "met" Toni for the first time when she sent me her only pair of stripey socks last March. I opened the package, sitting in my living room, and burst into whale tears; Andy came running into the room: My gosh, what's wrong? I held up the socks and sobbed. Her gesture as gentle, soulful, kind, and beautiful as the beautiful real-life Toni. My friend.

Thank you all for your comments this week (well, always). Egads. I'm so blessed to know you.


What an amazingly fantastic day you had.
Your new friends sound charming,just charming.

Hi Alicia,
I don't know you or have ever commented on your blog before, but I love your writing. I rush home from school everyday (I teach 2nd grade) to see what you've written and your happenings...Thank you for that:)

Oh I wish I could have been there too!Some of my most favourite blogging friends.

That sounds like a perfect day :)

What a great day! Thanks for sharing it!

I do not believe that I have ever heard of anything so completely and totally lovely and dreamy in all of my life!

Alicia, you captured it all in your usual lovely way. It could have not been a more perfect day, I mean, HOW long did we sit around before we realized that, like, 6 hours had passed by?? Felt like minutes. Thank you for taking time out, I know you're jam packed right now. I miss you already. xxoo

It sounds like you had the perfect day. Wonderful friends, wonderful scenery. Amazing how many amazing people are on line. Think of all the people we would never get to know if there was no internet.

Wow... what a lovely day. I wish I lived in Portland, too!

I think we should all move to Portland ;-)

How sweet to meet bloggie friends. I hope to get to do that someday maybe. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

what a wonderful day.. and how a sweet person you are..
I like your way of telling what goes in your mind.. and your descritions of the situations.. with love..

i love how you have written this. with so much love and kindness in your heart.
meeting bloggers is a gift in itself isn't it?

Really green with envy here, sounds like a wonderful day with a wonderful crowd.

What a perfect day indeed! I also feel blessed to be a part of this community and to "know" you.

Blair summed it up exactly...the time just flew didn't it? I later realized we didn't stop talking long enough to take a single picture! That enchanting place and time will just have to live in our memories now. Love the post!! xox

This post is almost too much--such kindness and love Alica, thank you. I was so very blessed that you took the time to come, being as busy as you are. All I can say is that is was way to short, and I'm already thinking about the next time-- because there MUST be a next time!

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