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May 23, 2006



oh, now, that's FABULOUS. Just amazing and inspiring all wrapped up into one shade of blue.



somebody pinch me. Is this a dream? You should charge admission to a room like that. I'd gladly pay to see this in person. p.s. Please fix up my room under the stairs in that same blue. I'll be there by Friday.


Hate you, yep :) but can I come stay? I'll be quiet, you won't even notice I'm there drooling over the ribbon and other yummy stuff....really ;)


I am totally jealous but how could I possibly hate you for it! I had a tidy out of our office/studio/spare room last weekend and moved all the furniture round and I just sat in there on the floor for an hour looking around at it and feeling all warm and glowy. Mine isn't half as nice as yours so I am just wondering how long you will spend sitting there and just feeling glowy?


A room like this is definitely an inspiration...thanks for the tour!!


Jealousy...oh dear god such acute jealousy! Your dedication to sweetness, even in the storage and organization of office supplies, never ceases to amaze.

Such wonderful things are going to be born in this room, I can feel it.


Your studio is amazing! I love the colors.


Amazingly beautiful!!!! I aspire to have a room like that one day... :) Really, really wonderful.


It's like a candy store! I read your blog frequently and you are so inspiring! That is the room I could die in!


Your studio is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. Lucky you. And I don't hate you because it's beautiful. I hate you because you watched Beverly Hills 90210 when you were LITTLE (ha). Jeepers! Shows from my (early) childhood included Gunsmoke, Laugh-in, and the Sonny and Cher show!!!!!


It is gorgeous! :D I can't stop looking at the photos of your beautiful, beautiful working studio!


yum! your room looks like a bowl of ice cream, and i want to eat it all up. how pretty everything is. it makes me want to clean my own studio.....


Absolutely gorgeous! You are so lucky! The hard work was definitely worth it. Everything looks so fresh, clean, and bright. Thanks for sharing!


Oh! It's like something out of a magazine... I've always tried to cheer myself by saying "rooms like that don't really exist - not in real life." Oh my, I'm afraid they do.

Karen aka train lady

Wow! Beautious - I love that color. I painted my bedroom a similar color and I know what you mean about feeling completely happy. Well done.


Simply beautiful + charming!

stephanie s



wow, alicia, it looks amazing. I wish I could get things together as nicely. It looks like the perfect spot to feel inspired and creative.

Now get to work!


Goodness !what a treat !

Complete EYE CANDY here this morning and I have not even read the delicious words I know will go with it !

ohhhh thank you for my daily dose of "wonderful" !!!

X (smooch blown from my hand)
Love, S.


For the calicos, how about baskets? I use them in my own studio (I show a sliver of it on my weblog under "contrast"). I find them handy to keep the overall look neater, even if the fabric in the baskets is jumbled and unfolded. You can use a basket for each color. Your studio looks wonderful and fresh! You'll surely be inspired whenever you step in the room!

Tania Ho

the studio looks sooo amazing ... I could sit in it for hours just admiring every detail **


Amazing!! You and Andy should feel proud of all your hard work -- I think even smugness would be forgiveable! Lovely.


Oh my, it's wonderful!! I love this room so much. Amazing job!

amy h

So lovely! I'll have to look at the photos more closely. When you take on a room like that, don't you just want to sit and stare at it when you're done? I would. I am inspired to take on my mess of a studio now!


Alicia, your newly decorated craft room is making me very envious! It looks soooo lovely - you and Andy did such a wonderful job! Give yourselves a hug from me too!

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